NEW 2020 2021 BAGIBIKE E-BIKE MODELS RUN-THROUGH / Plus Version Differences (More than a Review!)

NEW 2020 2021 BAGIBIKE E-BIKE MODELS RUN-THROUGH / Plus Version Differences (More than a Review!)

Hey guys! We are super excited to show you Bagibike’s new electric bike model features for 2020 and 2021! In this video we explain the differences between the Plus and non Plus versions and also a quick run-through on how to operate, fold, and program both display styles! Thanks for looking and we hope to see you in the shop some day! 😉 (we just expanded to a bigger and better location and we are super proud of it!) 😇🔆🚴‍♂️⚡🚴‍♂️⚡🚴‍♂️ we hope you are having a super duper day…

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  1. ElectricBikeShop January 6, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    We will be doing a video for the fat tire models as well although the displays and brake differences are exactly as shown in this one, the battery differences between the two fat tire versions are different than the STREET models – the FAT tires have a 48v13ah ($1790) and a 48v14.5ah ($1990) – BOLD vs. BOLD PLUS and HERO vs. HERO PLUS —> You can see more specs on our website and full online catalog:
    Peace! 😉

  2. Recently purchased a Bagi B20 Hero Plus at The Electric Bike Shop and couldn’t be happier. The staff answered all my questions and was very patient with me as I made several trips to the shop during my comparison shopping. This is a premium product, fit and finish is outstanding. Bagibikes carry a premium price when compared to similar bikes by other brands but when compared side by side the differences are obvious, no upgrades needed, it has it all. Another plus is that I preferred a local dealership for support, I didn’t want to have to deal with any problems via phone calls or email. Bagibikes and The Electric Bike Shop was the perfect combination for me, check them out before you buy something online, you won’t regret it.

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