New bionics let us run, climb and dance | Hugh Herr

New bionics let us run, climb and dance | Hugh Herr

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Hugh Herr is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature’s own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago; now, as the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, he shows his incredible technology in a talk that’s both technical and deeply personal — with the help of ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her left leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and performs again for the first time on the TED stage.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. its xxxSTEFANOxxx March 4, 2021 @ 10:13 pm

    This is real life Octane

  2. Hi Team,

    I’m differently abled from India.

    My left leg affected by Polio at the age of 1.5 my other leg is fine now my age 30 I attained my full growth by any chance can we measure and design this walk ..

  3. Person who doesn’t know anything about it,"well it’s star wars….."

  4. Wow – fascinating! I wear a leg prosthesis and I am forever trying to find something to keep the leg on firmly in place, to feel and act like it is my real leg. I have been searching for 25 years but have not found anything that truly feels like an extension of my leg. Hopefully, technology will advance enough in my lifetime to come up with a solution.

  5. 2077💪

  6. Sebastião Mendonça March 4, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    He was walking around so naturally i didnt even notice he was missing his feet, its incredible how far bionic limbs have come

  7. Es un orgullo que la Tecnología aporte tanto al ser Humano, que permita transformar lesiones y dolor , en el presente y futuro de nuestra integridad física y emocional. Mi apoyo al Transhumanismo, poder mejorar el ser Humano con la Tecnología. Luchar contra la enfermedad de la muerte , ojalá 🙏 pueda decir algún día que soy de las primeras Transhumanas .

  8. I want this bionic limbs .. please help out ..what would be the cost

  9. Teófilo Chávez March 4, 2021 @ 10:22 pm


  10. cyberpunk

  11. What happens when human brain no need it’s body and brain depend on machine?

  12. Илья Петряков March 4, 2021 @ 10:27 pm

    А откуда энергия на поднятие тела человека, все ноги по индивидуальному проекту разрабатывают? Под вес человека? Очевидно, что будет если человек окажется тяжелее чем он весит, то есть возьмет гантели или хотя бы пакеты с продуктами, ноги справятся? А насколько больше энергии они будут использовать, они же не могут использовать энергию тела человека или что?

  13. Wow .
    Yo quisiera ser un cybor .
    Perdi mi pierna por criminales .

  14. Tymmuffphii Edwards March 4, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Did anyone else wanna turn this off after hearing his voice?

  15. Woah

  16. How he walks looks so natural.

  17. Carlos Pegasano March 4, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

    Sometimes we think … where is God ?, and he is so near, … giving inspiration ! . God bless you

  18. Anderson Bicalho de Souza March 4, 2021 @ 10:36 pm

    Onde o homem chegará no futuro,???? magnífico

  19. Ernesto Mantegazza March 4, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    sometimes man does incredibly terrible and crazy things, but he is also gifted with incredibly rare gifts that often come from situations that touch him personally.
    The latter are the only true ones to which humanity should give credit and gratitude.
    Thank you Ted for being able to give hope and a future to yourself and many other people.
    Be proud of yourself.

  20. I hope he’s not in pain

  21. Is no body gonna say anything about octane

  22. Please help me 🙏

  23. Emad Alhussiny March 4, 2021 @ 10:41 pm


  24. Diana Langenbach March 4, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    Dieses Video ist für mich eine Offenbarung und zeigt wie neues Wissen und Technologie menschlich und für Menschen umgesetzt werden kann, Danke schön. Bitte denken Sie daran das die Menschen die in der Entwicklung und der Fertigung arbeiten gerecht behandelt werden und fair bezahlt werden. Genauso ist es wichtig, meiner Meinung nach , immer mehr darauf zu achten wo wir was kaufen, herstellen lassen und mit wem wir zusammenarbeiten. Transparenz von Anfang an. Dies macht das Ausgangs Produkt vielleicht nicht besser aber es sollte doch so sein, dass der Mensch der in diese Kette involviert ist, es sich auch bei einem Unfall etc. auch selbst leisten kann. Keep it up!

  25. se a perna responde aos comandos do cerebro, o mesmo pode ser feito para qualquer membro do corpo humano. Um detalhe: com membros artificiais, a necessidade de consumo de alimentos (energia) é menor também, não?

  26. Holy shut, ice wall climbing with prosthetic legs, just the sound of that phrase.

  27. great. you are heroes

  28. Icantsleepcauseyoucantkeepmyheart March 4, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    this is the most effective bionics legs

  29. To think this was 7 years ago

  30. Александр Иванов March 4, 2021 @ 10:47 pm

    Технология – это хорошо. Но доступная каждому технология – в сотни раз лучше. Нам предстоит ещё много работы над доступностью.

  31. Complimenti.

  32. yutaka nagatuki March 4, 2021 @ 10:50 pm


  33. I like this video because he touch my heart

  34. Bruh this is some science fiction stuff. That isn’t fiction any more

  35. Don mario Vasco March 4, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    simplesmente fantástico.

  36. fantastical !

  37. יוסי דונר March 4, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    Also you need to have a lot of money to be able to walk again
    My mother haven’t walked outside the house for the last 15 year’s

  38. LU. neo.SouthMoov March 4, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    Awesome !! This guy saves a lot of money on socks

  39. Thank you …wow

  40. dong kab Jeong March 4, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    누군가에게는 정말 한줄기 빛과 같은 기술의 발전이네요 정말 많은 사람들에게 도움이 되었으면 합니다.

  41. Goutom Ghosh kumar March 4, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    what’s the song name?

  42. wonder when "normal" people will be able to wear these kinds of feet or hands who have feeling in them so they can go back to theyr handworker jobs…(its always so exiting to see technologies and possibilityes but the older u get the more its so annoying to see faster progress olmost everywhere and from the first time u see something amazing to the time its gonna be actually used… growth money numbers hum ?

  43. 6 years ago

  44. Bravo ça c’est une bonne avancée technologique bien plus que d’envoyer des robots sur mars

  45. :’) Science is the most powerful, sexiest and coolest thing by lightyears that transcends even time!

  46. To hide the secret skills, press the subtitles playlist at the beginning of the circle of the messager to watch the programs stored on his mobile phone

  47. This was six years ago,,,, must be even better now

  48. I knew automails would be a real thing one day

  49. อัครอภิมหาเศรษฐีสําเภาทอง มั่งคั่งมั่งมีมากมายทรัพย์ March 4, 2021 @ 11:09 pm


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