New Electric Scooter | Mahindra GenZe

New Electric Scooter | Mahindra GenZe

The GenZe STS scooter by Mahindra is a fully electric bike that employs a suite of innovative features to meet this new challenge. Sundberg Ferar was tasked with the identification of consumer needs that would define the scooters competitive feature set, it’s overall design, packaging, and rider accommodation.

To determine the ideal characteristics for the scooter, primary user research was conducted on college campuses in the US and Canada. In this research the participating students were asked to both provide feedback and participate in the brainstorming process. This approach yielded key insights such as the option to ride in a semi-standing position, and the incorporation of a large storage compartment module. The final design is also unique in that it incorporates a 7″ TFT display instead of traditional gages. The incorporation of this screen represents a significant development in the competitive positioning of the scooter.

The GenZe is a simple-looking scooter which scores high on utility. It is designed to carry the rider as well as groceries, laundry, or anything else that fits in the generous amount of space in the bucket behind the rider. Below the seat there’s space to carry a phone or a tablet and charge it too through a USB. Apart from the charger, other extras include luggage-carrying accessories and a wind-cheating windshield. There’s no speedometer but a seven-inch touchscreen in its place. The weather-proof touchscreen is much more than an instrument panel. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and monitors the battery charge status, range, diagnostics and route. The user can also use the GPS app or listen to music through it.

The GenZe is expected to have a range of around 50km and a top speed of 50kph. It will be driven by a 1.4KW (1.8bhp) motor. The vehicle will have a replaceable lithium ion integrated power module, which includes the battery pack, controller and the charger in one compact unit, giving it a high operational flexibility.

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