New ßest NOTIFICATION Sounds/Tones ẞy Zedge + Download links #2 | 2018.

New ßest NOTIFICATION Sounds/Tones ẞy Zedge + Download links #2 | 2018.

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Today I am going to show you 10 NOTIFICATION SOUNDS from Zedge notification.
Download links.

1. Whoo ha ha –

2. ‎Super Mario 1 –

3. ‎Picachu –

4. ‎MRQ_Notification –

5. ‎Arey yaar –

6. ‎Arrow shot –

7. ‎Bike –

8. ‎Fire_Talk –

9. ‎Whoo ho ho –

10. ‎Turbo Sound –
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  1. not a best?

  2. Most of the suck and copy paste outro

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