NEW Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Groupset: Electronic Shifting, Hydraulic Disc Brakes – GCN's First Ride

NEW Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Groupset: Electronic Shifting, Hydraulic Disc Brakes – GCN's First Ride

The new Shimano Dura Ace 9170 is Shimano’s electronic groupset with hydraulic disc brakes. Here are Si’s impressions from the first ride out on it.

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We had an exclusive first look at Shimano’s 9100 generation Dura Ace groupsets back in July 2016. And, now we have a chance to ride on them. First up is Dura Ace 9170. Dura Ace 9170 is the first Dura Ace groupset to feature hydraulic braking with electronic shifting, so it’s safe to say that it has been eagerly awaited.

In this video, former professional cyclist Simon Richardson rides the groupset and finds out what it’s all about.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. What bike are you using

  2. "Batman technology"!

  3. Couple of points: 9000 series looks better IMO, this new one looks too close to the colour of 105, and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with 105, if you have just dropped 2k on a new gruppo, you want it to look "special". And secondly, no mention of the additional weight this hydro/Di2 adds over mechanical rim options. My summer bike is under 6.5kg with 9000, and that’s the way (a-ha, a-ha) I like it!

  4. Sweet Netty!

  5. I have this groupset and I love it! I am amazed how they kept the hoods on the shifters small like the rim brake version. Awesome!

  6. For speed, Disc Brakes can perform late braking before cornering, unlike Rim Brakes.

  7. bogus shimano business

  8. Another amazing video. Years old subscriber.

  9. I wish I could cycle up a gradient like that and still talk like I’m riding on the flat!!!

  10. Very cool! Hopefully hydraulic disc brakes will make it to the mere mortal groupsets, like Shimano 105, before too long. Disc brakes make everything so much simpler!

  11. Great review, as always. I’d like to see a Campagnolo EPS review too 🙂

  12. I’ve always thought electronic shifting takes away some of the purity of cycling, bikes should not need to be charged up, even if it’s only a small part. What do you think? #torqueback

  13. Cool video! As a side note, I think GCN should review a Ribble bike.

  14. Usually im not quite sold on the looks of Shimano groupsets, but I really like this. Im excited to see what the new Ultegra will look like.

  15. Si, brutal shoe/sock combo…

  16. They’re making progress! Kudos to Boonen for working out hard enough to actually win a race with an extra 350 grams of unnecessary weight! Hoods on hydraulics are now just like hoods on rim brakes! And brand new DA discs perform as well as the best brand new DA rim brakes ‘with new cables’ on dry pavement (cables=$$$$$?)! OK, so they’re ‘more consistent’ when wet. Thank god there’s something better to justify the additional cost, otherwise we’d have to gold plate them!

  17. DuraACE 1070 (Telekinetic Shifting)

  18. ABS would be handy, when’s that coming lol

  19. bonita bonita me encanta el grupo dura ace y las ruedas con ese diseño nuevo espectacular regalarme una bici con dura ace haajjajaja

  20. siropoulos panagiotis January 1, 2021 @ 10:29 pm

    0:07 can you tell me the title of this song?

  21. …but then I’m a dinosaur who likes steel bikes.

  22. Time to switch to black socks.

  23. Disc brakes, the best marketing ploy since the cycle helmet, at least discs have some use, in some very rare scenarios at the highest end of racing, whereas helmets are fucking useless full stop and bring about more negatives/deaths/injuries…

  24. how are the electronic derailleurs powered

  25. I’m getting this groupset soon!

    Btw, who wants to buy my kidney?

  26. Nice bike. 😀

  27. Does the current Ultegra Di2 support synchro shifting, or will we have to wait for that feature to trickle down in a future version?

  28. For those who haven’t had experience with disc brakes if you buy a new bike remember to bead in the rotors. There are videos available on how to do this.

  29. so, it’s like an automatic motorcycle that you still have to pedal.

  30. So I decided to get this frame and groupset and guess what?! frame unavailable on Giant’s website, groupset with disc brakes apparently unavailable everywhere in the world…giant/shimano, please take my money…

  31. If you have the means, Si highly recommends it. It is so choice… and what can you say about hydraulic brakes that hasn’t already been said… Too heavy, overheat, juicy slices of fellow cyclists? Should be banned by CPSC? Needs a bead around the circumference to minimize slicing? Peloton doesn’t want or need it? Disc rubbing? Difficult wheel changes? Costly as a hell? Rather have a set of carbon wheels? Yes, what can be said, Si? The whole purpose of this group set is to sell you a car.

  32. As with everything mechanical, there is a trade off between hydraulic brakes (disk brakes) and mechanical brakes (rim brakes). The biggest difference is the price with disk brakes costing more. Disks brakes are more predictable in all weather conditions; although marginally so. Rim brakes are more dynamically adjustable and once the cables stretch are predictably responsive. Disk brake fluid gets dirty and the housing gets air bubbles. When that happens they are not reliable – they can fail to work and they can freeze up. Since tolerances are within millimeters, disk brakes have problems with debris compared to rim brakes. Disk brakes are more expensive to maintain since bleeding and new fluids are much more expensive and time consuming than rim brake cables are to replace. A crash that damages the rotors are a big problem with disk brakes since it is difficult to straighten the rotors during a ride. Rim brakes are easier to adjust and pad replacement is a breeze compared to disk brakes.

    I have both types and I prefer rim brakes with aluminum wheels. I’ve been riding since 1970 and I have five bikes.

  33. Kalashnikov Cortez January 1, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    cool story bro, now can I get a man sized version of the Giant? Looks like my sister can fit your bike if you lower the seat a tad. Bro, discs are a must for rainy day bikes, or if you live wet area, no wonder you’re always giddy abou disc, you’re in the UK. But folks living in dry sunny area, we’re not going to be riding our highend bikes in the rain, in fact, we aint gonna ride, period. Discs become another technological ornament oy.

  34. Global Cycling Network January 1, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    It’s here! Shimano Dura Ace 9170 with hydraulic disc brakes and electronic shifting. What do you think? Join the conversation 👇

  35. Man, What a gig!!!

  36. I tried to buy a whole group set however, I couldn’t fine any website or local stores that is selling at this moment in London.

  37. waiting solar cell for battery

  38. White socks? really? Come on Si you can do better than that

  39. Still waiting for the rim industry to catch up to disc. Anyone out there see designs that take advantage of the reduced need to overbuild the sidewalls for the old caliper pressures/heat thus in theory improving rim acceleration

  40. Compact Crank Cycling January 1, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    Shimano power meter?

  41. Where was the video filmed ?

  42. This is not a 9170 full group set. The 9170 only refers to the Lever di2 with hydraulic brakes. But the front and rear derailleurs are actually 9150. There’s no such things as 9170 derailleurs.

  43. how rich do you have to be to get your hands on one of those? I ride a 1970 raleigh that i copped at a yard sale for $70. Simon’s socks probably cost more than my bike. lmao

  44. Дмитрий Михалин January 1, 2021 @ 11:03 pm

    тоже такое хочу но цена кусается. причем на обычный шоссер гидравлику не установить. надо новый вел покупать

  45. you look a bit sketchy going round corners (second bites of the cherry a couple of times), disc brakes clearly not working to help you in that department…
    Full Syncro shift is utterly pointless, if you can’t even understand why then you know naff all, it’s a marketing gizmo, the point you made just highlights how some lazy riders would go all the way up to big/2nd biggest and then use the full syncro when all you had to do was change gear anyway knowing you’d need to be on the smaller ring possibly (or vice versa to avoid small/small). So you press for full syncro and you potentially are skipping up and down the chainrings given the crossover ratios!
    As also displayed your cadence immediately took a hit because the syncro didn’t take into account your output/effort or change in gradient at any given point so the one up/one down shift really has no point to it as you’ll be changing gear to suit terrain/effort/increase/decrease in cadence anyway without any effort to do so.

  46. Just love the TCR!!!

  47. That Cool Canadian Dad January 1, 2021 @ 11:05 pm

    Unequivocably (sic) (@ 1:40) a beautiful groupset!

  48. Easily the most orgasmic sounding video

  49. Thank God for electronic shifting. Summoning the strength to move a stupid mechanical shift lever leaves me completely drained, and I often had to pull over and have a nap after a brief crying jag.

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