Park Tool Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand – PCS-10.2 – Is it worth $199?

Park Tool Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand – PCS-10.2 – Is it worth $199?

Park Tool is known for quality bicycle repair tools. Any bike shop I’ve ever been in always has Park Tool repair stands, and recently I used a previous version of this stand and loved it! When I found it on sale for $199 on Amazon I knew it was now or never.

In this video I assemble and give first impressions of the PCS-10.2 stand and compare it to my previous stands.

Comment below with your thoughts on this bike stand and whether you think the Park Tool premium prices are worth it.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I’ve never had a bike stand before, just always used a rope from the ceiling. But I’m old and decided I was tired of kneeling on the ground so started looking at stands. I’m usually cheap but after looking at the amazon stands decided I would regret that… and just ordered this park stand. Got it a few weeks ago and I love it. Mine actually showed up with the whole bottom of the box ripped out, but all the pieces were there and the stand wasn’t damaged. Those little tools suck. I did assemble the rack with them, but I struggled at times getting the Allen key to fit in the bolts. Was too lazy to go grab my good tools at the time. 👍🏼

  2. well done.
    you made many great points.
    but really you don’t need to pivot the bike around horizontally.
    8:28 are those black spacers plastic? has it developed paly or wear?
    I have a PRS 3.2-2, but I have that for pure home wrenching, but this one definitely has incitements to it, I love that fishing reel style thing to adjust the clamp, lovely, it’s a must on any repair stand.
    this one is much better than what Topeak has to offer, IMO the Topeak Prepstand Elite is garbage, and overpriced, it has some of the issues, it too sags as those cheap repair stand, and the adjustment of angle is horrible, it has teeth, and a knob to clamp the bike down, awful, bot now the Pro model was updated with a handle there but still not great.

  3. The tools are good but the youtubers are shit they drink all day and laugh and drink then they get to the product for 1 minute outta the 14minute video

  4. I have a 2 yr old PCS-10 which holds my 70+ lb fat ebike very well. The only problem I have with it is the cup system that allows you to tilt the bike front up or down. Mine gets stuck all the time. I think the PCS-10 is rated for more weight, like 100lbs. I forget all the specs I learned from two years ago, but I do know it was capable of handling much more weight than my bike was, at least according to Park Tool. I think I paid $189. back then. Thanks for posting your video.

  5. Found my parktool stand in the scrapyard. It is a old version PCS find so far. It clamps the bike in every position you can think of.

  6. What happened to buying cheap affordable stuff

  7. The ParkTool looks like it would last a decade or more

  8. Took me a while to notice this wasn’t kevcentral

  9. i got the benchtop model. i wish i would have got this one.

  10. When are you going to finish the interior of the bike barn

  11. i just ordered one from walmart for $29.99 o hope its not a fake hahaha

  12. I bought this exact model a month ago. It’s works really well. Strong. Quality. I definitely recommend this stand to anyone needing a stand or needing to upgrade a stand. The majority of my bike tools are from park tool. Yes. They are more expensive. But, without question park tools are best.

  13. It sure would be nice if we could actually get our hands on some big-box bikes these days…

  14. More expensive than my bike 😆

  15. I desperately need a bike stand but haven’t bitten the bullet and gotten one yet. I know park tool stands were nice but they’re expensive. I guess you get what you pay for though. The bigger tool shelf is an accessory, it’s $30 on Amazon. At my bicycle collective they used to have small tool carts on casters, I think I’d go that route now that I’ve tried it.

  16. Surprised you didn’t go for a bikehand.
    Debating at 55lbs limit $125, 110lbs limit $170 or just don’t risk it and just buy once cry once and go park tools.

  17. I have a park tool stand at work. It has a metal arm clamp but I would kill to have that clamp it would be so much easier to switch between different seat post sizes.

  18. PCS10 is a much better stand

  19. Scott Chamberlin February 18, 2021 @ 9:53 pm

    Those tools were given to put the stand together and not ment to work on a bike with it.

  20. Count on Park tools to be A) rugged, and B) expensive. Scoring one at a reasonable price on the used market is a no-brainer. My own PRS-13 (the pro stand with wheels) was essentially FREE, once you account for all the specialty tools included in the bargain. It’s downright indestructible. Deals are out there.

  21. Claim your pre 1,000 view ticket here

  22. There are some tools where the "buy one cry once" rule is really strong. Bike stands are one of them. Feedback sports doesn’t have a clamp system as clever as Park Tools, but for the cost they are super well built.

  23. jessejamesdaniels February 18, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

    I have a PCS-4 it still does the job like a ParkTool should!

  24. Dougs Scale Models February 18, 2021 @ 10:01 pm

    3 legs are more stable on uneven surfaces than 4 or more legs.

  25. I’ve had a PCS-9.2 in my shop going on 10 years and worked on thousands of bikes on it. I still give it 5 stars as it can handle 90 LB electric bikes, massive tandems, you name it, it never lets me down. I will say this, "STAY AWAY FROM THE PCS-4-1 and PCS 4-2". Why? Because the two legs fold up all on their own when you try to rotate the bike from the front or the rear. They are a living NIGHTMARE and you’ll find your self constantly pulling your banged-up bike off the floor every time it folds up all on its own. !!DON’T BUY THE PCS 4-1 or 4-2, you will regret it!!

  26. That’s a pretty pathetic tool tray.

  27. Very nice review. Thank you sir

  28. Park tool is expensive :S

  29. I went with the feedback sports stand. Buy once cry once, eh?

  30. Something with three legs can’t wobble because three points define a plane, you need four or more to be able to get one of them off the ground.

  31. Untreated wood against concrete, aghast! 😉

  32. Only down side to this stand is heavy bikes or ebikes, the bottom clamp for the legs is very bad about failing/sliding up. We use a secondary clamp above it when hanging heavier bikes 40 lbs. +.

  33. devildoglcpl 43942697 February 18, 2021 @ 10:08 pm

    The bike shop owning friend I always mention is a Park Tool dealer also. He said the same thing you said about the tools this stand comes with. We didn’t even take them out of the bag when he put his floor model together. He actually just threw them away. The tray works perfectly for the allen keys from park Tool with the blue plastic handles molded onto them. The whole set fits in from 8-2. The whole tray is a little small for a "work space" though. Forget trying to work on a bottom bracket putting any parts on that thing. Better have a table close by. I forgot what the model is called, but that stand can hold the e-bike version of the Stumpjumper without trouble. I wouldn’t try the monster ebikes you ride, but it’s still impressive. Is it worth the $199.00? Depends on who you ask, I think. The Auldi stand seems worth it’s price, cause it works. I think, for $199.00, let alone $210.00 the "workspace" should be larger.
    Levo…. That’s it. The e-stumpy.

  34. Definitely worth it. That bike stand is strong and very compact. And thanks to your videos i have just bought my first 1× crankset for cheap. Thank you so much.😁

  35. CXWXC Bike Repair Stand !

  36. It looks like a great bike service stand, I’ve been considering one for a while now, it sure would beat the hell out of turning the bike upside down

  37. The Bolt and the Beautiful February 18, 2021 @ 10:11 pm

    When you clamp it like that to keep the front end up puts a ton of strain on the stand, as well as the seat post. Why not just adjust the height and then clamp it on the top tube? The weight would be much more evenly distributed and you can still set it at whatever height you want.

  38. Must walk around the bike. I rather be able to spin the bike

  39. Park tools are always worth the money. I brought the pro stand since its lighter and easy to transport.

  40. I’ve tripped over my Aldi bike stand so many times

  41. I loved when you said aldi I was like I shop there I must be cool???!!

  42. I have a PCS9 which is bulletproof.
    I see lot of convenience feature is added to the newer one.

  43. I’m going to be buying a new bike this winter . Do you have a recommendation or video on a full set of assembly tools ? Budget yet quality that will last . Thanks.

  44. I have 6 kids which means 8 bikes to maintain/ repair. I was set on the 9.2 but then I wanted the larger tray which required an adapter then I was basically at the price of this one with a better clamp. This video and seeing the nicer clamp sure didn’t help the matter.

  45. Park Tool should hang their heads supplying those crappy assembly tools

  46. I think I’m sold! On the Aldi one for a price point…. 😀. Although…. For your new park tool tray… You can just screw (or wire tie or through bolt etc…) a larger tray onto the small one. There seems to be enough of a platform for an augmenting. 😀😇😎

  47. TyrannoKoenigsegg February 18, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    Funny how I just bought a new repair stand a few days ago and this showed up a day later

    Also i forgot to subscribe since the announcement on the main channel

  48. I have a PCS-10. And I spent $40 for it at a garage sale 😁
    I also picked up the Aldi stand for like $20 or something. I’ve got the same complaint about the front of the bike drooping, but for the price I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it

  49. Great video so. glad you call it as it is keep it up bud 👍👍

  50. With those park clamps there is a perfect tightness to where you can forcefully move it into any position you need and it will stay

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