Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Activated Electric Bike

Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Activated Electric Bike

This video is meant to serve as a quick guide for electric assist vs. throttle operated electric bicycles. The former is categorized as Class 1 in parts of the US and Europe while the latter is considered Class 2 and not allowed on as many trails and in certain cities. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Came across your channel… i’m trying to look for a folding ebike for my wife to commute to work. She has knee injury so i’m looking for something with throttle not pedal assisted, almost like a scooter. Something she can ride on sidewalk. I’d like something on small fat tires

  2. Why is he using helmet while explaining 😂

  3. What’s the name of the throttled active bike ?

  4. Which gives you more distance? Why not use a batter for a rear and front wheel hub motor? UBCO has the idea right. Outside the box thinkers like Christini with his electric bike and this new 99%%%%%% efficiency bike by a Danish company called "CeramicSpeed".

    The ideas exist if people would let go of pride and greed. U could have the perfect e-bike. Another thing is why is there no way to charge electric bike battery with a solar panel or a hydro electric charger?

  5. how much power (in kw) is generated after we pedal half an hour?

  6. Nice video very helpful I’m a first time buyer going to go for throttle, add me on Twitter #RSabey and help spread the followers I’m into gaming sport retro and refurbishment

  7. Dude…I’ve been a teacher for 20 years. You have excellent explanation skills. Perfect blend of explanation and demonstration in a short time period. Made it easy to understand. Thanks!

  8. Gary morgan LFC YNWA December 31, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    It’s a nice bike it reminds me of my Giant quick E

  9. ScoopBaby Motivation December 31, 2020 @ 10:09 pm

    How do I make my 24v pedal assist bike Faster and how can I convert to a Throttle assist bike and yes my pedal assist for a 24V bike is Fast like going real fast on a regular bike but at it’s Top Speeds with little Effort.

  10. 97warlock ismyname December 31, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    HOW do I get mine into Throttle mode????? My throttle does Nothing at all.

  11. What bike is that Im interested!! It works so beautifully.

  12. I have a front hub motor with pas and a twist throttle. The twist throttle is great, easy to use and you have very good and smooth control over the speed. Can still pedal along with twist throttle or just blip it occasionally to speed up. Pas is not the best, especially in traffic. Its a bit imprecise, but its good for wide open trails with nobody around. Not good when you have to worry about cars.

  13. I’ve watched a lot these ‘VS’ videos. The people doing the comparisons always fail to mention that pedal assisted bikes accelerate less predictably than throttle ones. They will suddenly propel you forward with a short burst of speed when you pedal at specific speeds that you can’t always gauge.

    The unpredictability of the pedal assistance can be dangerous when cycling around traffic and when you need to speed up and slow down to get around obstacles because you can suddenly propel forward into obstacles you are slowly trying to maneuver around.

    In my opinion, it’s better to turn the pedal assist off completey when on the road and going around obstacles.

  14. Good video. Companion video of ebikes that have both pedal assist AND throttle??

  15. What Class 2 or class 3 full suspension ebikes, that come with a handlebar throttle, are there out in the market? Production brands OEM. Thanks so much.

  16. Its handlebars not a cockpit ffs, apart that good vid,

  17. I am going to get an ebike, not getting one of those helmets though, they look "girly", been riding an ordinary bike for donkeys years, never had a helmet, I ride defensively, if a car gets too close I will kick their door and shout abuse at them, seems to work for me, good vid .

  18. I prefer Pedal Assist over Throttle Activated is because Pedal Assist consumes a less electric charge.

    Which means, I don’t have to buy more token only to charge the E-Bike

  19. Does this guy permanently wear a helmet on his head??

  20. I ride in a steep hilly area and that delay is really bad when changing down when travelling up really steep inclines. I’m 70 so I do struggle but I found the pedal assist wasn’t that effective at all – or maybe I’ve got the wrong bike.

  21. *I bought this bike 1 months ago and✳✳>**ㅇ8 **   I use it for commuting to work and back everyday. 25 mile round trip.  I keep the charger in my bag and I charge the battery after every single ride. So far I have not noticed any depletion in battery performance. I now thoroughly enjoy my commute regardless of the weather. I would recommend this bike to anyone.*

  22. I installed a electric assist motor on my recumbent. I did not put the throttle on, that would turn the bike into a scooter. I use assist only, and I like it that way. You get better range from your battery that way.

  23. psychiatry is eugenics December 31, 2020 @ 10:28 pm

    Psychiatry is a scam

  24. Your a very likable person btw

  25. morning,How can I put my Stromer S1 in that modo ?please

  26. Padmavathi Kunchithapatham December 31, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

    Useless video since we cannot understand what he says in American accent.

  27. thx for the vid. If I want to use a bike for food delivery in NYC , and want to buy a pedal assist, which is the one that is the closest to a full throttle at 30 mph and a good battery for a 170 pound man. Pls let me know….a brand and model. Thx that will be GREAT help.

  28. I love how the crank arm smacks into the kickstand every time around like a huffy

  29. Can u put a throttle on any e bike .I’m an amputee looking for ae bike .instead of a4 wheel buggy ,reason ,I want to keep fit yes I’m over 50 but hey I’m still active and whant to stay that way .my only problem is i cant cycle. This is why I need a throttle. Cheers for any help ,

  30. Name of this bike?

  31. Peddle assist never seems natural to me. It is usually awkward in operation and I feel I not really biking.

  32. great point throttles are like cars. that being said they are terrible in rain and ive had 3 break on me. my new pedal assist bike doesnt have that issue.

  33. Do pedal assist bikes usually have throttle-only mode? Im looking for a comfortable, long range cruiser for the streets where I can use just the throttle, no pedaling

  34. To keep the electric bike portable charged can I use a 400watt power inverter with a top post battery to get extra mileage how can I get that ideal to work properly?

  35. LOL…allways where your helmet near a e – bike 😥👽👻

  36. I have 2 Ebikes that I like very much. If you have lower extremity arthritis like stay in your knees, an Ebike is definitely for you. I referred to them as arthritics bikes because they’re made for people with certain levels of disabilities. I really like my new pedal assist because I’m just sitting there returning the pedals, not really working 😂🤣 it doesn’t take much to know when the motor kicks in, especially when you’ve been riding long enough it kicks in while you’re paddling and you take your feet off and it keeps on paddling down the road and carries you clear across town or as far as you want to go. It just keeps going until you either have to stop or want to 😂🤣 I was recently riding as of August 2019 when passersby asked me if it was an electric bike. They were shocked that when the bike was pedaling itself it just kept going and going and going all the way across town 😂🤣 I really like it when the bike just suddenly takes over when I’m in a setting where I can just keep going. As I’m pedaling occasionally just takes over for me and just gives me a gentle hint and all I have to do is just take my feet off and let her go

  37. where u brought this bike?

  38. I like the info you provided, but comparing a high end assist bike to a very low end DIY throttle operated bike give the impression that one is better than the other. Perhaps a video of comparable bikes would be better.

  39. Alexander's Channel December 31, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    Court makes EVERYTHING clear, concise, and understandable! Thank you Sir.

  40. Your a very likable person btw

  41. Selling my Stromer was one of the worst decisions I have made. The bike was great.

  42. Can you have the best of both worlds i.e pedal assist and throttle at the same time?

  43. QUESTION THAT NO VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ANSWERS! Can the range of intermittent use of throttle be better than pedal assist? (AKA only using the Throttle for hills and otherwise pedaling unassisted)Also pedaling at the same time as using the throttle (Like a normal person) This is how a lot of people ride and is a big reason a lot of people prefer throttle and swear by its range capabilities.

  44. Great video brother…I have a used electric bike I bought and I changed the throttle (I don’t use pedal assistance, is not hooked up) the bike moves ok, but if I hold the throttle for a little while the bike remains at the same speed even after I let go of the throttle,, is this normal…Thanx

  45. Thank you for your video!

  46. You can see the cockpit up here mean handlebars?

  47. How it work
    Can u tell me mechanism

  48. Cual es el presio

  49. My car broke down and my current job is pretty close by. I’ve had 3 or 4 cars break down on my and I just turned 30. The roads in Michigan are so bad I feel I need to just say screw the cars, let do bikes. I’ve been biking to work and it’s just miserable on hot days or windy days. Also there are 3 hills I have to climb and very busy intersections at the bottom where I can’t use my momentum very often to push on through. Looking into this pedal assist. Looking like I probably won’t be able to afford that either. I want to leave my town so I can find work where I’ll actually be paid fairly but I just can’t get a break, vehicles keep stealing all my savings and I have to start over every time. Very upsetting to hear the middle class say I’m not trying hard enough. With biking to work and working in a 90 degree kitchen by myself 5 days a week serving hundreds I don’t think I’m “too lazy”. We got a transportation problem in this country, specifically MI that siphons all my time and money away from me and leaves me no room for self improvement. Doesn’t help that the landlords here are all slum lords and still expect standard rent rates. Don’t ever move to MI unless you want to be hopelessly stuck like I am.

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