Pedego: Selecting Proper Bike Frame and Size

Pedego: Selecting Proper Bike Frame and Size

If you ever had a hard time selecting the right size bike/frame, then this ‘How To’ video is just for you. We cover everything from frame types and sizes to proper bike adjustments.

Hi, I’m Tim with Practical Cycle in Sacramento, California

Today I want talk about which Pedego model will be the right fit for your body type.

There are two key dimensions we are concerned with: Leg extension to the pedal and Arm reach to the handlebar.

Let’s start with Leg extension. Often folks have a strong desire to put their feet flat on the ground when seated but let me explain why this is incorrect and will actually decrease your enjoyment.

1. If you bend your knee too much at the top of the rotation the result will eventually be sore knees due to hyperextension.

2. Using the full length of your downstroke is the most efficient use of your energy.

So the proper seat height will be when the ball of your foot is resting on the pedal at the bottom of the rotation there will be a slight bend of the knee and you fully straighten your leg by dropping the heal.

If your butt comes up off the seat when you do this that is how much the seat needs to be raised. When the seat is at the proper height only your toes will touch the ground. Often people are concerned about falling over when they come to a stop and have a hard time getting on the bike with the seat so high so let’s address those concerns.

1. Falling over when you come to a stop. There are two solutions to this. First is to simply hop off the seat using one of the pedals as a “step”. The other is to lean to one side or the other and rest one foot on the ground keeping the other foot on a pedal.

2. Getting up on the high seat. Again we use the lowest pedal as a “step” to help get up on the seat and with the Pedego twist and go throttle it is easy to get the bike rolling. Once you are rolling the gyroscopic effect takes over and it is unlikely that you will fall over.

Arm reach is really according to your comfort. The handlebar is closer on step through models than step over models because typically taller people also have longer arms. If we get the leg extension right odds are good the handlebar reach will work well too, and in any case most Pedego models either come with or will accept an adjustable handlebar stem so you can find the perfect position for maximum comfort.

Now let’s talk about which models are most suitable for your height.

Let’s start with the smallest frame we offer, the one with 24 inch wheels. This size is most suitable for those 5 feet and under, but we have seen some up to 5’ 2” feel most comfortable on this model.

Next we have the Small City Commuter with 26 inch wheels. This model is ideal for those desiring a step through frame and in the height range from 5’ 2” through about 5’ 6”. There is a Small Step Over City Commuter that will work well for riders between 5” 4” and 5’ 8” with good flexibility to get their leg over the top bar.

The next choice is the standard size step through Interceptor frame with 26 inch wheels. This model works well for those 5’ 4” through about 5’ 10” that desire a step through frame. Consider one of the Step Through models if you have flexibility issues, hip problems, or a hard time lifting your feet very high off the ground.

For those with exceptional challenges lifting their legs the Boomerang model offers the most accessability with the bar just 9 inches off the ground. This bike works well for riders from 5’ 4” through about 5’ 10” but not the relaxed posture and foot forward feel of the Interceptor frames because the seat mast is more vertical the pedals not as far ahead as the Interceptor.

If you are taller than 5’ 10” the next choice would be the Step Over Interceptor or Classic City Commuter. We have found that these models work well for riders as tall as 6’ 3’ with the stock seat post and taller riders can select an extended seat post to gain the full leg extension required for maximum enjoyment.

I hope these general guidelines are helpful for your decision process. The best way to know for sure is to ride the models you are interested in, but we understand that may not be feasible. In the event the model you choose just doesn’t work out you may return it in good condition for a refund minus the shipping costs.

Thank you for watching, please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions. We are eager to help you choose the right electric bike for your maximum enjoyment.

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