Professional Electric Bike Sizing, Fit and Adjustments Overview

Professional Electric Bike Sizing, Fit and Adjustments Overview

I recently purchased a Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6Fatty electric bike from Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins Colorado. One of their lead staff sat me down for a proper sizing and fit so that my first ride (and subsequent adventures) would be comfortable. This bike shop has all of the proper tools to do fitting such as a bike stand, measuring tape and angles. A full fit consists of multiple visits with a flexibility analysis. It’s important after an initial fit to come back because some problems can arise after some time in the saddle. I purchased Speedplay Syzr pedals because they offer some extra movement side to side (they are an adjustable float pedal) and my feet tend to angle outwards naturally, they felt the most comfortable. They may be good for people with knee issues because the connection is not based solely on spring tension and you get that flexibility. I was using this clipless system with the Specialized 2FO shoes. They looked more normal to me and offered a good flat base for walking around when unclipped. I asked Erik about swapping the handle bars and going with more of a riser (so my body position could be more upright) but Erik recommended riding with the stock hardware and seeing what causes issues first… I followed his advice and ended up sticking with the original bar. Erik explained that the longer bar and shorter stem is designed to slow down handling for aggressive trail riding. From this initial fit, it’s recommended to ride about 100 miles to see how things are holding up. There will be some cable stretch and slack that develops over time so shifters and mechanical brakes need to be checked on followup. Big thanks to Specialized and Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins Colorado.

– See where the foot rests, shoe placement (foot positioning using first and fifth metatarsal bones)
– Overall leg length and knee bend (20° to 30° degree angle, using the goniometer, make sure the seat post is all the way up if you’ve got a dropper post)
– Knee over spindle measurement (for saddle position, using a plumb bob for leverage ratio over the pedals)
– Controls: wrist angle, brake lever angle and reach and shifter placement (rotate bar and grips for proper arm angle and hand position, you don’t want bend or “brake” in the wrists)
– Depending on arm length, the bicycle stem could also be swapped out for longer or shorter reach (the range they had was 40 mm to 136 mm) Erik said there are 30 mm and 160 mm out there as well
– Saddle Position: forward and aft so the seat bones sit properly and comfortably EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Good info! It will help me adjust my bike and to see how my "feels good to me" settings line up with science and measurement.

  2. good stuff .

  3. I like the look and sound of that bike . we seem to have some of the same physical problems . I would be very interested to see a report on a suspension seat and more up right seating possition fitted to this bike . please please .

  4. Excellent, Can you add info about people who have bad backup issues and what size or geometry or angle to use with all the great info.

  5. Court, I have been following you for a while and keep looking, researching, etc. for an MTB ebike.  This is the one I also am going to finally decide.  I will order a 2018, but it is a bit harder in Florida to find a dealer that seems confident and experienced in ebikes.

  6. Very Interesting video .

  7. Thank you

  8. With seat (body flout or others) options

  9. *This is my first electric bike✳✳>**Р68**     I am using it form 6 months i think i can review it now . The product has good built quality . Good road presence battery placed in good position to talk about performance breaks and schoks work very good but the battery performance is nit that great*

  10. Plumb bobs have been used for thousands of years, the pyramids were built using them for examle. So cute when Americans think history started in the 17th century! Great video though. Very informative.

  11. This guys knows his stuff.

  12. What the heck if u need to jump off or crash ur trapped attached your ur bike. I get in a race its prob less exertion to just have ur foot glued to the pedal but this can’t be for every day use…..

  13. Miguel Delaguardia December 31, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

    congrats, great bike, that is the one i would also get if I was in the market.

  14. I thought this was not needed for an e bike, the ones you test out seems like the saddle is always too low and does not allow for proper leg extension

  15. Great, informative video – thank you!

  16. Is this in the summer? It doesn’t look like Colorado in January. If it is, I’m jealous.

  17. New subscriber here.. I’ve just began my journey into e-bikes after being pleasantly surprised while touring downtown Portland on a Pedego (shout out to Tommy at Pedego Portland!) and found this video especially awesome & valuable.. However, as a taller than average rider (6’6"), I’m already frustrated at a laughably nonexistent selection of XXL sized bikes across all the current manufacturers. So this video was helpful for me to know what types of remedies I could try to make something fit.. And despite spending a ton on bikes in the past I’ve never seen this level of expert fitment.. I’ll be sure to check for the these as I get closer to picking a bike. Thanks for your hard work & diligence – JB

  18. Fit it to me I meant to say

  19. You never ride clip pedals..

  20. Very informative, courious to know your frame size and height , this bike feels shorter than my same size Stumpjumper, I am almost 6’2" , my Stumpy is L but went with a XL on the Levo, fits great.

  21. How tall are you? I’m 5.11 and my local store is recommending a medium (says I’m a tweener and because it’s heavier he’d lean to a medium) in the Levo. I just don’t want to make the wrong decision. Thanks for you videos…

  22. I just bought one and the shop did nothing to fit into me

  23. Wow, it looked like you were preparing for the tour the France or something like that, it was high tech! coool!!! and congratulations

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