Quality Multi-Tool for Your Ebike – Crankbrothers M19 Review

Quality Multi-Tool for Your Ebike – Crankbrothers M19 Review

In this video I review the Crankbrothers M19, a tool that comes in handy when maintaining an electric bike. One of the benefits of the M19 is that it has a spoke wrench which can tighten the larger 12 gauge spokes.

Crankbrothers multi-tools: https://amzn.to/2WfMYmq
Crankbrothers M19: https://amzn.to/2YLbE81

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  1. Hey Ryan. Discovered your channel after your podcast/interview with Kevin, from ride1up. I’ve watched your past videos. Very good informational content. Pretty cool stuff. I’d only suggest a better vlogging camera. Keep it up!

  2. i’m looking for a small tool kit that has an 18mm ratchet wrench being i have a crosscurrent x e bike. All my flats so far have been on the rear wheel (rear hub bike). i saw one a while back, but it’s hard to find this without it being a large bike took kit set. Any ideas? response would be much appreciated if possible.

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