RadCity e-bike from Rad Power Bikes review

RadCity e-bike from Rad Power Bikes review

The RadCity costs just $1,499 (http://bit.ly/Rad-City) yet offers great bang for your buck as an electric city bike. Check out our full review on Electrek at: https://wp.me/pa0wC0-xq5

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Swagtron EB12 $999: http://bit.ly/SwagtronEB12
Rad Power Bikes: http://bit.ly/Rad-Power_Bikes
Juiced Bikes: http://bit.ly/Juiced_Bikes

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  1. Hi Micah. What do you think about Ariel Rider C-Class ? It has similar-ish price but comes with mid-drive motor, hydraulic brakes, nexus 7 gear, suspension seatpost. Do you think if it is a good deal ? And will you consider to review it too ? As I need to buy an e-bike with mid-drive motor.

  2. In Canada it has a 500w Motor vs 750w in US. Bet it’s the same motor

  3. Сергей Евсеенков February 17, 2021 @ 9:27 pm

    Супер электровелосипед, мне очень нравится. Где его можно купить? Хочу купить этот электровелосипед.

  4. Rad set the stage for affordable quality

  5. I don’t see any links, Micah??

  6. How fast does it go tho

  7. nice review!

  8. Welcome to Boca

  9. Micah, I’m so glad that you have this stockpile of electric content that was filmed before the worldwide incident that would get you demonetized if you mentioned it. I have no idea why, but that is what the content creators are saying is true. Thank you so much for all of your incredible works, Micah!

  10. Caspers Playground February 17, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

    How tall are you?

  11. Harrison Hoffman February 17, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

    Americans are so lazy!

  12. Very nice ……

  13. What a fantastic, affordable electric bicycle and who wouldn’t pass up a free accessory worth up to $100!

  14. Anybody know which one is a better buy, radcity or ride1up?

  15. Cost way to much.

  16. Foster’s Holler February 17, 2021 @ 9:40 pm

    I have the Rad Mini 4 and I love it! I’m 6ft and 200lbs. This bike handle me with easy and goes up hills way better than I thought it would. If you plan on buying a Rad Power bike, use my link to get $50 off: https://www.talkable.com/x/lnZgSK

  17. What’s a good ebike that’s available in Australia for going long distance where u can use pedal assistance or not have to pedal at all. I have Fibermialger and need suspension and to go the distance to create youtube videos. I would mount Gopro’s on it in a few places. A few hills are here to go over. But mostly where I would go is flat. Would need to be able to go up hills with ease when needed. Also handle rain if caught in it. High humidity.

  18. Raise your saddle man, your knees will thank you when you’re older!

  19. I am looking for a bike that can be ridden on gravel roads. Will the Rad City work or do I need to change to another type of tire/bike? Thank You.

  20. Thanks Google.
    This shitty review is not actually current news..
    Why on my feed ??
    Just Fuck off..

  21. How much this bicycle??

  22. It seems pretty nice imo👍👍

  23. Where Is The Link for the $100 Free Component??

  24. Denis lost in London February 17, 2021 @ 9:50 pm

    Not yet offered on the EU website. Probably the 250 watt limit.

  25. Hello!!! A beginner’s question. I’m going to buy a Radrover but I can’t decide between Radrover 5 and Step Thru. Please help!!! Which is more versatile? I would like to have a bike that performs well in the city and in the mountains. Is Step thru really much more comfortable than 5 ??

  26. I just made my mind up after researching for a year or so the ride City it is over the rad Rover the city is more efficient

  27. The most your review is always packed the most bang for the minutes, however oh, you just review it a mid-drive at exactly the same price oh, and your silent as to which is the better deal.

    Your information however despite the very brief review is breathtaking in terms of this bike having regenerative braking. We need to know however how much Superior the brand that has the patents on really doing significant region when traveling downhill is. Does somebody have to squeeze the brakes on this using the friction brake to the slightest degree to get the slightest degree of regenerative braking? Could you please contact electric and ask them if we can apply our $100 promotion value to a firmware or Worse update even if we have to wait a few months on the special order so that we can have the ability to have cruise control downhill which will you know drastically increase the range if you are commuting uphill and then your battery is dead when you get to your daytime location and it’s downhill so you don’t really have to Pedal but the next morning you’re not going to need as much electricity from the grid because you’re recovering much of the energy. The efficiency Improvement on this bicycle is minimal when your commute is uphill for having the higher pressure and there are worth Tire. I said narrower and the latest research is the efficiency rolling lies of the tire which these bikes are low speed bicycle so it’s all the rolling resistance it’s not the aerodynamics of a skinny or tire that you’re talking about the pending up on the tire to lower pressure larger volumes higher can have a lower rolling resistance in the higher pressure tire. I’m surprised at that Micah is not remembering that I know that you’ve been exposed to this information many times. But I just watched how you actually install the tennis tire and I am shocked that you have to insert the pegs yourself before putting the tire on the wheel I can’t believe that through frankly because that means that inserting the pegs is something that could be done at the factory in terms of obviously if it’s already on the bicycle when you buy it it’s going to be done by other people but all of it you need for other people to do it with special equipment that makes it very easy I mean the guy that showed me how to do it on YouTube last week he had his asian wife that barely speaks English help him. He showed a writing what kind of velodrome but outdoor you know where there was a little chain to prevent cars from coming in but of course everybody just stepped over the chain when they show up there with her bicycle and used it even though it’s closed for this pandemic. Which is great in my book you’re not going to get the virus riding around your bicycle even on a closed track even if you’re trespassing to get into there. that’s going to increase your immune response and get you the Andy body sooner in New York state they have 18,000 or 80,000 retirees who are now sorted out in the database so that they only have the people who actually have licenses and who have not been disciplined and this far if you know whatever the term is medically when they take your license away because you are a doing whatever when you’re checking people strength in there but muscles or whatever with your fresh glove.

    So this is you know a good deal because people are not being pulled over on bicycles but they are being pulled over when they’re walking and if you want to get out and get sun make it maintain your vitamin D levels to maintain your metabolism maintain your immunity reduce the. Of time that you’re shedding virus to your dogs and your cats and your parents then you need to remain physically active in the daylight hours even though you’re an easy target for crazy police. I think the free rack is a good deal and I don’t like mid-drive bicycles. It’s not because this wheel is going to last a decade instead of 5 years that it’s but that is simply more much more mature. The technology is far more mature. In hot climates for example those mid-drive you need to read the fine print on the warranty to verify that you even have a warranty if it’s over 95 degrees Fahrenheit and in general much of the micro Mobility that you Micah review has warranties for example skateboards and scooters the warranties don’t allow you to operate them in the Arizona Texas Florida California New Mexico Colorado blah blah blah blah blah right increasingly large percentage or majority of the country has summer temperatures especially at noon that would void your warranty.

    I just watched the review of a electric bicycle and I spoke to the manufacturer in California and they informed me that the warranty for the battery requires the battery not operate at all. So if it’ll operates for 5 minutes after being fully charged they are not going to give you a new battery or fix it even if that happens on the second day! That bicycle costs $1,700. At least four figures at one point the manufacturer was quoting me the three figure price. they have impersonated a customer in the reviews making that saying error saying comparing it to other bicycles that cost over $500 it does very well. They meant over $1,500 when they were talking to me and when they were committing internet marketing fraud. That conversation lasted about four hours or it seemed like 4 hours it was definitely well over 40 minutes some multiple of 40 minutes and that asshole was very eager for me to spend the ditional time with him not the route the conversation but when I had to step off myself. I said of course not throughout. There were moments in which I had to use significant verbal Force to keep the dude on the phone but ultimately it was a very rewarding learning experience for him and his company. I am not an expert on recognizing what substance he was under the influence of but he definitely I definitely wasn’t sober. It also seems like he had the electronic bike review Mikey in front of him while he was talking to me because the guy knew what the solar charge controller is called and we had talked about many subjects about how they felt that their experts said not to go above 500 watts on the motor and I had talked to him about the $399 now priced and sold out scooter battery charging shade that mounts to the rear view mirrors on your handlebars. It’s still only 125 watts that 6 watts per solar cell and it weighs more then 170 w SunPower solar panel. for $400 you can in fact by the 170 Watt SunPower solar panel it’s in stock it’s available on Craigslist for $250 frankly and when putting it on a road bicycle you need only use a Teflon or fiberglass super light Rod structure perhaps one rod from your steering column and one rod going down the seat post with an arch to clear your backpack that will be all you need to keep a 6 lb 170 watt semi flexible panel collecting four more median Watts than you consume, unless you’re hauling ass going against the wind uphill in Maine in which case you need to separate the individual cells and have a sophisticated micro blind type controller so that the wind is redirected like you do with a sailboat but completely differently because Wheels dig into the ground you can still stay in the narrow by clean and have the benefit of the wind that would normally so you down instead speeding you up! the actress who portrays the girlfriend of the genius on that CBS sitcom she has a channel Mica that you should watch

  28. After I watched this video I changed my mind regarding Rad Power bike

  29. Crawford Rhoderick February 17, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

    What about tax.

  30. Buy a gas conversion kit. It’ll be tons better

  31. Regen is Good 😊😊😊

  32. krish arts & photography February 17, 2021 @ 10:03 pm

    Nice & Thanks 🙂

  33. I love this site. As soon as travel to other places returns to normal I’ll be getting a fairly lightweight ebike to have on the back of a motorhome now that I’m retired.

  34. is that available now in the phils.

  35. The other pro of direct drive that I didn’t mentioned was that they are pretty quiet. Consider riding with the seat high enough that your legs are more extended and you might enjoy pedaling a bit more. You can almost always tell a non-cyclist by a seat height that doesn’t allow full leg extension.

  36. Great bike for the price. I have 2018 RadCity with over 6K miles on it and it’s still going strong. The company stands by their warranty, I had two problems in the first year (water damage) and they took care of it by sending me replacement parts.

  37. How do you recharge the battery?

  38. These bikes are great for our service department. Constantly breaking all the cheap components. Make a fortune off of replacement parts. Better than selling the bike itself!

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