Rattan LM500 Review – The Folding EBike Under $1000? (faster than I thought!)

Rattan LM500 Review – The Folding EBike Under $1000? (faster than I thought!)

Rattan LM and LF 500 Review
Please note that the LF and LM are the same with slightly different frames.

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Lately I have been looking into a ton of bikes that fall around $1000.00 USD.There are a lot of folding bikes in that price range.
Two of the most popular include the Letric XP and the Rattan LM 500.

In this video, I review the LM 500 top to bottom!If you have any questions at all about if the Rattan LM 500 is worth buying, this video will give you the answers.

Covered in this video:
1. Introduction about the bike and unboxing
2. A tour of the specifications that come with the rattan LM 500
3. The difference between the LM 500, LM 750, LF 500, and the LF 7594.
4.Hill test, how does the bike handle a heavy rider up hills?
5. Should you buy the Rattan LM500 over the Lectric XP?
6.Does the Rattan LM500 stack up to the Radrunner?

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 – Unboxing the Rattan LM500
4:00 – First ride!
4:29 – Thoughts on the passenger seat
5:13 – Bike parts, specs, and build quality review
7:44 – Official Test dive
8:22 – Speed Test
9:09 – Cruise control test
10:26- Hill test – Heavy rider stress test
11:44 – Final thoughts

Readers Comments (9)

  1. Did you order it from their site? Also how long did it take to get to you after you order it? I’m waiting on mine, but their website feels sketchy

  2. can you take the back seat off easily and it’s just a rack to put somekind of bag on?

  3. where did everyone buy this bike they sell it on amazon for 1200

  4. Just got mine (LF 750) yesterday and i LOVE it !! Im 6’2 275 and it has plenty o power …. its all dirt and gravel out here and i caint wait to try it out on some pavement when i get to town 🙂

  5. Throttle cruise control seems dangerous. All it takes is for you to not be paying attention while holding the throttle and bam right into oncoming traffic b4 you have enough time to hit the brakes.

  6. Thank you so much. I was on the fence and you almost had me there and ready to pull the trigger. Well, the coupon code did the trick and I just ordered the step through. I ordered the purple 750 step through. I am already use to 750 motor and did not want to go down. I have the go express and love love it but after an accident a few years back I am having problems lifting my leg over it. Been looking for a good step through for a while. I used your code and hope when they have a new model they will send you one to review for free. Thanks Larry.

  7. Ahhhh TYPO ALERT! The $100 off code is actually: [LARRY LYNCH]

  8. great video, I ordered a bike using your code! and referred a friend as well… got the 750 watt version

  9. Pedro Fernandez May 13, 2021 @ 1:41 am

    Finally something other than an XP video. Very refreshing.

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