Repairing a flat tire on our ECOTRIC electric fat tire bike. Repair flat on e-bike

Repairing a flat tire on our ECOTRIC electric fat tire bike. Repair flat on e-bike

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In this video we’ll show you how to take off and repair the rear wheel of our ECOTRIC ELECTRIC FAT TIRE BIKE.
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Readers Comments (36)

  1. Old Man Fat Bike March 29, 2021 @ 11:02 pm

    Nice job! Did you ever check the old tube to see where it was leaking? Just curious…

  2. Hello there thanks for the video i have a question where to y buy same exact tube for a Ecotric y on the website they out of stock please i really appreciate for a little help thank you good day

  3. Always a good idea to check the inside of the tyre incase the object that caused the puncture isnt inside it. Learned that one the hard way 馃槅

  4. Question any suggestions on upgrading the 810 display. Besides the sw900 ? Just hoping for some ideas on a compatible display. Thank you

  5. Nice vid! What rear rack do you have? We have the same bike and I dont think the compnay sells one specifically for this bike.

  6. The only thing I would add and say to do, is feel inside the tire for any sharp objects. I’ve made the mistake of not doing this, only to find out that I left the thing in the inner tire, that put the hole on the tube, in the first place, and got a flat tire again.

  7. Best hairdo ever..

  8. Random question . is the "ecotric" decal removable?
    I ordered this same exact one but the 48v with LCD display
    but the green letters with the blue trim on the tires really throws me off haha

  9. Can you please show a video on how to flip the bike to fix the flat it was cut out of this video.
    I have the handlebar jack but also have fenders on my front and back wheel. Thank you. Great video appreciate it. Love this bike.

  10. Berkley Urgent Care March 29, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    Where can I purchase a rear seat like the one you have.

  11. Nice vid

  12. adjustable wrenches are a butcher’s tool, I went and bought a 18mm ring/open spanner to mount a trailer hitch to the left nut

  13. I wonder if you can get thorn-proof inner tubes somewhere?

  14. For typical tube puncture I leave the wheel on and slip the tube out from the rim and to the repair. Saves an hour easily.

  15. Great information. Where can I get a rear rack and seat for my ecotric dolphin ebike?

  16. I can’t unscrew one of the bolts, it’s extremely tight

  17. Be thankful that it didn’t puncture out on the trail. I installed Tannus Armour in my ebike tires. Hopefully, no more flats.

  18. Nice video. Hope you don鈥檛 have a problem as you installed wheel with rear axle 180 degrees out of position. Wire side of axle should have slot facing down not up. Look at your video and you will see it鈥檚 position when first took off axle but

  19. Could you possibly post a link to the extra seat you have.thanks

  20. Thank you soo much for uploading this..i’m sure lot’s of us Ecotric Fat Tire owners will benefit from this…i had mine 2 weeks now and i absolutely love it….so far so good with the any idea how it got flat?

  21. Nice video. I just got my bike a few days ago and I was wondering how hard it would be to change a tube if I had to. I’m loving this bike, BTW. It’s well-built, relatively inexpensive, and it looks badass, lol. I’ve seen a couple people do a double-take when I’m cruising on the bike path.

  22. Where do you buy new tire or new tube for this type of ecotric bicycle …?

  23. Good video I’m watching it for my friend he has the same bike but the Step through. What gear were you in the lowest or highest when you removed the rear tire?

  24. Can you show how the bike was flipped upside down. The rear fender is a pain in the ass .

  25. Thanks for uploading this.. I literally had a tube blowout a day after you put this up. I was able to find the puncture in the inner tube and patch it. It鈥檚 held up well thus far. Your vid definitely helped!

  26. You didn’t even checked if the cause of the puncture on the tire is still there before putting in the new tube

  27. Got the bike fixed this morning.thanks for your help.your video made all the difference.

  28. The tires look cheap

  29. Just had a blowout on my back tire do you have a link to the tubes you bought.The tubes are 20 x 4 or 20 x 4.25?

  30. Great video. The only thing you miss to show was installing the tire back. Other than that was great.

  31. To me I would get numatic tires

  32. Don’t cut the wire ties, just poke a paper clip or something through the top to unfasten it so you can reuse it lol

  33. Boy you know to breath. 馃檪
    Thanks for vid

  34. Good info. I have the same bike馃憤

  35. Good video, very informative. I would like to point out two things. Prior to removing the wheel, I thought you should have inspected the tread for any thorns, nails, wire, etc to indicate where the puncture was, then removed the foreign object. Also, check the rim liner tape to be sure no spoke ends are exposed that could puncture the tube. If that is the case, you could put duct tape over them, or spread the rim tape over them. Also, where you were tightening the nut on the drive side. the adjustable wrench was not tightened against the sides of the nut, and I thought you were going to strip the nut. You don’t want to round out those nuts.

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