Review: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Review: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Brett Thurber from The New Wheel Electric Bikes in San Francisco reviews the ultimate bicycle upgrade: the Bionx electric bicycle conversion kit. Learn about the history of Bionx, why Bionx is not just your run of the mill electric hub motor, and what makes The New Wheel the best place to try and to buy Bionx. Learn more at

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  1. The New Wheel Electric Bikes January 4, 2021 @ 10:38 pm

    Our Take: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit.聽

  2. BionX is nice, the regenerative breaking really dosnt work very well and it is extremely expensive. but if you know nothing and have money to burn they are nice. how ever you can get the same thing for so much less, if you make it yuor self you could get the same or similar system for more like 300 gbp instead of 1500 gbp, just saying. you can hack bionX and turn of the speed limitation its a matter of pressing a few key combinations. BIONX IS DEFFINETLY A NO BRAINER 馃槈 100% AGREE HAHA

  3. Great video with lots of info. I’m in So. Cal. do you have any stores in So. Cal?

  4. its good but 1800$ is too expensive

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