Review – Ribble Endurance SLE: E-Road bike of the year!

Review – Ribble Endurance SLE: E-Road bike of the year!

Dave gives you his thoughts on the Ribble Endurance SLE E-road bike, which we awarded the title of e-road bike of the year 2019/2020.

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. How does this compare to canyon endurace on? Both start at same price so would be interested to know yours thoughts. I was hoping to use it for light gravel occasionally.

  2. E-road bike. Yeah, I’d rather get a moped and stay honest! Wouldn’t want to be seen dead on a bike like that, let alone alive.

  3. Can you do a comparison with the Specialised Creo

  4. The voice recording of your video us not good

  5. This or an Orbea Gain?

  6. Urgently needing a bike to assist me in properly supporting my Mum, especially through this crisis, so I thoughtfully chose and ordered with Ribble.
    Order confirmation email states that I would receive a bike build date up to seven days later. My bank account confirms that all costs were taken.
    However, nearly four weeks later, 26 days exactly, and I’m still waiting for a bike build date!
    The website informs that a bike build normally takes just 21 days, and now, order processing is on schedule.
    Then I sent an email politely but to the point, asking to be advised as to when I will receive a bike build date and look forward to it being shipped. Two days later still waiting for a reply so, I sent another email hoping for a response, but now three days later and still no reply!

    I really don’t think I’m being unreasonable, but like it appears they have taken full cost including delivery from my account, 拢839, then buried my order, which they confirmed and congratulated me on, then ignoring my emails. It’s more than I can take after loosing my business under this lock down, and all the other worries that have resulted from this Covid-19. It would have been my first bike since age 16, now 53, just something to look forward to, then this happens with Ribble, who I thought I could trust! 馃檨

  7. Nice review, thinking about a cgr e for my wife, just need to get to the showroom i think that鈥檚 classed as essential travel

  8. I’ve just ridden one in the lakes lots of power makes the climbs easy rode up Newlands & whinlatters only used the second level.Did 30 miles & the advantage is you get home without sweating & are still very fresh.Down point for me was the ride quality I feel is on the hard side could be with more compliance in the frame the front especially felt harsh the handling however was very good maybe a better saddle like a fabric would make the rear better.All works well & it’s only when you turn the motor off you notice how much its helping you.

  9. Edkaszwagrakobitybrat 1 January 7, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    Ribble makes awsome bikes

  10. How to get one pls post link

  11. Great looking bike, great looking E-bike. Never tried a proper road E-bike but would like to. Thanks.

  12. What I want to know is are those Gp5000 tubeless and if so how did they manage to get them Onto those mavic rims

  13. sylvain bernaers January 7, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    stupid; sport with a motor????Lithium and cobalt are pure poison, from extraction to impossible recycling.The 3rd world pays te price

  14. How many charge cycles before battery performance degrades?

    Are replacement batteries available?

    How much are they?

  15. Trying to figure how you managed ~100km range without any pedals ? 馃檪

  16. Why is a motorcycle being awarded bike of the year?

  17. When the EPO kicks in, …

  18. Just got e car for me and my wife…love em! Wheels have narrow tyres and I wonder if I should swap for more off road tyres? I know nowt so any help is much appreciated. thanks.

  19. Why O Why do all these sites have to put Stupid and annoying background music, apart from that a good and informative video

  20. E-road bike of the year is like STD of the year

  21. Aye! Love the vid. Question – what鈥檚 the cheapest road bike you can find? Can you send a link? (for a project)

  22. It must suck living where road e-bikes are limited to 25km/h. (no speed limit here in NZ, so most bikes do 32 or 45km/h) The useful thing that a road e-bike might be good for: Keep up with your faster friends. With 25km/h limit you are going to be pedaling a heavier bike with no assistance most of the time. So it seems basically useless.

  23. Mahle鈥檚 ebikemotion system has a corresponding Smartphone app, allowing owners to customise the performance levels and settings of their SL e, whilst also harvesting a flood of ride data for analysis. Where is the computer applicatiobn?

  24. Hi, In my country I believe an ebike can travel at 32kph plus, can this be set at point of purchase or do you have to trick it in some way

  25. Nice review Dave,How tall are you because it looks a good fit i would like some but im inbetween sizes that may help me .Cheers Grant

  26. So if the battery develops a fault and dies your bike is basically junk as an E bike since it seemingly cannot be replaced?

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