Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch

Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch

Stealth makes the most powerful electric bicycles on the market – some 24 times more punchy than you’re legally allowed to ride on the road. But off the road, these 85kmh beasts are a unique and awesome experience.

Music: Cory Jach. Test: Noel McKeegan. Cameras: Loz Blain. Edit: Chris Blain

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  1. i think this mtb is for spec ops who want a fast and silent transportation

  2. 1000th comment baby

  3. That guys face after he spent 10k on a big battery with a wheel

  4. Im buying one in 1 month!

  5. Just buy a motorbike then🤣🙄

  6. It’s a suron,with pedals

  7. Davidtrance forever February 12, 2021 @ 8:57 pm

    These Muppets can’t even ride a bike …..

  8. goPro:Bikes GoPro:Bikes February 12, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    *Nice, I like this one and I do have like this one to so please check it out*

  9. Эй Андрей February 12, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    1000000 р. чисто прогонять на велике, пожалуй лучше пойду прикручу аккумулятор с динамой на свой)

  10. Did you say 80km range!?!?

  11. Let me get this straight.
    Its a pushbike thats fast enough it legally needs to be registered & requires a motorbike licence for the 90% of the riding locations you can use it.
    And its $10k
    Explain to me the benefits over a regular motorbike….again

  12. These riders look like they are mm from death. If they hit that tree….GAME OVER!

  13. $10 K ? I can buy 3 Les paul and it wont break my neck

  14. *I am very pleased◔◔>>**むw** with the purchase and would recommend this product to everyone with similar needs.*

  15. 800 Cycles on the Bat and then 2k for a new one xD

  16. I know what I’m saving up forrrrrrr eBay is my friend haha

  17. You mean packs a serious price. Way over priced.

  18. Horses power .you will let me know my good fellow


  20. Delfast Prime. Electric Enduro eBike with range up to 234 mi goes as a Class3 (according to US rules). Motor 750W. Max speed 28 mph Price 4 499€.

    Or you can build your own as I did, frames are cheap from China obviously, big ass battery for lots of range and 3kw motor which is more than enough to reach speeds up to 45mph. it only cost me 1.500€

  21. Great Monke- -High Ape February 12, 2021 @ 9:18 pm

    $10k is a new good dirt bike
    $0k is how much worth my neighbors annoyance is worth.

  22. All that cash and it has that pos suspension 😂😂😂 should at that price come with a fox 40 or boxxer

  23. range of 80ks at 15 mph

  24. What is the difference between this and a diet bike ?!
    This could be a dangerous option x10 compared to a non electric mtb.

  25. For $10,500 that’s all you got , seriously wtf thanks keep it …I know an app ALIBABA.COM LOL 😜

  26. Almost 10k? Just buy a damn dirt bike.

  27. Let’s see…I want a upgrade on my labed at 45mph, and this thing can only get like 32 because of the 16lb wheel, 10lb battery and i’m nearly about to break it down for a battery bank since the dumb thing can’t even get over 10 miles of range before giving up. so much for a 1000w ebike. i honestly hate it.

  28. You can literally buy ebikes with better specs for $2k-$3k and stealth using some cheap parts

  29. Check out my build with lights♨️⚡️🔥

  30. Definitely needed a couple of hard core riders doing some big air etc to show if these are as strong as the video suggests..

  31. Can you imagine how easily a bank robber or gas station bandit could get away on this? I’ll bet you’ll hear about a robbery by ebike very soon.

  32. Wouldn’t mind seeing this in a Surly BFD-format 😉

  33. legally allowed to use, and actual irl use it not the same bruh… 🤣🤣

  34. Where did u buy that kit break?

  35. LilBubScrewstonTex February 12, 2021 @ 9:35 pm

    people are actually paying 10k for a bicycle? 😆 For 10k, you would buy your own tools, materials and make your own bikes

  36. Hindi bolane angreji kutte

  37. i could build a hub motored 6000w ebike with a old vector frame for cheaper

  38. cyklonebike venom extreme is the same and it costs half that much

  39. Dannan Maldonado February 12, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

    Simple trash

  40. Dont buy one they are made cheaply and brake down all the time and then they say the warranty is voided.

  41. 2 good reasons why I don’t think I would want to be going 80km /hr with a standard bicycle seat.
    1 my left testical &
    2 my right one.
    Put a motorbike seat on it….please.

  42. Bk Bipul KHAN YT February 12, 2021 @ 9:40 pm

    Bangladesh Price koto

  43. For $10k,just get both: a good mountain bike (none electric)and a motorcycle .

  44. Yeap, BUT, *did you so the fuc–g price???*

  45. looks funny with these unexperienced riders… and also handlebars are way to high….

  46. That price, and it still has cheap, awful DNM parts.

    That’s embarrassing.

  47. Soni टीवी February 12, 2021 @ 9:46 pm

    कीमत कितनी है

  48. no bycicle anymore…what is this e-bike shit all about? if you wanna ride a bycicle…ride a bycicle…and no motorized shit…AND…its NOT good for our enviroment…you need energy…energy has to be produced…producing energy is dirty…so…band for the enviroment…

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