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  1. Ali Eren Doganer November 25, 2020 @ 7:13 pm


  2. Let’s put this kit on a bmx and do tricks

  3. Ordered in 2019. Hidden import chargers (170). Every promise broken. Hundreds more like me. Wish i ordered another kit from somewhere else.

  4. Just any ordinary chinese e-bike kit, that collected battery and controller in fabric bag.

  5. Why is it so hard to get the cost of one. Even their website is difficult to find even if you sign up. Deleting deleting. I hate businesses that don’t show the cost. Usually they are overpriced so it’s hidden. Exactly like those idiots that put for sale signs on their car with no price but only a phone number. It is a marketing ploy to rope you in like those time share pitches where they offer a present for showing up & waiting an hour after their frilly presentation ends. A marketing click bait. I refuse to buy products no matter how good & cheap they may be because they used this technique. I also refuse to buy products that are constantly repeated during big televised events. I hate the manipulation techniques. People let’s join forces & veto over advertised/ interrupting marketing

  6. Me haha

  7. Oh the things I could have done on my BigWheel as a kid.

  8. I understand that this method only works in some frames. I had a carbon bike with the Aston Rider kit and I switched it to a bamboo bike in 10 minutes and I didn’t have to cut any cables

  9. Great idea, but the company is shite when it comes to communications with customers. The Indiegogo campaign for the last round is horribly late and getting any info out of the company is an exercise in frustration. I ordered a kit last November and have been patient with the COVID induced delays, but the company doesn’t update information for it’s supporters, and although the container with my order arrived in port over 10 days ago I’m still waiting for a shipping notice. Over a month will go by between "updates" that are lacking any specificity as to actual dates that one can expect delivery. 

    Someone with business acumen should buy out the founders and make a real company out of this, as they are destined to be also-rans as the tech isn’t all that difficult and you can buy kits directly from China on Amazon for around the same money. The only benefit to a company like this would be customer service and support, and they completely fail at all aspects of those critical areas.

  10. Who else thought the swytch bike was a bike designed to carry your switch on the go…
    just me? Ok

  11. Very good, amazing , I want to buy it

  12. I need E girl

  13. Looks like Israel

  14. Yo, why don’t you add mechanical charging? Like it’s a bike with pedals, why not make it charge while I pedal?

  15. Dr. John Campbell November 25, 2020 @ 7:28 pm

    These kits are expensive

  16. The Most Epic Boi November 25, 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    Wait does my bike has to be an e bike? What even is an e bike

  17. Ali Eren Doganer November 25, 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    My bike costs about 75 dollars so no thanks

  18. francisco zamora November 25, 2020 @ 7:31 pm

    Hi there… What watch u were using? Regards

  19. The price is what kills this.

  20. What’s the price

  21. Great Video but comment for SWYTCH:

    First I thought it is a great Idea but when they sad Retail Price £1000 just for one battery, wheel rim and sensor. Than I SAD WHAT A SUGAR:

    You all there can buy full e bike under £500 fully equipped the link is provided here and they offer you more than 30 Miles Not Kilometre:

    Also If you want to convert your own bike to ebike the same equipment come ten time more reasonable price than SWYTCH:

    1. e bike under £500

    2. ebike equpment complete Kit under £200 with wheel rim, sensor, battery and other gadgets

    3. If you are looking even more reasonabe price as all of these go to same SOURCE that is China, Tiawan, Hong Kong try:


  22. I have a tendcy to fall a lot how much of a beating can this thing take while still working

  23. This is not a cheap kit. $1,165,582 USD by 2,096 backers
    $1,043,445 USD by 1,893 backers on Nov 7, 2019
    You can buy a Rad Power Bike "Electric Bike" for under #1,000.00
    Rad Power Bike here

  24. This looks like Tel Aviv

  25. £499 down from £999 no thanks no wonder there is so secretive about price.

  26. Crazy pricing.. For low as 300€ you can buy an electronic scooter, its gives you 30-35km in range and no pedaling.. If someone have 800$ for a toy, go on but if you want performance and reliability, get something decent.

  27. I have the Swytch Pro kit (250wh battery, 3 lbs). I got it because I like the feeling of my roadbike, which weighs 22 lbs. So now the total weight of my bike is 28.5 lbs. This little battery is surprisingly capable. It takes the pain out of hills. I’m sweating and getting good cardio, but it doesn’t cross over into quad-burning, lung-searing pain (which it did on hills). Instead of crawling up ultra steep hills (Seattle) I can go a good 10-14 mph up them, which feels like flying compared to just pedal power.

    Also, getting up to speed from a stop is nice. Catching a red light isn’t as punishing anymore. The battery on the Pro is 7ah, which I thought would be too weak for the distances I want to cover, but I usually have 2 of 5 bars left when I get home, after climbing 3 – 4 massive hills.

    I got this on an Early Bird discount, which was $540. But they make you pay import fees ($27) which are hidden, and then I had to swap out my carbon fork for a steel one, which made my have to swap to V-brakes from cannies (fork + brakes = $70) and the wheel shipped to me warped, so I had to pay a shop to true it ($10). So the "true" fee is $650.

    But so far I’m very happy with the performance. Sure, a $1600 eBike is faster, but also feels heavier and doesn’t have my drop-bar roadbike look or feel.

    Would be perfect at $499

  28. I would not buy this kit, I have been waiting a year for mine and despite many assurances and £500 plus, I have nothing!!!!! 🙂

  29. What’s the price

  30. Be nice if it came with a LCD screen on top of it, perfect position for one, would be the ultimate kit then

  31. I was in all the way until I saw the ridiculous price! £800? What the Foook! Sadly would never pay that…plus I am an engineer and I am aware that if the motor is mounted Inside the wheel hub it will be prone to vibrational damage to the rotor bearing…any bumps or serious bumps could damage the motor… If the wheel is damaged then what happens??? I assume you get raped in repair or replacement charges?…. Just doesn’t seem viable..

  32. Silly money…

  33. Nice fucking scam xD The price is absurd and it looks like it’s going to fall apart rather quick.

  34. Make a rear wheel one then I will buy one

  35. I ordered my Swytch in May 2020. It’ mid November and no kit. They asked for extra money for this, for that. No up front share of what else to expect tp pay when you order. Customer care is really sorry and all that… no kit. When I asked if the warranty can be extended since it’s winter and a front drive motor for a road bike is not a good idea on icy roads they said it can be extended 2 months only if I leave it in the box… huh? The Swytch brand is slick – the delivery of product and service is poor and insincere. Save your money. I regret my purchase.

  36. Does it go on power only?

  37. I want this
    Its gonna be like drs and ers from an f1 car on my cube aim

  38. This looks really cool. I like the idea that you can take the battery off and with you, so it reduces the chance of theft.

  39. light because it’s 250w and small 24v battery. Better to find a 20 yr old donor with a std triangle and buy a 1000w kit + 48vx12ah battery on ebay for $500. Mounting the PAS is same either way and the hardest thing to do.

  40. How much is it, what’s the cost?

  41. can I put on my rad power bike for an all-wheel drive?

  42. Has it been tested for heavy rain? Especially the motor is located in the wheel hub where it is prone to corrosion, water & dust accumulation.

  43. is this in israel?

  44. For £1000 ($1100) you could just buy a Carrera electric bike with much more power, speed, longevity and its built for you.

  45. Why bikes are made for exercise its stupid i woudlnt mind if the battery was uses to power somthing like a generator

  46. It looks VERY easy to steal!

  47. dman74811 -dman army November 25, 2020 @ 8:06 pm

    Been looking for this for like a month

  48. What they don’t show is when he trows the switch power kit it hits someone

  49. I have a folding Montague Crosstown which I thought
    I will only seldom use, since I bought a 20" folding ebike.
    But with this Swytch kit added, I now use it ‘all the time’.
    Even only at Level 1, the pedal assist is powerful.

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