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  1. Would you say this is a “quality” product?

  2. Hope you don’t mind sharing, but how tall are you, TheBicycleRider? I’m interested in purchasing the 500 and trying to get an idea of the sizing (already saw the standover height, but the shape of the top tube makes it a little confusing. Great review, btw….thanks!

  3. Videos and review was great, but you need more camera work. Maybe editing in some close ups of the components as you describe them?

  4. I just bought Ride1Up 500 after watching this video. This guy can sell anything. He talks like your father. No non-sense but just facts and insights. Love it!

  5. I took a swig of beer everytime this guy said "quality" and now I gotta go get more beer.

  6. Lol made in China 🇨🇳

  7. Thanks

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