Royal Enfield Himalayan – All Mods & Future Plans

Royal Enfield Himalayan – All Mods & Future Plans

An update after over a year of riding the Himalayan. Talking through everything we’ve changed on the bike so far, our plans for the future, as well as a tease of a big upcoming product-launch!

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Keep your eyes peeled for more parts, tips, and videos on the way.

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  1. Guys make a replacement bash plate that works with the Givi engine bars. The standard one works with those bars but it’s so thin and soft, I’ve trashed mine. The only alternative is the Happy-trail bash plate from the States.

  2. Thanks a lot! Спасибо!

  3. Great to see more information George! I’ve passed on the intel to the Royal Enfield Owners forum.
    To be honest I was expecting it to be something like a high compression head, modified EFI, or a gucci header pipe that improved exhaust scavenging…. now I am REALLY looking forward to your launch video!
    Is the cam shaft a straight drop in replacement? will you be selling them as a ‘kit’ with the relevant gaskets and seals?

  4. Three good points: Those GG Front brake pads, Replace the chain with a high quality one and that rust preventer spray- Good stuff, thanks

  5. Any idea if/when your USA online store will be selling Himalayan parts? My wife just got one, and I’m seriously considering replacing my 2014 CRF250L with one as I’m wanting more of an adventure bike than a dual sport nowadays.

  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Any update please???

  8. That bike is crying out for the headlight to be modded , perhaps lowered and fitted closer to the forks?

  9. So, can anyone comment on the fuel modification needs of a more efficient cam? Being that the cam increases the engine’s breathing efficiency quite a bit (more air in), I would assume something must be done to supply the additional fuel as well. So, does the cam necessitate a Power Commander, or the like, with a custom map, or does the MAP sensor compensate and allow the ECU to use a different area of the stock look up tables to supply the requisite fuel to compensate for the additional airflow?

  10. Stilll waiting

  11. Still waiting…. Haha

  12. Do you have a part number for the EBC brake pads? Thanks

  13. Interesting work going on. Thanks for the vid, and looking forward to the update!

  14. Nice video. I went one tooth up on the front and to save buying a new chain, went one down on the back. Will cruise along happily at 80+ (5Krpm) now!! Aftermarket air filter, Lextek exhaust (baffle in) and NGK iridium plug has possibly helped too! I’ll be buying some EBC GG pads off you very soon too! Thanks for the good advice!

  15. …it’s almost Christmas… please release the promised FIX ! Thanks

  16. I think a lapel mike would make your narration more discernable.
    It would make your voice stand out over the bird, hail and echoes
    off the walls. I couldn’t understand you many times in this video.

  17. Guys, I’m dying waiting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….

  18. audio quality is so poor that I skip the video.

  19. Still waiting

  20. Please post dyno numbers of the new cam. 20% should be ~ 30hp. I bet you get another 3-5hp from upping the compression to 10:1.

  21. Nice video, like all the mods. Could you clarify/show how you fitted the bar-end mirrors/cuffs in your next update. I have a 2020 Himalayan with M8 inserts in the handles bars. The mirror end caps use M6 bolts. Did you drill the end caps? Thanks.

  22. This is the bike I’m going to buy when we are allowed to be people again.

  23. Really looking forward to see the next video! Hopefully you’re on schedule for the end of the year release!
    Cheers and keep up the great work you do!

  24. Interested in changing front sprocket to 16 teeth, but certainly need more power. Intrigued by your designed camshaft. Waiting for updates!

  25. David van Beuningen January 29, 2021 @ 8:23 pm

    Great to hear a new cam will sort this out! Same situation on the 900cc T100 cams then. I fitted a EJK controller on my classic 500 I had laying around and made it a lot nicer to ride, similar to the booster plug. Hope to see the cams out soon!

  26. Does your new Mod use the Booster plug and air filter or do I bin those?

  27. Hello, constructive video, congrats. Two notes: speed is not an issue to fix, it is reset of social biker’s perspective to "enjoy landscape" mode. Second, more practical, wind deflectors are cheap and work on top of windshield. Please do more videos, thanks.

  28. Stilllll waaaiiittting on more videos, info, and availability date….

  29. Planning to stay tuned to keep on top of what your future plans/products are. 👍 Subscribed.

  30. Would you ship to Mexico? 😁😎

  31. Does the new cam obviate the Booster Plug at low rpm?

  32. A carb would help a lot. Is it a Mikuni?

    These things clearly need a big bore kit, hotter cam, bigger valves, a carb, and lighter performance exhaust.

  33. Hitchcocks offer a 462cc piston upgrade, will that work with the cam upgrade you offer? Not sure an 20% increase in bhp is enough, that would be about 28bhp, and with other bikes in this range having between 34-43 I would want at lest 34bhp if not 38! I want to be able to cruise all day at 75 and still have power to overtake up to 90 quickly!

  34. Srikanth Banerjee January 29, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    Have been a Royal Enfield motorcycle owner since 2005. Had riden their old 1981 iron die cast models where the gear and clutch pedals were in opposite positions. (lol..thats another story) Currently riding a 2013 Thunderbird 500. In all these years the only problem which i find RE has, is to give its motorcycles the right amount of power. The Himalayan is a fantastic bike, but i along with many of my friends in India wished it had a little bit more power with compatible torque figure.

  35. Nice vid George xden

  36. Love my RE. waiting for the Upgrades PLEEEEEEESE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. royal enfield decided this would be a bike in process…..they put it in the market and see how it started to fall apart so they could start fixing it. Let’s see if in a couple of years it gets to the point where I feel safe buyiing one. It also needs more hp and a liitle bit more torque….the bajaj dominar 400 has more torque and hp and feels better on highways.

  38. With the costs of all those accessories you could afford a way better bike. But that’s just my 2 cents…

  39. We need some good news guys, come on and show us the cam.

  40. when’s the "20% more power part" coming out? Thank you.

  41. It’s Christmas..!!….’n’ you’ve closed for the traditional (nothing happens for two weeks) least give us a update..ride safe 🙂

  42. We are still waiting for promised upgrade……any news?

  43. Also, would the booster plug work in Australian? Being warmer climate?

  44. Clutch v heavy on this bike..hard on the wrist in traffic..pity

  45. I don’t know where it leaves the Himalayan now that the factory has stopped making the 500 engine. In India they dropped the price to $3000 and you can buy one for that at the factory door as international sales have come to a screeching halt over warranty claims. It honestly is not worth the risk of owning an orphan. The 650 will continue.

  46. Thanks for your great comments.
    I know this may sound too good to be true, but it does work and we have the testing results to prove it.
    We are not trying to sell you some Gimmick part here.
    It is no mystery as when RE designed this motor this is probably the design BHP figures they had. For various reasons like most manufactures they have to restrict the motors performance. We have simply gone back to what this part was probably designed like when the motor was on the drawing board. I case you have not guessed the new part is a de restricted (not high performance) cam shaft. We have a lot of experience in making these camshafts for several Euro 4 bikes as the stock cams are severely restricted for several reasons.

    YES -that would look like the obvious route especially if familiar with the previous generation RE motors. But you would be wrong. We looked hard at the stock and big bore motors data and it is obvious that the motor cannot breathe properly at higher RPM. Look at the many posted dyno runs yourself. After further work we found the lack of breathing was not the normal culprits of air intake and exhaust, or even the EFI tune. But the problem was the camshaft was simply not allowing the motor to breath correctly. Hence we have designed a new camshaft that will keep the low speed torque , but also allows the motor to breath and perform correctly at higher RPM.
    Why has nobody done this, again several reasons. The main reason being stock cam does not have enough material to simply regrind the base circle to gain any real benefit, as the lift, timing, duration and overlap all needed to be changed.
    So we had to make a cam from steel billet and do all of the R& D required to make it work. Again due to the cam design this is not as simple as it sounds .
    Production cams being made now and we hope to have them ready for the end of the year. But like almost everybody in UK manufacturing, our cam maker has a large workload at the moment and working during Covid restrictions has delayed everything. So if you are reading this PLEASE don’t ask to pre order or ask when they will be ready. We will get them on our web shop as soon as we can, I promise !

  47. Can’t wait to see your power boosting solution, I’ve been toying with a Hitchcocks big bore kit but really not a fan of materially changing the engine. I imagine there must be power there with the fuel mix to be gained with it being euro 4/6 & designed for markets with lower quality fuels.

  48. I guess it will pushing out around 30 HP? I never understand why these figures are so low.

  49. Thank’s for the video, it’s always good to be able to see what people are doing with the Hmmy. I do however need to take issue with your statement about it struggling to keep up with traffic as this is just not true and is misleading. I have owned my Himmy for two years now and never have i struggled to keep up with traffic as it will crack along at 60 all day long and in fact, with the excellent handling and torquey engine is a hoot in the lanes where it will keep up with any traffic doing the legal limit which when all said and done is 60mph. As for overtaking, yes you sometimes need to be a bit canny with that and no, you are not going to get passed on the Himmy in marginal situations where a more powerful machine would do it with ease so, i’ll give you that. I regularly cruise the bike at 70+ without any fuss (it may struggle against a v. strong headwind at that though) and will top a genuine 80mph, not bad for a 24.5 bhp. engine. I will say that the Himmy’s best speed is in the 50 to 60 mph. range where it is really comfortable to use. As for the stalling issue, yes, there does seem to be something going on there. My bike used to stall but now never does and will start from cold and go straight to idle while i close the workshop doors so, it’s not all Himmy’s that have the problem. My bike by the way is totally standard and at still has at, 5,000 miles the original plug. As for doing a distance on it well, that’s down to the needs, likes, want’s of the individual rider isn’t it? Granted, it’s not a GS (my other bike by the way) but it does very well over distance but, the seat isn’t that great i have to say. Last year i took my Himmy the 120 miles to the ABR Adventure Bike Festival, loaded with all my camping gear it was a delight to ride and i took great pleasure in working with the bike to get the best from it. When at the venue i took the Himmy out on one of the TRF’s ride out outs where it performed as well as anything else there then i belted it round the 4K off road track 3 times taking in all the "experts" sections ( i binned it big time on one) and it just lapped it up, nothing broke and it took me back home again, no bother 🙂 Didn’t mean to bang on, sorry 🙂 The Himmy is a damn fine bike but, i will agree some of the mods. you suggest can and will improve it. Oh. yes, the front brake is shit and i will be putting EBC pads in 🙂 Cheers.

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