Setup and Usage Tutorial for the Grinspector Battery Test Station

Setup and Usage Tutorial for the Grinspector Battery Test Station

This is a video does a deep dive in showing how the Battery Grinspector is used setup and configured for testing an ebike battery pack. Unlike other all-in-one test devices, the Grinspector is not an active piece of power electronics and requires that you hook up an external load and external charger in order for it to function as we detail here.

The benefit of this approach is that it allows operation at voltages and current levels that are much more representative of actual ebike systems than the self contained testers you see for R/C packs. Our 2020 Grinspector model can test batteries up to 100V and at discharge currents up to 35 amps provided that you have a suitable load resistor.

We developed this device for in-house use primarily but decided to make it into a product mostly geared for ebike shops and service/repair centers. With so many more electric bicycles on the road and so many ebike batteries that are in a questionable state, we’re hoping that this tool allows more people to make informed decisions about their battery situation.

For more information, see the product info page here:

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  1. Steve Aldebaran May 20, 2021 @ 1:42 am

    WOW!!! If it came with ventilator mask…I WOULD CARE

  2. Looks good but I think you guys should be looking into making a better looking display your getting left behind now on that front there are a lot of people after a nice display now. Dont get me wrong the ca3 is fantastic bit of kit it’s just looking super dated nowadays

  3. Great product for affordable price (not).
    1. inconvenient for amount of boxes required
    2. connectors issues, not universal
    3. price must be insane…

  4. graycatgrayhat May 20, 2021 @ 2:03 am

    Do I have any use for this info myself? Probably not. Did I still watch the full video? Definitely!

    Love to just watch technical videos from Grin thanks for making them guys!

  5. Jonathan Vaucher May 20, 2021 @ 2:06 am

    Justin ! Before recycling, I would manually balance all 13 groups of cells to equal voltages (or leave the BMS work its magic overnight). Then retest for capacity. My reasoning is the BMS might trigger premature low voltage cutoff (LVC) if one of the 13 groups is much lower voltage than the others (it happens when battery left in garage for long periods and discharges on cell group du to BMS parasitic quiescent current draw). Also 212 to 283 milliohm (average 250 mOhms) is not that bad. For a 13S4P (using ohms law – resisitor in series add up, resitor in parrallel add up in inverses), that means each cell has an individual DCIR of 50 mOhms (and that also accounts for the added resistance of nickel strips, wires and BMS components). Many stock 18650 cells (like the LG MF1 2150mAh 10A cells) test around 35 mOhms brand new off the shelf !. Exception is the high power density Sony VTC4 cells which test around 20-23 milliohms DCIR (at 50% SOC). So looking at the DCIR you got, this tells me this battery is not as bad as it sounds and I have trouble believing it only has 35% of it’s residual capacity. I would expect it to still have around 7 to 7.5 Ah left, if not 8 Ah once tested after proper cell voltage balancing. Pretty sure the battery is still much usable. Of course I’m sure you already know all that stuff. Matador, from the ES.

  6. Jonathan Vaucher May 20, 2021 @ 2:08 am

    Awesome that you integrated DCIR measurment test, even more awesome that you can see the DCIR at different SOC ! Matador from the ES.

  7. I’m grateful we have hyper smart people like Justin. I love my CycleSatiator charger.. It works flawlessly. So happy i have it.

  8. if you use a ceramic tube resistor you could pump water through the tube and make them water cooled

  9. I agree the price must be insane only because no mention of it is included.

  10. Why isn’t your microphone working?

  11. Diego Mancori May 20, 2021 @ 2:36 am

    greetings from Rome Italy,Super e-kit on my Bike Friday NWT.

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