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  1. How is the rear wheel off the ground?

  2. lânchánđời nguyễn December 13, 2020 @ 9:20 pm

    anyone imagine there was a ic 4017 inside that gear shift?

  3. Could you make a How to clean a Di2 system please. Ive heard you shouldnt use water due to all the electronics

  4. Thanks 4 the video mate, answers some questions 4 me, you’d think that they could power the battery by using the pedal power , think i’ll stick to normal gears until the price drops.

  5. Can you put this on any bike?

  6. I have a Cannondale and. Schwenn 21 speed. What would be the best electric derailleurs to get 4 them ???

  7. Laurentiu Alexandru December 13, 2020 @ 9:26 pm

    my 6770 doesn’t shifts synchronize anymore.It did before I changed the wheels from a 10 speed to 11 speed cassette.This change is not for long, but I would like to know if there is a reason if the cassette is 11 speed and not 10 speed, or there is something wrong with the system.I read that 6770 came synchronize and don;’t need to do it manually.
    I have a 3 port junction box not the original that came with the 6770.
    And another think, my cables came out freelly out of the junction box and don’t know what is the solution to keep them tight there.
    Thank you.

  8. What a refreshing change to hear helpful information without plugging a company’s gear. Thanks.

  9. Genaro Francis Tabag December 13, 2020 @ 9:32 pm

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  10. road biking; exercise, but for nerds

  11. Mancunia Mancunia December 13, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    How do you change down gears?

  12. nice vids sir

  13. Gabriel Lancelot December 13, 2020 @ 9:36 pm

    there are videos that take 25 minutes to say all you sir, said in three. And that’s just what i wanted. so the least i gotta do is to say thank you 😁

  14. What idiots gave this video the thumbs down

  15. I got referred to this after your Di2 v cables gears recent upload….🤗

  16. It is cool thing but I have seen bikes from 70s and 80s with working gear shifters, i dont expect these ones to last this long though.

  17. The greatest advantage vs conventional gears shifter is not required to tune shifting mechanism

  18. Very good video. Thanks. Subscribed!

  19. Very good explanation. One question… what happens if/when the battery goes flat? Are you stuck in whatever gear you were in at the time? (Apologies if you have already answered this!).

  20. Like it because I did need to learn what they were and you are through but they seem dodge to me, the wire un repairable at point of break, battery very vulnerable in location…. not alot 1000 miles either. Does that fall to 300 after 500 the day b4.

  21. Awesome video!! Simple, descriptive and straight forward!

  22. Cool shit, im thinking to add it to my trek sl6 pro 2021

  23. I know where the indicator is coming off brake shifters, but is confusing what red dot means. Seems to always show that red even right after I fully charge battery.

  24. makes life alot harder because you need to constantly check and worry about the electronics and i suppose repairing a broken set wont be cheap..if a cable brake is fucked up all there is to do is to replace it, nice and easy.

  25. Thanks for the video, do you know if professional cyclists have chimed in about whether the electronic shifters perform well over thousands of miles?

  26. Hey, man!  That was a great, to the point, no BS, no over-explaining video.  Thanks from Alabama.

  27. I just got a brand new bike fitted with the claris 2000. Love it but now I am looking for the next step up.

  28. …………….This part will serve you for years and years. …….I had this bike for two weeks 🤔

    CORRECTION: This battery will last you around 1K miles until the next charge, and this unit will serve you a minimum of 20,160 hours trouble free !

  29. Your Information is Impressive 👌

  30. so I’m looking at this 3 years later….do u like your di2?

  31. simple and informative best one 👌

  32. Shame, all that money spent for such a small incremental gain. if you lost even 5 of the excess 30kg+ you’re carrying on your stomach and titties you’d get such a better return

  33. michael rabinowitz December 13, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    Very informative,thank you!

  34. Copper wire? Batteries? I dont see how it’s better then a macanical shifters. We should really be smarter then this. A spring with cable has no issues. More wires and more things to go wrong ? Just cuz its electric dont mean it’s more efficient

  35. This is such a good video explaining the system! Thanks so much!

  36. hello sir, I want a used road bike in cheap price you have any opinion for this

  37. Thank you very much for your explanation, I’ve seen a few videos before about this topic and I couldn’t understand the difference with conventional gear sets. Keep it up !

  38. Weight comparison… ?

  39. An informative video indeed mate. Great primer for any newbie who wants to get a hang of bicycle electronic derailleurs. 🙂

  40. more batteries to pollute the environment, great.

  41. Looks like it would feel great, smooth shifts with no trimming. Now if it just was not priced like a used car.

  42. Awesome bike!の Got the 58 and its very light and agile ! Mine came with one scuff in the white paint .no biggie.assembly took twenty minutes. Great bike for the price range and a great design.

  43. Great simple video! Other question is, chose between a di2 or a powermeter? Can’t afford both, what is your opinion? I like training not only riding. But don’t compete since just became a father. Plus negative side i am already 44 years old… But again I like training with my bike.

  44. Nice video. Thanks!

  45. Explained well, Thanks

  46. Donato G Poet with Pace December 13, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    looking at a new race bike with Di2 and had no idea what it is. having seen this video, i found it the most straight forward explanation. Thank you Leonard!

  47. And how much does somthing like that run…

  48. I would usually finish my bike in a medium gear in an attempt to ease the cable stretch while bike is resting, You would finish in a light gear for ease of start push off with Di2 with no ill effects.

  49. Just ran across your video. You mentioned you had only ridden this new bike with the electronic shifting for a short period and everything was very good. It’s now been 4 years since you posted this video. I’d be interested to know how many miles you now have on the bike and how the electronic shifting has performed during this period of time.

  50. I have this elec shifter on my Fuji road bike and love it. Only question is how to check on battery power? Instruction manual doesn’t say.

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