Should You Derestrict Your E-Bike? | EMBN Discusses

Should You Derestrict Your E-Bike? | EMBN Discusses

Derestriction, it might be the first thing that springs to mind when considering purchasing an E-Bike; or it might not even be on your radar. Chris and Steve discuss the legalities, pros and cons, and various methods of derestricting an EMTB ⚡️

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. All I want is to be able to ride my ebike on flat trails at the same speed as my regular bike, the law is rediculous

  2. Try a bafang 1kW m600. You will all shit yourselves after living in the nanny state for so long.

  3. I’m happy with the 15.5 mph (ca. 25 km/h) speed limit on ebikes, if I want to go faster I use my legs

  4. How can you derestrict a giant trance E mtb? It has a yamaha motor.

  5. marco goncalves March 31, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    I have a Carrera vengeance 2020 how to remove the speed limit .. please???

  6. These guys seem to be working for the bike companies and local non cyclist community. There’s really only one reason to de-restrict your bike and thats road riding. Most non motorized cyclists aren’t riding over 20 mph on the road so if you are riding with your average buddies then no biggie. That said when you go on a reasonable group ride the group is going to go 23-25 mph unless you are on a fast training ride. So the motor isn’t going to be killed. I’m 58, in the 80s I’d ride a crit at eldorado park 2 times a week where we would average 30mph on a 1.8 semi closed course. Derestricted Mountainbikes aren’t ever going to ride these kinds or rides. To be honest, I’m not riding any big group ride on a mountain bike but when I go for rides with friends I want to hang at 23 mph. And by the way, the motor will restrict you as well. The concept of restriction is antiquated and over reaching. I know the UK is ahead of the free world on restricting its citizens but this crap is just dumb.

  7. Anybody derestricted the specialized turbo levo 2020 yet? If you did what did you use the bad boy or speed box!? Any faults or issues?

  8. I’ve got a badass box for my ebike and to be honest when I tried it out on the black run at one of the bike parks there was hardly any difference in times from the bike in standard plus the guys I was with didn’t have ebikes so I was waiting for them anyway so there wasn’t any point having it chipped. I agree that it should be upped to 20mph like a lot of people say then a lot of people won’t mess about with them. 15mph is nothing as I can go faster on my hardtail none ebike on the roads, I’m just riding a heavy bike after 15mph and the motor (Bosch CX) is kinda fighting against me.

  9. It’s horse shit and it’s a traffic act not the law just crack on!!

  10. Can you get a switch to restrict and derestrict?

  11. Can some one do a test on haibike sduro which deristriction device works best tuning plug-badass box or speedbox?

  12. first thing I did with my Giant Trance-e+.. best thing ever.

  13. get a kraken and call it a day.

  14. i think its funny that i go faster than an ebike with my road bike with a slight downhill or wind on my back. flat 25mph with a hill i can hit as high as 35. my ebike can only do 20 thhough.

  15. 25 mph would be a good limit. I have both the 2019 Levo and Kenevo, de-restricted. With wind resistance I struggle to get over 25 mph anyway. You are sitting up pretty straight on an MTB, not with your head down and your arse in the air like a roadie.

  16. I used Stunlocker app for my bike. Set to usa now can do 30km. Only 30£

  17. On my conventional giant stance I can hit speeds of 45kph down sone hills or with a strong tail wind, I see no difference between that and riding a derestricted e-mtb

  18. My 65yr old dad has his Giant full-e2 de-restricted, he was struggling to keep up with me and my brother both uphill and on flats with the 15.5mph limit.
    He doesn’t plow about at 40mph he does sits along with us and enjoys the downhills, as long as it’s not abused its fine 🙂

  19. Politically correct. SMH, come on guys.

  20. The 18 mph (25 kph) limit has always been slightly too low. Had it originally been 35-38 kph it would be much less of an issue and not a matter of debate for the last decade. The commuters I know feel a limit of 18 mph just a tad too slow. Off road I find its not an issue whatsoever (as you mentioned in the video) yet when I used to head out to work on Monday morning I always wanted to go slightly faster…such as 22 mph (35 kph). I went with the "pear" brand delimiter on my Haibike with the PW Yamaha motor so I could travel at 22mph or so for a part of the commute and have found battery drain is not an issue . If battery drain IS an issue…just slow down. I have never looked back and give it no further though. As for warranty issues, remember that it is not an unlimited guarantee…instead it is a document explaining that any repair can be denied to anyone, for any reason at any given time. It is really just a marketing tool that hold little or no value. Just buy a quality eBike and go ride.

  21. Roland Colavizza April 1, 2021 @ 12:09 am

    E bikes are already a problem when it comes to stolen kom’s, just keep them restricted and have them transmit to strava that they are in fact electric bicycle for handicapped people

  22. It does not ruin motor of bike?

  23. Simplistic Irony April 1, 2021 @ 12:11 am

    So, what your saying is derestrict it, ride anywhere and dont tell anyone. Got it.

  24. Iv just bought an ebike 500w bosch cubes anyone got a good video showing how to deristrict it please

  25. Want a Go real fast buy a KTM 300, turn the throttle 🤔

  26. It’s only illegal if you get caught!

  27. i got a 250w pedelec kit. just dont connect the pedal sensors so throttle is independent and cut one of the white wires in the speed controller to go 40km/h, 25 is a joke especially if Im riding on the road with cars… I wanna be able to keep a similar speed to the traffic

  28. How would the police know if you were pedaling on the road on your ebike how could they know if you were doing all the pedalling or the motor doing most of the work unless you werent pedalling

  29. LOL it’s unfair the GCN guys get to ride faster on the road, it’s not because they are on unrestricted ebike they are just fitter and faster than you. What I would like to see is a universal unremovable system on all ebiks that would allow trails to geo restrict them to eco mode only on the trail.

  30. Laws of obedience. Fuck the law. Government does not tell me how fast or slow I ride my mtb 🖕🏻

  31. Great info guys, thanks!

  32. "Rollerable" – who spellchecked that sign?

  33. 🐐👽🐏 Pharaohs Magician April 1, 2021 @ 12:23 am

    Why should bikes need insurance and papers?? You cant kill or damage any property on a bike. Only yourself. You can learn everything about biking in 20 min when you’re 9 years old having your dad teach you. Bikes shouldn’t require so much registration and insurance.

  34. Nothing worse than being overtaken by someone on a mobility scooter

  35. Would you upgrade your rider protection gear if you derestricted your bike and were consistently going 20k faster.

  36. Just deresricted mine. Doubt the police will ever catch me 🤣🤣

  37. Electric Mountain Bike Network April 1, 2021 @ 12:26 am

    Do you ride a derestricted E-MTB?

  38. Here’s a quote from the Gov website about EAPC’s: must have a maximum power output of 250 watts.

    So the vast majority of eMTB’s are unlawful on this basis, a review of actually which bikes don’t exceed 250w would be great. So how many of you folks with restricted speed but over the 250w are going to get number plates?

  39. Yes I do, have e E-MTB for a month now, after 30 years having regular bikes, love it because I can ride with my friends again after 2 years, but, sometimes speeds on the flat roads in the woods go up to 35kph, ever tried to cover those extra 10 kph with a 22 kg bike ? Tried it but derestricted my bike after 2 weeks and have al lot of fun and don’t worry anymore that my friends on regular bikes have to wait for me, it’s a mental question as well

  40. Just reposition the sensor near crank and put a strip magnet on crank, easily reversed and doesn’t affect anything, just fools the bike into thinking your going slower…. simple, plus it’s undetectable

  41. amancalledcraig April 1, 2021 @ 12:29 am

    As a (self pwoered) roadie the idea of 25km limit is a ridiculous notion. Treating Adults like kids? Ride responsibly and there isn’t an issue. I don’t need my Nanny.

  42. Derestricted mine won’t be doing it again it drains ur battery batters ur motor and not just that it caused me to have a collision with a car because of it so it’s restricted for a reason fokes so my next emtb will stay restricted and will stay off-road plus I didn’t ride it unrestricted off-road anyway why would u wanna do 40mph off-road u would kill ur self madness !!

  43. I don’t see why you would want to ride at 45 or even 50 km/h in the woods unless you are tired of living

  44. Well and over here in germany you all normal ebikes are limited to 25kph.
    I am also planning to derestrict mine…

  45. Unrestricting is the word not Derestricting.

  46. Who does 50kph ? Trust me, you run out of gearing.

  47. Lawfully and legally are completely different.

  48. Carlos Oliveira April 1, 2021 @ 12:33 am

    Tenho uma E-mtb que mudei ela para 32 km/h, uso ela mais em estradas, acho essa velocidade perfeita, não aumentaria mais que isso

  49. I’ve used an Ebike that is American Spec, does the 32km/h, rather than 25km/h. This is perfect for me, though not legal in Australia as the law is for 25km/h. Though the difference there is pretty small, it really does make the noticeable difference. Still saving and hoping to get an ebike of my own, though unsure if I’d get a US import one for the 32km/h and hope for the best, or if I’ll stick to a local 25km/h one to stick to the rules. The issue is that it is so easy to pass 25km/h. So if I were to get one that stopped at 25km/h, it would have to be one where the motor decouples properly and doesn’t get any motor drag. the extra weight will suck a bit, but maybe if I went for a Levo SL or another light weight bike, it may not matter much. The Merida eOne-Sixty is only 6kg more than my enduro bike, and that bike is around 6kg more than a carbon Hardtail or good XC bike….

  50. Hi any one have any ideas how to D restrict and Australian Dyson hard trail evo rtc 15aH e bike. Thanks

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