Smart Pedal Assist System (PAS) Installation

Smart Pedal Assist System (PAS) Installation

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The video shows how to install the (PAS) sensor on the bike that is ready to turn into an electric from a normal bike.

E BIKE PAS Pedal Assistant Sensor

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. Dude it would have been A LOT better if you kept this idiotic music out of this and TALKED about what you are doing,.

  2. Can i add a front electric wheel to my rear assist e bike?

  3. don’t pull on a wrench homie.

  4. Wasn’t trying to watch a music video

  5. As iT reaLLy iS March 14, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Wow people complaining about the music. No pleasing some. I simply pressed mute. Anyway thanks a bunch for this how to install pas sensor without ringnut

  6. Hey I installed my PAS the same exact way that you did, but it does not seem to work, any ideas?

  7. Noise is unnecessary, turn it off

  8. i`ve done this various times, biggest problem? the sensor isnt near enough to the magnet… matter how much you bend the sensor sometimes still wont work…..what a pain in the ass

  9. sometimes need to cut pedal side down a bit, so that magnets have clearance. but, what if there is no PAS input on controller? I figured out a way around that, check out if interested ->

  10. Any help if sensor is on other(sprocket) side??

  11. I have a cruiser for bicycle can I put the pedal sisters the same way on like you do a mountain bike

  12. Thank this is very helpful I just got done putting one on

  13. good video but put your camera in manual focus, focus on the relevant area then leave it alone, it will stop it from going out of focus all the time

  14. Michael Muzaffar Clarke March 14, 2021 @ 10:47 pm

    Really crap irritating music, had to turn the sound off. I agree that it would be much better if you talked about what you were doing instead of the music. If you buy a Swytch kit the sensor is in two parts and you just pull it apart (carefully, without bending it) and clip it around the crank.

  15. Christ get yourself a better crank puller that was dreadful hard work with that thing and shut that music up ffs.

  16. Thanks for the video. Just one question, if I may. How on earth do you stop the inner ‘plunger’ of the crank removal tool from driving itself into the hole left by the bolt that secured the pedal??? Because, that is what happened to me when I tried to use this tool. Fortunately, I stopped before it completely ruined the threads in the hole.

  17. Are there any settings to do before using the pas?

  18. Good music (3rd prototype – together) and better video

  19. Shut the music off and explain to ur viewers step-by-step on what you’re doing, good buy

  20. Bina betree ke pedel asist se motor chalao 36volt motor ko ghumao

  21. Loving the music wooooooo

  22. Video needs to explain what the parts and names of tools!

  23. Сергей С March 14, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    Everything you’ve done is wrong! This device must be placed on the star side! The plastic rotating piece is installed with large magnets inward, facing the sensor.

  24. the music makes me wanna kill myself

  25. Cut the music!👎

  26. The magnets are exposed like that because typically they’re made to go on the gear side.

  27. Shouldn’t the magnets face the sensor?

  28. how i can stop Pedal assist from my bike

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