Stealth Bomber Enduro E-Bike Build EP2 – Parts

Stealth Bomber Enduro E-Bike Build EP2 – Parts

Hello everyone and welcome.
Thankyou to everyone that took the time to subscribe or comment on the previous build video.

In this episode, I try my best to cover where I bought my parts from and exactly how much paid. Then swiftly go over 2 build issues.

links added below

E-Bike Nut link

Charger video Link

Readers Comments (7)

  1. What kind of slopes can that bike go up? Just curious. I ride a modded KDX and I keep wondering how electric dirt bikes compare.

  2. Nice one, same supplier that I used. Looking forward to the final build.

  3. Ya you just need spacers bc the swing arm needs to be fully expanded to be parallel w hub. Ur right the qs205 and 273 fill out the gap more. Good work

  4. Been waiting for this video

  5. Looking good…
    How come the controller hanging up and only bolted on 1 side

  6. So what did you end up doing with the rear axle spacing issue ?

  7. Just an update, do not try to use Shimano calipers with Motorcycle brake levers. Shimano use mineral oil, your typical brake system uses Dot fluid. This was the reason the rubber seals on my brake levers had swollen to the point that the lever would not return. A different setup is going to be fitted.

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