Stealth Electric: Bianchi Aria E Road Bike

Stealth Electric: Bianchi Aria E Road Bike

The e-bike is a heavy, ungainly beast, giant battery stuffed in the down tube, wires hanging everywhere . . . or is it? One look at the Bianchi Aria e-road and this convention is turned on its head. Here at PELOTON we’re not very interested in the handwringing and soul searching that usually accompanies any drop bar e-road bike discussion, they are here, and here to stay. We’re more interested in learning what bikes like the Bianchi Aria e-road can actually do.

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  1. I will buy it when it’s $2.5K

  2. if only it didnt cost $7k

  3. It would be good to do a 6 month "usage & review" of this bikes component durability, battery degradation, results and various conditions performance.
    The looming questions of what is this thing going to look or be like after one season?
    New battery @ $1,200 replacement, Motor hub at 2 year mark replacement etc?
    Upgrade compatability of newer hub etc.
    Bearings on rear with this extra torque on a synthetic frame etc.
    I think these need a meat grinder for a 6 month set of conditions to see what shakes out!
    With a series of examination reviews at certain intervals to show what occurs and any issues .

  4. I’m definitely interested in this, I already own an EMTB, E Bikes are here to stay. If you haven’t tried one and you’re still suspicious of them, just take one up a hill, you’ll be laughing all the way up, instant convert guaranteed.

  5. Is the Bianchi Aria E-Road available in Australia yet?

  6. I would try it! Looks great! Rides great!

  7. The battery is removal correct?

  8. Very impressive bike.

  9. SUPER!!!!!

  10. I ride the Orbea Gain d40 which has the same x35 system have done 2000km since December over Dartmoor average 52km per charge with 1500m of climbing I doubled the range with a home made spare battery bottle few teething problems had rear spokes replaced and power socket but build quality fine and I love the hydraulic brakes .. at just over £2000 good value

  11. I got the sister of that, the Wilier Cento1 Hybrid, and it’s a blast to ride. It’s hard to explain the necessity of a motor in a road bike but it feels just so much better when you actually try it.

  12. David Holroyd-Doveton September 21, 2020 @ 7:24 pm

    Just taken delivery of one. Looking forward to taking it out for a run over the weekend. Great build quality as expected by Bianchi.

  13. Lighter than my steel gravel bike. Still not interested though. But every ebike is potentially one less car in my mind, which is a good thing.

  14. Brian S/ブライアン September 21, 2020 @ 7:30 pm


  15. time to buy one and go join a regular road bike race

  16. Bought mine last month and I’m buzzing waiting to get out test it once I’ve recovered from stomach surgery !!

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