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  1. Great Vid! Just got one of these for the cheap. Do you shoot yours at all?

  2. Ain’t no substitute for the real thing lol. I’d read about the spanish knockoffs of the Smith revolvers ans that was the reason why the roll mark on the right side of the revolver was changed from just saying "Made in USA" to what they still read today " MADE IN USA MARCAS REGISTRADAS SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD , MASS. This was done in 1948 to distinguish the real Smith’s from the cheap knockoff competition in the US. There was a court case I believe involving trademarks, ect. to keep the cheap imports that blatantly copied the Smith product from flooding the US market. More about this can be found online.

  3. Que marca é esse revólver?

  4. Where I find the mainspring?

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