SUR-RON REPLACEMENT PARTS & Accessories – Everything you need, crazy CHEAP!

SUR-RON REPLACEMENT PARTS & Accessories – Everything you need, crazy CHEAP!

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So much POWEEEEEEEEERRRR ohhh yeeeaaahhh!!!!

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  1. is there anyway to get a sur ron before august?

  2. Bruno you are crazy man I’ve been watching you videos since you started many many years ago from London uk

  3. I want to make one fast.. any ideas?.. actually I’m waiting for the major manufacturers to make true electric race bikes.. shouldn’t be long now

  4. didn’t see the rubber mud flap, rear shock protector

  5. Do you ship to USA?? Thanks

  6. On form Bruno 8>)

  7. Great informative video Bruno. Ron owners need to check out SurRon Australia web site. We have purchased stuff from them no one else could get. 👍

  8. Ah yeah yeah

  9. Nice !

  10. hi bro, my motor takes 72v 200amps continuous and 600amps peak so I need a BMS for the cell balancing how can I purchase BMS it is better if the BMS has a smart connection can you help me and I am a huge fan of your works

  11. Sur Ron Mx Storm first time ever go looksee ford paying billions for rights which I have a date for SUV/pickup truck EV versions and a courier van now a first time ice cream can .

    I’ll be laughing with tech RECYCTRIX paid per kilowatt power used per second/minute hourly top up online.

    Turned into smart device free watch with application to use camera WiFi watches cheap enough bulk flying off cheap as £6.99-£8.99
    6 yes yes yrs coin the phrase concept EV charging put bike/50-80cc Yamaha KX etc Honda equivalent Suzuki for children ..

  12. Russia! In 2004 I ran in the SIB in OMSK but I don’t know how to add pictures I still have a beanie if you would like it, …. not much use here in QLD

  13. Sprockets = communist star.7:33
    Is it a once you see it type of thing.. because you can ask… why not star of David instead.. or just round holes.. because wouldn’t the star (or star of david) be more of having an ability.. of the strip pieces/angles.. as a breaking area, than with holes.. or to just have it as a plate.. or of..more surface area to gather crap.
    Is it a subliminal message.. lmao… or the reality of.. Made In China.. branding.

  14. Почему люди не смотрят такой крутой видос???!!! Это реально будущее, и настоящее. Неужели все насколько дегроиды?

  15. How could someone NOT like this video?

  16. I bet that accident was frontend related in that steering, braking and suspension moments all affect each other. When you brake, the braking forces are put through the suspension, which leads to suspension compression. This in turn limits travel and the ability to ride bumps. We then increase spring rates and damping forces to slow down the dive and offer support on weight shift, however, this then in turn hugely compromises suspension performance. Braking hard also increases the steering angle as the forks compress and opposite happens on extension, and there are other issues such as stiction and the major one, lateral flex, which can happen mid-corner over bumps or on the brakes, causing the tyre contact patch to move away from the steering axis. This can cause wobbles or worse, tank slappers. All of this causes forces that produce torque around the steering axis, or steering head, which needs to be massive and bulky to cope. That force needs to go somewhere and that is the rider’s arms, then body, legs, the rest of the bike and more wobbles and weaves result. A steering damper helps but only deflects the forces somewhere else.
    Then another issue all telescopic forks have, which is oscillation harmonics from the wheel, a rotating mass at the end of an unsupported ‘tuning fork’, a fork made with telescoping tubes with sticktion, I don’t think you could actually design something worse that still worked.

  17. Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech February 18, 2021 @ 9:54 pm


  18. Well done Adam and Bruno.
    Interesting funny and informative.
    No wonder Adam was home so late!
    Looks like you had a ball!

  19. That good to have big time all that things need for

  20. Дионис Ковровский February 18, 2021 @ 9:54 pm


  21. ΛLỈΞИSИΞΛK ΛLỈΞИSИΞΛK February 18, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    Why i cant find 19inch super moto tire for sur ron

  22. East gem Denzel 80cx equivalent.
    Someone 2010 are flying off selling nothing much upon this website with a YouTube hub motor dirt bike REFIT .
    Moped/scottrr OJO Also goes to you better than Uber lime scooter paying me nothing with a 4 years talking copyright 2 years black and white earlier sale scooter and petrol scooter Evo board owned by Google all take the hack start Burton without password setup offline.
    Some cheeky hacking kids

  23. Needing simple smartwatch and application for smart device with facial recognition/finger printing access where helmets immersive printing by all pet’s body kit water printing/hydro graphics or sticker wrapped fonts etc.
    WiFi networks microcontrollers covers linked iridium transceiver with smartphone GPS birds eye satellite and Speedo mph/kmh also opponent Position number place GPS location and speed.
    A 50cc/80cc equipment of Mx dirt pit bike size full electric password login sign-up to also use allow administration clock calendar for rental or other users riders MTB trails maps

  24. *Clicks on Bruno*…. **( immediately regrets not turning down the speakers first, but know that it is nobody’s fault but my own for we all know Bruno by now… ) **

  25. I need one of the chain conversations. My belt makes the most annoying noise and i can not get rid of it. Ive adjust and belt dressing and its just gotta go.

  26. This is sooo awwesome is it possible you could ship to the states the suron bikes maybe make a deal with luna cycles in california?


  28. 27 minutes of bruno :O is this an early christmas present?

  29. East gem steal the 80cc electric equivalent,
    Also suggested back back wheel KX Kawasaki 80cc framework top speed ..
    Looking mighty similar to your frame SUR RON really taking the libzzZzzzz

  30. This is powaaaaaa!!! So much powaaaaaa!!!

  31. jesus christ i could take this guy for 5 seconds

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