Surly Pugsley with BionX – Electric fat bike! Video

Surly Pugsley with BionX – Electric fat bike! Video
It doesn’t get any better than this – a high power BionX electric motor on the classic Surly Pugsley fat bike! 350 watts of motor power with automatic assist function and a throttle too? That’s just too cool. Typical BionX motors are 36 spokes so they don’t really work with fat bikes. We used a specially ordered 32 spoke motor to build the BionX right into the Surly Marge Lite rim. This makes for a more unified look and a much better looking bike. I loved shooting this video as the Pugsley crawled over everything and even let me ride down stairs and rocky slopes! I can’t imaging a more enjoyable electric motor bicycle for back country or off road use.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback and thanks for watching. -Peter

  2. I’d have the battery pack hydro-dipped carbon fiber look.

  3. Looks like the newest ones have that option!

  4. But also in this case, the engine is the engine! Well the motor is, anyway…

  5. I always go ahead and trust Peter’s scoring choices–you know he has a degree in music!

  6. Another fatbike project. 馃榾 Well done.

    What’s the difference between the Pugsley and the Moonlander? 馃檪

  7. I guess you’re right, 80 – 100 psi would be a hybrid bike. More like 50 – 70 for most mountain bikes or even less for cruiser bikes. The proper pressure is always notated on the sidewall of your tire. Thanks for watching! -Peter

  8. VERY NICE.聽

  9. Excellent. Will the kit work on the Surly Moonlander?

  10. Thanks slyfoxlover. Moonlander has wider tires, somewhat higher level components, and a metal flake paint job. -Peter

  11. Hey John,
    We don’t do any of that kind of custom work, so you’d need to take that up with your local bike shop! If you want to really delve into tech specs, throw us an email.

  12. Just got in the new high powered cassette bionX motors, pretty exciting stuff: – Jack

  13. Does it come In black

  14. I believe Surly’s new Pugsleys do indeed come in black! We build these to order, so it would be easy to work with you and Surly to get the one you want.

  15. what about an recumbent style BionX or NYCEwheels?

  16. Tire pressure effects ride comfort and also efficiency. So if you pump it to a lower pressure the ride will be softer but not as quick. Harder tires are faster but less comfortable. Sounds like you’ve found a nice mid point that works for you. Experimenting a bit is the best way to make it feel just right. -Peter

  17. We carry many different kinds of bikes including racers with high-pressure tires. We often outfit our Bromptons with Kojak tires which take pressure in that area. Most of the commuters are probably more like 65-80. Mountain bikes in general take less pressure.

  18. 袗谢械泻褋邪薪写褉 袦褘谢褜褑械胁 December 20, 2020 @ 10:18 pm

    Love you videos guys! Good job

  19. Well thank you very much! We are very proud, and Peter is celebrating by…editing more videos.

  20. 1:00 Those are filled at 15 – 25 psi, while normal bike tyres are pumped up to 80 – 100 psi? Surely that’s not recommended for a typical everyday bike.

  21. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

  22. I actually think that would look pretty awesome…

  23. He has a nice watch. What is it?

  24. Sure will, just search for Moonlander BionX and you’ll see our video! Thanks for watching. -Peter.

  25. Yes, we do BionX in many different wheel sizes. Check out our website for more info.

  26. that battery must really rattle off-road.

  27. prefer the review without that horrid music

  28. Can I get one in a 20" or 24" wheel aka Adult size BMX frame? If not, think about making one for those of us who don’t like tall wheels. *A very impressive bike! PS Do you make trailers?

  29. I daresay…hella dope.

  30. Yes, no problem.

  31. Actually the Surly fatbikes take super low pressure–like 10-15 psi, or even lower depending on the terrain.

  32. Panagiotis Skarlas December 20, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

    hey guys, what size would you suggest for 5 feet 10 / inseam 31′ ??

  33. This thing is about as useful as an elephant with a sledgehammer. Fantastic ! 聽

  34. Actually the BionX batteries have a super solid frame mount. It helps that they lock on!

  35. It’s an amazing ride, so much fun. Motors and fat bikes seem to go hand and hand. -Peter

  36. will the BionX work even in heavy rain?

  37. was to post comment on pedal-powered dahon bikes but end up with electric bike:lol:
    i’ll prefer e-bikes than motorbikes any day

  38. Interesting ebike.
    Our forum webmaster has mounted an engine cyclone on his bicycle Surly Pugsley. You can can see it on youtube with wwwjobikeit.
    Nice video Peter.

  39. hello again peter,that bike sure is heavy with that kind of wheels

    it’s like a regular motorbike but has no engine
    your the engine

  40. I’d Hydrodip the ugly ass Bionix batterie with 3M carbon fiber pattern .

  41. That’s very odd. For every bike I had, including my Dahon Vitesse, I wouldn’t fill above 40 psi. I’ve gone over only resulting in bursting the tube. Still, for me 30 psi is pushing a bit and the ride gets a lot harsher.

  42. Can’t deny the Pugsley! We share that preference too.

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