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  1. Good tips. But, why no fender on the rear? If you are like me, I ride in the rain and am more concerned with comfort than how cool my bike looks.

  2. Where do you put your lights when cycling at night with this thing on the front?

  3. Hi I have used a few different conversion kits on my bikes ,but I cant help wondering if this kit is powerful enough to climb a hill as in my old Tanaro managed to climb the Great orm in Wales ,but I can hardly see that happening with this kit ,it would be nice hear your thoughts,Brian.

  4. Utter garbage that outfit total waste of money ffs.

  5. Hi what’s the top speed riding on the flat? Swytch have said we can override the speed limit set for our regions👍

  6. Who was that good looking girl in the previous video and why didn’t she make another appearance!

  7. Do you have to pedal?

  8. Daniel Terestenyi November 27, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    Tony, have you tried to ride your bike without the battery pack? I believe the specs say it only adds 1.5Kg to the bike weight, but was wondering if you felt it was a bit harder (again, without the battery pack on)? Also, did you order the USA, or EU speed?

  9. What a great, honest, sunny, funny review. Thanks for sharing Tony. I’m really looking forward to my batch 2 delivery and seeing the system alive (and kicking!) is great. Lovely editorial style. Cheers.

  10. Just any ordinary chinese e-bike kit, that collected battery and controller in fabric bag.

  11. Has it been tested for heavy rain? Especially the motor is located in the wheel hub where it is prone to corrosion, water & dust accumulation.

  12. Hi, I heard the max UK speed of 15mph can be increased via the menu on the battery. Do you have any ideas how to do it? The symbols and letters on the menu screen are not obvious as to their meaning imo. Any tips welcome. I’ve got the magnetic brake sensors but had to stick them down with silicone as those parts of my bike are not magnetic metal. Did you have that problem? Got my bike set up, going for a trial run today.

  13. How did it do on hills? You commented on your weight, I’m curious how much you weigh so I know what to expect on steep hills.

  14. Does it recharge going down hill

  15. £499 intro offer no thanks

  16. Can you buy a new battery with bag if you lose one instead of buying the whole package again?

  17. Came across the Swytch for a Brompton on a Facebook ad and very surprised when I flicked over to Youtube to find this as a suggested video not because it covers the Swytch but because we live in the same village 🙂

  18. How much was it?

  19. I had to take my disc off the front and am now looking for a calliper that will fit my 20” wheel. Have had a blast on it & it’s impressive although getting used to the weight on the front will take time,my other e bike is rear wheel drive. All in all it’s the best kit I’ve ever seen. Would like to see a red led and rear mounting come to future Swytch kits with a LCD controller for the bars. Look forward to having the bike finished as it’s too fast to roll about with one rear brake lol 🙂

  20. missed a key point??? The cost?? How much??

  21. Underpowered junk dont waste you’re money on this old tat.

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