The 5 BEST electric bikes in the world right now – E-bike guide

The 5 BEST electric bikes in the world right now – E-bike guide

The festive season is upon us and you might be considering giving the glorious gift of pedal assist to a loved one – or just buying one for yourself. But with so many options out there where do you start?

Eilis paid a visit to Fully Charged in Central London to hear from the e-bike experts which top 5 bikes you NEED to take home with you. Let us know in the comments which bike you want!

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Readers Comments (48)

  1. 馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌

  2. Here’s a list that helped me out.
    In the end, I went with #1.


  3. All to expensive for me my fiido m1 was around 750 and it’s been great.

  4. This is the most middle class priced shit.

  5. Presenter picked the one I would also choose.

  6. Love the production quality of your videos. Goals!

  7. Who is paying car money for a bike? You can get a decent run around for 拢2000 plus insurance you鈥檙e looking 拢2800 quid a year

  8. i guess you went for the first one

  9. One cheaper option is to build your own! I converted my wife’s bike with a Bafang mid-drive 750w motor and built a 14s5p 52v battery for it. It’s epic (and not legal) and genuinely bothers mopeds. Total cost around 拢850.

  10. desiknio. desiknio. desiknio. it is the real thing. if you want to see another beautiful real-thing e-bike check out schindelhauer bikes, just like desknio, gorgeous bicycles very expensive but every component is well thought out and has a beautiful aesthetic. so did budnitz bicycles (out of business) the original budnitz ebike with the zehus all in one hub was the best e-bike at the time. btw good vid. ty

  11. Lose the masks you fools

  12. The MAIN ISSUE with every e-bike is and will be for long time THE BATTERIES. After 4-5 years they start to fail inside the pack. 4-5 individual li-ion batteries that don’t get charged evenly with the rest will damage the whole pack doesn’t matter what brand and priced they are. And because all those bikes have very expensive proprietary batteries you will get scre@#@wed. It happen to me with an A2B e-bike, also the company vanished.

  13. All these bikes cost more than my car.
    Maybe someday you will make a video about eBikes for non-rich people.

  14. Why are you idiots wearing masks? I guess you think they should wear them on the news like they do with poppies?

  15. I am looking now for a Ebike but it’s hard when I see these bikes with small tyres.. as I am 182cm height do believe need bigger tyres.

  16. U got ripped of hard

  17. I love ur British accent…if i m right..馃槈鉂わ笍

  18. I don’t know who that guy is, but I know he is NOT Robert Llewellyn!! 馃槣

  19. No Van Moof? Get out!

  20. I prefer acoustic bikes over electric bikes.

  21. Great list!! Go cycle folding ebike is crazyyy. Also, You should try looking into Jeep’s all new electric bike. It might deserve a spot in this list —

  22. I would never dare to leave such pricey bikes on the street. I would rather buy a Brompton instead.

  23. Tinker R&M!

  24. High quality content and delivery,enjoyed this video,merry Christmas all.

  25. seeing all the anti mask shit in this comment section… fucking hell I never knew our country was so dumb

  26. Ernst Kerry Etienne February 3, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

    Do u really have need to have the mask on while making this video?

  27. Why are you wearing masks when you speak to a microphone? That looks crazy:-(

  28. All over priced and rubbish just go to Amazon and look there 1000w 48V/13A 28-60Km/h this is a pile of crap 拢1399.. Just remove this video!!!

  29. Where are all these rich people that are ‘buying’ these incredibly expensive bikes!?

  30. My most recent rebuke is from Ride1Up (American company) and it is like the #5 bike here in almost every way,including color. Beautiful looking bike for a price that was just under $1000.00

  31. Good choice, have it already 4 years.

  32. Prices seem ridiculous tbh. Give me 50% discount and it is still very expensive. Doesn鈥檛 make much sense to me.

  33. 拢2,399 is entry level pricing?!

    Yiou’ve lived in London for too long….

  34. I’m really digging this channel. I love learning about electric personal vehicles (I have a super73 and boosted mini) and every host has been great and put their own spin on their videos. Keep up the killer work. You guys are like an Electrek across the pond!

  35. Desiknio SP Urban

  36. Best affordable ebikes in Europe not the World.Havent seen one in Canada and converting $ would be very expensive. I know because i own an ICE trike, made in Britain. Many well made ebikes in North America. Good video presentation.

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  38. Electrohead team: don’t be shy about asking for patreon support and don’t hedge. If you think "it might be too much" you’re actually telling your audience "we don’t actually believe it’s worth your money." But if you do put stock in your own brand then ask away and don’t be shy! Don’t spend someone else’s money for them. You’ll get more revenue. It’s ok to ask for payment for something you work hard to produce

  39. Bosch is so popular because they claim 250w nominal and deliver 700w peak.
    I think they may have hired some out of work VW emissions specialists?
    Those bikes had better be amazing for the prices and while you don’t need to.spend near that much, for those who NEED shop support, I’ve no issue with them spending their money.
    Just don’t turn into a dentist on a cervelo and buy so far into justifying the expense as rationally justified that you think you’ve earned a superior placement above us financially rational riders.
    Anyway, I’m off to add some bespoke accents, repaint, reprogram and rebadge my bafang bbso2 and sell it as a " USA hand assembled retro 26er urban assault commute carving machine with tuned Japanese designed shifting" truly a deal for only 7,500 and for a limited time "Super Bedazzle" mode, for those who pinky swear the bike won’t be taken on public roads, I’ll unlock the full power for the low low additional price of 750!

  40. These bikes cost thousands, there is no way anyone in the North is going to buy them when a decent Toyota Aygo costs 拢500 from the local scap dealers with 6 months on the MOT. I thought electric bikes would be reasonably priced but they are way too expensive compared to driving!
    Quite shocking really.

  41. Why pay 拢1000’s when for 拢500 you can convert any bike you want?

  42. manny 2nd amendment February 3, 2021 @ 8:52 pm

    Take the stupid mask off. Dont takevthe depopulation bill gates vaccine.

  43. Great video and some cool bikes. Although, can get a decent used car for the cost of some of these bikes. I know not the point but until the price of the tech and li-ion cells comes down, mass appeal is going to take a while. Especially in cold climates when you can’t use the bike for 4 months of the year, cost benefit isn’t there for the average person.

  44. Are all ebikes in Europe over 2k?

  45. Cycling Rocks! 2 Wheels will change your life, eBikes are changing 2 Wheeling.

  46. ICANTBELIEVETHISSHIT February 3, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    I just can’t justify $4900 USD for the tinkerer. Nice bike, but I feel like you’re paying for the 5-year warranty.

  47. what’s the name of the music that started in the beginning?

  48. Love how you wanted people to like and subscribe before seeing the video. Good tactic because later on you are all wearing masks and pick some pretty crappy bikes.

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