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  1. I’ve had a saga too. My first 2008 A2B Metro had all the same issues you referenced like motor dying, chain coming off the chain ring over tracks/bumps, rattling rear fender, etc.  These issues were all later addressed in the 2011 model year and beyond Metros and now with the A2B Octave (renamed A2B Metro under HeroEco ownership).  

    I have been riding a 2011 Metro like this one and it’s been a reliable and relatively trouble free bike other than frequent Avid BB5 brake adjustments/replacements. This method of adjusting the brakes seems to work for me:

    I may upgrade to Avid BB7s eventually as both pads can be adjusted.  The current A2B Octaves have Magura hydraulic brakes. They use a new KindShock 290 now too for the rear shock on Octaves.

    They started using a chain ring that has bash guards on both outer and inner sides so that the chain sits sandwiched between and less likely to fall out.  They also beefed up the arms holding the rear fender with more bolts and now on the latest model, completely redesigned those arms.  

    I used self sealing, self-fusing plumbing tape like this for the frayed braided cable sheath.  

    If you look carefully at pictures of the newest model A2B Octave, they’ve changed all the problem areas from fender arms to cable sheath, chain ring, etc.

    Your bike seems like a strange cross between a first generation and a second generation metro and is not a configuration I believe the factory ever shipped.  I’ve never seen one from the factory quite like yours.  Usually with a digital dash speedometer model you would have integrated lights front and rear.  

    Yes your crankset was not installed properly.  They had to remove the crankset to access the downtube battery and probably didn’t tighten the bolts when reinstalling. This video shows the procedure on Gen. 1 models:

    I’ve had to remove rear wheel to change a flat, this is how you’d do it and or to make sure the rear wheel is properly installed in the rear drop outs:

    I wanted 2 mirrors so I bought 2 BikeMaster Scooter Mirrors (Part Number: P/N60-0020) that look very similar to the stock one that come with the 2011 models. Threads are same 8mm universal. The mirrors screw in to the brake lever perch after you remove the little black rubber cap. You can add these to yours for added safety if you’d like as they fit your brake perch. Your brake level perch has threads for mirrors under the black rubber cap.

    I’ve downloaded the service manual and have basically learned everything I can about maintaining it myself.

    I gave up on and ditched the problematic 1st Gen. 2008 model year bike for a 2011 model year and would never buy a used 1st generation cause they were lemons.  If buying used, anything since 2011 has been pretty solid from what I gather.  The current one has plastic cable management sheath that won’t fray: My fenders on the 2011- model year now have multiple bolts holding the arm tightly so no rattling or bottoming out.

    The one issue I have with my 2011 model is the noisy "knocking" sound freewheel due to lack of grease inside.  

    Also the 2011s have a front headlamp that is too dim to be practical.  Newer A2B Octaves have LED front lights.

    2011 model year and on also use digital power delivery and more torque whereas first generation was analog.

    The bike industry has evolved significantly since the a2b metro was introduced so there are so many new and interesting options out there like mid-drive motors, deal assist, etc. Looks like most manufacturers have moved towards "bicycle-like" bikes rather than the motorcycle/moped style of the Metro.  I still like the concept of the A2B Metro overall though with it’s dual batteries, pannier set up, throttle, and beefy motorcyle-ish frame but agree it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  

    It’s a shame we were both basically beta testers for UltraMotor as they basically shipped a half baked 1st generation but they have since rectified a lot of those issues in subsequent iterations and I could see myself riding a new one made by the new owners HeroEco.  Just avoid any A2B Metro released between 2008-2010 if ever buying used.

  2. Yes the old A2B metros were unreliable and did over heat, but the newer version 2 does not.I have the 2.1 and I have hammered that thing to death and it has never over heated, it is the UK set up so it cuts out at about 15 mph but that is not down to A2B that’s the law.I could make it go faster but then it would be classed as a moped and under UK law in order to be legal as a bicycle it must cut out at 15 mph.Your bike is a bit of a renegade doing 20 plus, and thus is illegal to use on the public roads without the risk of you getting done which could see you lose your driving license but hey the chances are slim.The 2.1 still has cable brakes, the 2.2 had hydraulic brakes the new octave has hydraulic brakes.Also the 2.1 had the starter key in the frame the 2.2 and octave had it on the handle bars.The frame of the 2.2 and the is square tubes the octave has more rounded tubes.There are other differences but I like my 2.1 with two batteries which I got for the same price as the 2.2 with one battery.The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of speed, but that is down to the govt not A2B.Oh yes your pedals should have had a little lock tight on the threads else they come loose, the battery can be repaired so don’t throw it away, just change the dodgy cells.Furthest in one trip I’ve managed to do so far is around 27 miles, but still had quite a bit of battery left just couldn’t take it as the seat gets uncomfortable.But now you have sorted it out you will find out just how much fun this bike can be.

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