The best cheap (yet good) electric bicycles in 2021!

The best cheap (yet good) electric bicycles in 2021!

RadMission e-bike:
Roadster V2 e-bike:
Lectric XP e-bike:
Ecotric 500W e-bike:
RadRunner e-bike:

Also check out the article I wrote about these e-bikes on Electrek!

My book “DIY Lithium Batteries” on sale at​
My book “Ultimate DIY eBike Guide” on sale at:​

The gear I use to make my videos:
Camera – Nikon D5300:​
Lens – Tamron 18mm – 270mm:​
Thermal camera for iPhone/Android:​
Drone for “follow me” filming:​
Camera for invisible selfie stick shots:​

Here are some of the products I use:
Sequre spot welder:​
Bafang BBS01 kit:​
Bafang BBS02 kit:​
Bafang BBSHD kit:​
250W complete e-bike kit:​
500W complete e-bike kit:​
1,000W complete e-bike kit:​

36V 15Ah Hailong (shark) battery:​
48V 15 Ah triangle battery:​
52V 20 Ah triangle battery:​
All ebike batteries:​
All 18650 cells:​

100W Flexible solar panel:​
100W Folding solar panel:​
Cycle Analyst:​

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:​
18650 positive insulating washer:​
Nickel strip:​
Spot welder:​
Silicone wire:​
Black 18650 cell spacers:​
Vruzend cell spacers:​
Large heat shrink tubing:​
Small heat shrink tubing:​
Foam sheet for protecting battery:​
Kapton tape:​

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Hello I was wondering if you can change the LCD display on an ebike with a colored one?

  2. 1000 dollars 😭

  3. Vegan Vocalist May 25, 2021 @ 1:14 am

    Love electronic bikes 😄

  4. Rosa Napolitano May 25, 2021 @ 1:15 am

    New ebike owner and just subscribed to your channel. I hope to learn how to manage all the settings on the controller. I’m trying to set it to throttle only, so I can engage it when my legs get tired or to go over hills. The support for my bike is nonexistent.

  5. Enlightened Idiot May 25, 2021 @ 1:16 am

    Ride1up has better ebikes for just a little more than the one you recommend…

  6. Which are the top two e-bike for uphill in your opinion? Thanks

  7. lightningwave May 25, 2021 @ 1:19 am

    Do any of these bikes have a torque instead of cadence sensor, throttle is not allowed where I live so that’s not a solution for a single speed with cadence like the radmission for example.
    Or do you have any suggestion for a cheap bike with a torque sensor?

  8. How much more expensive are fat tires compared to regular standard width? 🤔

  9. Awesome presentation as always 😎

  10. Mekisha Padilla May 25, 2021 @ 1:23 am

    Love these reviews. You should review more cruiser style ebiks😊

  11. Good video. Thank you!

  12. Arek Petrosian May 25, 2021 @ 1:26 am

    I think my definition of "cheap" is a bit different from yours. LOL Good video, though!! Nice job.

  13. julian kennedy May 25, 2021 @ 1:27 am

    I have the electric eb7

  14. I’d love to have an e-bike to zip around Tel Aviv next time I get a chance to visit. Such a nice city.

  15. Matthew Sprinkle May 25, 2021 @ 1:31 am

    500 watt e bike for 800.. diy for 300$ total with a 1500 kilowatt motor kit.. these bikes better be reliable costing that much n only going 20 mph? Anywho just saying

  16. Freydson Ventura May 25, 2021 @ 1:32 am

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  17. Robert Paulson May 25, 2021 @ 1:33 am

    I think we have different ideas of budget..

  18. United or Divided May 25, 2021 @ 1:36 am

    On the 1st bike can you change out forks

  19. NotYourAverage1saiah May 25, 2021 @ 1:37 am

    Still high wtf 🤡🤡🤡

  20. Seizures Marklar May 25, 2021 @ 1:37 am

    My hubby has seizures that arent controlled by medication. I’ve been thinking on something like this for him to have some mecodom of freedom.

  21. Andre Zulueta May 25, 2021 @ 1:40 am

    I personally own a Gigabyke Swift and chose that over the Ride1Up Roadster due to the disc brake system vs caliper. It also has throttle which the roadster doesn’t have. they’re both same light weight only 3 lbs difference and both have single speed belt drive. but the Gigabyke uses Gate’s Belt Brand and the is some other generic brand. another thing too is the Gigabyke can take a wider knobby tires if you wish (approx 34mm wide) making it a potential flat bar gravel e-bike.

  22. LOVE WARRIOR PROJECT kai sun rose May 25, 2021 @ 1:41 am

    thanks for a great quality informative video. not sure what type I want yet but you are helping big time deciding…thanks

  23. Wayne Burlingame May 25, 2021 @ 1:41 am

    Can you please clarify technology vs performance comparison? Example, I would like a 750w or higher Bafang mid drive ( I weigh about 220lbs), but then I watched your video and others and for example say the Kalkhoff belt drive entry models and other belt drives I notices the motors/watts are all smaller and less wattage. This confuses me about real needs, but heard because they are so efficient the power can be smaller. I am trying to stay under 2k in my search if possible, 2.5-3k max price but have been looking at and considering something like Sonders Cruiser coming out, the DOST, Kalkhoff. I guess in the end I am looking for easiest DIY Maintenance, comfort ( My work is about 15 miles on rough city roads, and longest range. I know I am stretching it but I am a really frugal buyer and have been really reading so much I’d like a little clarification from a professional.

  24. Deborah's Creative Crafts May 25, 2021 @ 1:42 am

    Thank you, I have been researching for a while.

  25. Peter Hermina May 25, 2021 @ 1:44 am

    What is your opinion of the Sondors Fold X?

  26. Huge fan and I have learned so much with your channel. Thank you sir!

  27. Wayne Burlingame May 25, 2021 @ 1:46 am

    Can you do a best quality ( Avoiding Breaking Down ) or buy option in your opinion with mid drive commuter bikes between 1k-2k or closest price? Also what determines miles range? ( Mainly Battery aH?) I’m looking for a full size bike with larger 28" or larger tires. ( I am 54 and am looking for comfort, quality, and longest range per charge) Also, I think my state law is that it has to have pedal-assist, and max 25 mph ( But we can cheat on this a little. 🙂

  28. Low $1000 bike

  29. Excellent video with a lot of information, thanks for the suggestions. I can imagine that your books contain valuable information as well.

  30. Nemisis Beetle May 25, 2021 @ 1:51 am

    Nice video and great content. 🙂

  31. LaToya Matson May 25, 2021 @ 1:51 am

    None of these are cheap

  32. I can get them for 300
    Which is wat they cost

  33. Great video!

  34. I need an e bike with gears, I have many hills on my commute

  35. Bradley Baver May 25, 2021 @ 1:56 am

    How r these cheap

  36. Matthew Sprinkle May 25, 2021 @ 1:59 am

    500 watt e bike for 800.. diy for 300$ total with a 1500 kilowatt motor kit.. these bikes better be reliable costing that much n only going 20 mph? Anywho just saying

  37. Ronald Amedee May 25, 2021 @ 1:59 am

    Great informative video about affordable bikes. Just bought one and your info is very enlightening.

  38. KBO Hurricane should have made this list before the roadster v2.

  39. Blake Hendrix May 25, 2021 @ 2:00 am

    Great list thanks! I’ve been looking at the RadRunner but Is it possible to upgrade a single speed ebike to like a 6 speed?

  40. Michael Wilson May 25, 2021 @ 2:00 am

    Just counseled two friends to spend $4,600 each for Specialized e-bikes! Hope they feel it was worth the premium prices compared to these recommendations! 🙂

  41. shinjita Kurose May 25, 2021 @ 2:01 am

    U can go all fancy but u just wasting money on those

  42. Thank you for your help!

  43. Can someone please help me with my ebike conversion kit 2000watt back wheel 48v battery it’s saying on the display motor /controller short-circuit fault

  44. Matthew Sprinkle May 25, 2021 @ 2:02 am

    Hmm … And these bikes are cheap? Lmao

  45. my old bike is much cheaper!

  46. Alberto Merchan May 25, 2021 @ 2:04 am

    What’s wrong with the ancheer ebike. Under 800

  47. Christopher Belanger May 25, 2021 @ 2:05 am

    Looking buy Electric bike kit for my bike do know any

  48. I’ll throw out a recommendation: "Jueshuai 48V 500W Electric Bike Bicycle Mountain Ebike". Not really a mtn bike but a better general purpose bike. We have one that we’ve upgraded a little over time – PlanetBike fenders, a rear rack, blinky lights, Schwalbe Marathon tires when the original Kenda wore out (mostly for puncture resistance), a softer wider seat, Origin8 urban handlebars, etc. All small changes that happened as the need arose. We have had it several years now. 1500+ miles with no ebike problems at all. Just about all of its parts are commodity parts that are easy to find all over the web.

  49. Mario O Aguilar May 25, 2021 @ 2:07 am

    Please send the book for the electronic bike the you show in the vídeo okay thank very much

  50. Which E-Bike would ya recommend for MT BIKING in Moderate Terrain ? Not Jumping Down Trees and Such !

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