The Electric bike that changed Melbourne.

The Electric bike that changed Melbourne.

Electric bikes and Melbourne traffic? Ride to work day seemed to be the perfect time to find out the benefits of riding an ebike rather than driving a car.
Being able to weave through almost stationary traffic and take short cuts through parks made this a most enjoyale ride to work.I even managed to meet a frisky pooch on Port Melbourne Beach.
Good times on an awesome bike!
If you’d like to try something like this,come on down to the Electric Bike Superstore at 847 Dandenong Road,Malvern East and have a test ride.
For more information on the featured bike, the Antebike, click the link below.
Stay epic!

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  1. What bike is this? Your link seems to be dead now.

  2. Vomit video editing. Fast forward slow more for zombies. Buy a bike somewhere else.

  3. Hi, what make/model is that folder with fat tyres please?

  4. Great slogan; I want a T-shirt that says "Electric biking, no sweat, no Lycra, no problem"

  5. Marcus Mckenzie March 17, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    great bike, great song, great band <3

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