The GeoOrbital wheel on the Discovery Channel

The GeoOrbital wheel on the Discovery Channel

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On April 22 2015 early GeoOrbtial electric bike wheel prototypes were featured on an Earth Day episode of the Discovery Channel show Daily Planet. This video is the property of Discovery Communications, Inc.

This episode can be found on: – The main segment about GeoOrbtial starts at 22:28

Michael Burtov – CEO
Dakota Decker – CTO

Readers Comments (50)

  1. What happens when gravel, a stick, or other debris jams between a roller and wheel rim?

  2. The dancing Alien November 26, 2020 @ 7:41 pm


  3. How does the rim not get all bent out of shape?

  4. The reason it doesn’t make sense, is because with this type of design, the motorized wheel should be on the back wheel, or at least be under the cyclist’s body-weight, good luck going up steep hills, with current configuration.

  5. It seems as if the rim would be very weak. What happens if it bents bent?

  6. now imagine this bike powerd wirlessly by solar freaking roadways

  7. How do I true that wheel?

  8. Sebastian Lund Nielsen November 26, 2020 @ 7:44 pm

    Where’s the brakes?

  9. very nice. ill buy one for sure

  10. slow with no range 20 x 20 is a waste of time and money

  11. or you could ride the bike normally

  12. Biggest problem is what to do when the bicycle thief steals it off

  13. It’s dumb the wheel buckles due to no spokes

  14. to complicated, and pointles. allso it is to heavy as front whee. without suspension fork ride using this wheel will be horrible.

  15. евгения ермолаева November 26, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    Идея – отпад. Дорого. Один только вопрос – как на нём восьмёрки исправлять. Для наших дорог, даже для Московских – кончится быстро )) насколько они прочные?

  16. Weight increase.

  17. Bunch of bums in the comments lmaoo

  18. clearly shows rim deformation as the wheel is spinning. But even in traditional spoke wheels, it’s hard to prevent deformation to it. Also the design of the orbital wheel puts a lot more stress on a single part of the rim as it impacts the ground, whereas the traditional spoke wheel distributes the impact to the rest of the rim upon it’s impact to the ground (trail riding jumps, wheelie, etc). Could be great for everyday city use on mostly flat surface. But the wheel certainly isn’t ‘re-invents’ as evident from the video.

  19. So it’s like a tank track?

  20. ummm what happens if a rock get stuck in the pulley ?… flip time. .. bet you didn’t think of that

  21. Thats a fucking fidget spinner.

  22. If it’s gonna work, it must include some changes of design:

    1. must have a clutch, so it will be friction free, when gliding.

    2. must have a protective mash from both sides, otherwise… users will get their fingers and feet amputated.

    3. must have at least 4 thick spokes if you insist on losing the sprung spokes.

  23. innovation definition; make something simple and efficient into something overly complicated with a stack of problems

  24. (My very first thought is this)

    #1 Lets say a person is a PROFESSIONAL within any given field that provides important “One-On-One Service” to the public –
    #2 This persons unique abilities are sought due to His / Her previous successful outcomes within that profession –
    #3 His / Her success relies on an ability to “Think out of the Box” –

    – And –

    #4 Clients typically must come to the Professional’s office to discuss their current need –

    – The Professional’s reputation as an “Out of the Box Thinker” is bolstered because He / She is well KNOWN drive this POWER ASSISTED ELECTRIC bike –

    (Bike is a slam-dunk idea for any professional)

    Too WEIRD of an idea for you ? Look outside the box !

  25. Frednel Jean-Joseph November 26, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

    This is what I call proactive – I love how you came with the idea for this invention

  26. This punk tightened the hex head with the ball end. Vegetable

  27. Cool idea want one.

  28. pls send me the report of this work

  29. interessant ! kann mit meinen rotoren besser gehn !

  30. When you said "I have zero engineering skills." Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell us it shows.

  31. zero engineering background- ясно почему такая бесполезная хуета

  32. When I was in high school learning physics about planetary gear, I had almost the same idea to design something like this product

  33. What’s the advantage again ?

  34. Beyond Tribalism November 26, 2020 @ 8:21 pm

    I wonder if any of the people who gave him "amazing feedback" were actual riders?

    This rim would be destroyed in a couple hours on rough pavement.

  35. Ομηρος Κασερης November 26, 2020 @ 8:21 pm

    why charging your phone is everything you want?

  36. what would happen if you took it down a DH track?

  37. Loss of stability, ( gyroscopic)

  38. reinvention? these were already tested and failed…

  39. Not sure what to make of the lack of footage of people actually pedaling the bike.

  40. maybeso maybenot November 26, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

    it needs at least 9 points of contact to be remotely ridged enough with rims that thin. Im not a mechanical engineer..But, i am an old guy thats been building stuff and riding bikes for a long time, Plus i did 9th grade 3 times.. so i know stuff.

    …cool idea. i thought something similar up as a housing for regenerative braking…once.

  41. Greg Khar Nu Metalhead November 26, 2020 @ 8:26 pm

    does clark kent work there?

  42. He doesn’t have to tell me …. I know for a fact that wheel deformation is huge problem in this bike. He needs to expand wheel width so there can be spokes on the outer edge of the wheel… This design takes for granted that a spoked wheel is incredibly strong and this is what maintains the integrity of the wheel. It allows a ton of force and keeps bumps and potholes from destroying the wheel. Notice all the skinny people in the factory or the riders. Because the weight of the rider will seriously impact a weak designed wheel with no spokes. I think he is onto a good idea in theory but you can tell this guy has spent not enough time in the outdoors and too much time on his computer. A virtual world doesn’t deal with real world factors enough.

  43. the first stone you get in there its game over.

  44. putting a battery inside the front wheel would increase the amount of inertia to overcome in turning, and increase unsprung mass on suspension models.

    theres also the fact that the front wheel is being powered, where on a bike to maintain proper handling it should be on the back wheel instead.

  45. just don’t man

  46. Sideways shear over a short lever arm creates a bit of torsion in the wheel rim, nothing major though. Longitudinal acceleration or braking goes directly from tyre and rim directly into the drive. Apart from that there are few stresses on the wheel itself compared to a normal wheel with spokes. An elegant design idea.

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