The President Is Slithering Off To Mar-A-Lago But The MAGA Menace Isn't Going Away

The President Is Slithering Off To Mar-A-Lago But The MAGA Menace Isn't Going Away

Our disgraced, twice-impeached president is said to be planning to slink off to his Florida estate without attending Joe Biden’s inauguration, leaving in his wake untold numbers of angry, conspiracy-fueled supporters still bent on causing destruction in his name. #Colbert #BidenInauguration #Monologue

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Trump is in exile in Florida because he thinks there is no extradition treaty with New York or DC.

  2. Marvin Williamson January 25, 2021 @ 7:41 pm

    MAGA will never go away.

  3. I cannot stand you and I never watch your show. You have nothing to good to say about anybody. Remember it always comes back.

  4. Biden is slithering into the white house with his dogs. He wears diapers and should be impeached.

  5. I used to like Colbert. šŸ˜¢

  6. You open your mouth and lies come out wait and see

  7. why is the australian government forcing the covid vaccine 0n health care workers when there is a 0 percentage of people having ANY covid symptoms. maybe it is australian governments plan to KILL off as many people as they can by making the covid vaccine mandatory for health care workers.communism is free masonry. elon musk is lab created clone (robot).all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the c vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!

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  9. This dude needs new material if it weren’t for Trump he wouldn’t have anything he’s not even funny.

  10. Oh well just another talkin socialist wannabe running their mouth. Showing no respect for the Office of the President of the United States. But it’s okay because it’s Trump. He the man has no integrity or ethics or morals. And all you people keep listening and watching him. Go ahead and knock yourself out..

  11. DC is leaving and the military is going to serve the eviction notice

  12. SAINT JOAN OF ARC January 25, 2021 @ 7:50 pm

    BIGLY INTRO!! šŸ˜‰ Stephen Colbert: Telling the truth. Making us laugh. Keeping us safe. T.U.!!

  13. Fascist mobs? You mean Antifa?

  14. We will never go away! We are the true voice of America and we wont be silenced!

  15. The successful begonia frequently rinse because anger summarily intend at a shy passbook. staking, endurable deborah

  16. You obviously spend alot of time and energy to looking forr ways to show you ignorance

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  18. Y’all are congratulating a guy that would sell you out for a dollar. That is so sad. If you think he’s got Americans back you better think again. What is he going to do for you. The man 90% of the time don’t know what state he’s in what office he was running for. He can’t have a coherent conversation without a teleprompter come on man I don’t hate Joe Biden it’s just that I feel by the evidence that I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears he is not capable of the job.

  19. hossein javanmard January 25, 2021 @ 7:55 pm

    Imagine thinking politicians are honest lol

  20. kalian ruarrrr byasahh

  21. ā€œJust ā€˜cause you got the monkey off your back doesnā€™t mean that the circus has left town.ā€
    – George Carlin

  22. Who are you? The real problem here is your jealous. Which I feel sorry that you only contribution to everyone is being spiteful based on your lack of ingenuity.

  23. MrFrijoles12tank January 25, 2021 @ 7:59 pm

    Yeah, counting & using fraudulent votes is still a Violation of the Constitution & knowingly deceiving the American People is still treason, it’s not Trumps, SCOTUS, DOJ to fix this, it’s up to Military Intel, so good luck traitors.

  24. Michael Benedetto January 25, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    For somebody that wants somebody gone so badly you sure talk about him a lot what are you going to do when he’s gone you’ll have nothing to talk about except for those two stooges in the White House

  25. first off, he’s no longer a president. applying that title to him is insulting to all that came before and since. secondly, slime doesn’t slither, it oozes

  26. Lol fascist mobs…such distain, those are fellow Americans, and in a democratic and free society, aren’t we suppose to be accepting of different views? It’s like saying gay people are criminals because you dont like them. Here’s a view for you, Brits called the founding fathers insurrectionist when they revolted. We now call them heroes. History is written by the Victors. We are no better than the Brits were 200+ years ago.

  27. I have listened share of pomposity on the airways, but you take the lead. Your hatred of one man that represented the best of America (in my opinion) is laughable and noteworthy. You are nothing more than jealous because someone in the world talked to the middle class. Something you were unwilling or unable to do. You had to go way back to Richard Nixon to have a skit. Really? Wow, you really are devoid of talent.

  28. irritating

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  30. What a pos

  31. Gfhkkgdedb hfffjjjdd code

  32. mantap kakak

  33. The M&M Republican party is Mentally ill & Morally bankrupt.

  34. All of you non American left wing parrots will see what you’ve done when KOE HIDEN AFFECTS YOUR OWN WORLD . CAUSE IT WILL

  35. Hey Crowbert. How was Pedo Island??? No wonder you Tremble with FEAR.

  36. Michael Benedetto January 25, 2021 @ 8:21 pm

    If you’re a liar a cheat and a thief you could be a Democrat

  37. Colbert, I don’t think jesus would approve of this. Even if you don’t agree, bullying and making negative comments is not of good character. I’m a little disappointed as a fellow christian.

  38. Canā€™t stand you Colbert

  39. All Lives Matter January 25, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    You don’t want Trump to go away. You won’t know what to do with yourselves after 4 years of doing nothing but bitching like that teenage girl that "nobody understands."

    Anyone who tunes in for this crap deserves to be left behind.

  40. sweetmslovinglife January 25, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    Funny with the truth.

  41. Free chocolate puppy
    Yes please.

  42. This remark indicates the shallowness of the heart of the writer.

  43. I thought his guy was supposed to be funny. LAME

  44. We are still waiting šŸ¤¬

  45. Captain America’s come a long way.

  46. colbert is 100% a hollywood spook.

  47. makna lirik lagunya ngena banget

  48. I used to like you, years ago. You have really sunk to a new low Stephen! You are a lowlife! Youā€™ve joined the main stream media liars tell whatever lies they can to make our president look way worse than he ever could be. Heā€™s done a lot of great for the country that nobody will report on! Shame on you, youā€™ll probably be rotting in hell with most of main stream media!!

  49. Michael Benedetto January 25, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    The problem with critics are there nothing but people without Talent criticizing people with talent You’re not that funny Steven

  50. Donald trump has been the president of. U. S. A. You will never be a president of anything only critise and offence others for your stupidity. All you late nite talk show hosts are cowards

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