The Rise And Fall Of Victoria’s Secret

The Rise And Fall Of Victoria’s Secret

When Victoria’s Secret entered the market in the 1980s, it revolutionized the retail of women’s undergarments. Previously, women viewed their bras on a binary — strictly functional for day-to-day or fancy for special occasions. Victoria’s Secret combined the structure and function of day-to-day bras with the fun prints and feel of fancier bras. But 30 years later, the brand is falling behind the times as consumer priorities shift and younger brands like Aerie and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty adapt.
The lingerie brand, owned by L Brands, has reported negative same-store sales for the past three years now, as women steer clear of its bedazzled bras and underwear for comfortable pieces in cooler colors. That’s as a new cohort of start-ups like Adore Me, Third Love, Lively, Cuup and Knix are resonating with younger consumers as they surge in popularity on social media channels like Instagram.

Wall Street analysts and investors alike are unsure if L Brands will be successful in reinventing Victoria’s Secret’s increasingly obsolete bras business. Even a recent slew of heavy promotions doesn’t appear to be moving products off of shelves, according to UBS analyst Jay Sole, who’s been tracking promotional activity in stores and online.

“The pivotal question on the stock is can L Brands rehabilitate the Victoria’s Secret brand image,” Sole said in a note to clients earlier this week, ahead of L Brand’s monthly sales report. He said he noticed Victoria’s Secret’s January promotions “increased significantly” from a year ago. And that typically means a company didn’t sell enough during the holiday season, thus needed to drop prices to try to lure shoppers in.

Despite its struggles, though, Victoria’s Secret is still a behemoth in its industry today.

It’s been estimated L Brands would account for roughly 63 percent of sales in the lingerie industry in the U.S. in 2018, according to a study put out by IBISWorld last October. The group defines the industry to include retailers that predominantly sell intimate apparel, including bras, panties and other lingerie items, for women. No other companies were on track to account for more than 5 percent of revenues, while American Eagle’s Aerie brand had 3.5 percent and Chico’s Soma brand had 3 percent, IBISWorld said at the time the report was released.» Subscribe to CNBC:

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How Victoria’s Secret Disrupted Lingerie – Then Fell Behind

Readers Comments (50)

  1. To me it was obvious the "fashion" show was about the models and performances, not the clothes lol. No one cared about those.

  2. Uncomfortable, extremely overpriced bras? Who would’ve thought that the second the market caught up and they actually had competition that no one would shop there anymore. What a shock. The only thing I did buy consistently from them were swimwear and they killed that!

  3. now they added puffy models, ugly design and increased prices for all. hhh

  4. 💫Queen Victoria 💫

  5. Excuse me, but I’m not giving my money tho the company that thinks and promotes that women beauty is crazy skinny white girls.

  6. They also stared testing on animals again

  7. Jack Hsieh Haute Couture January 9, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    this aged badly.

  8. CongressIs StarvingAmericans January 9, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: Vaccines = Biological Weapon Against Humanity! Billionaires invest in Pharma heavily to make billions off the suffrage and DNA 🧬 altering weakened immune system of human beings ( The Plantation )! Do NOT take vaccines! This reality is a spiritual war ( Good vs. Evil )! Billionaires / Millionaires = Parasitic Pure Evil Demons walking The Fallen Earth

  9. So many opinion-based comments here that are lacking truth. Victoria Secret has never been about promoting white women or anorexia. The face of the brand was a Brazilian woman for the longest of times. Don’t agree? watch the fashion shows. Skim through, google all the models. You’ll see a racially diverse pool of women. As for the ‘anorexic’ or ‘unrealistic’ body comments – victorias secret promotes extremely fit and athletic women. A thin, healthy woman who works out and takes care of herself is not unrealistic. The brand glamorises fitness, hence why unfit or ‘heavy’ women were never used as models. It’s a target market. I’m a skinny woman, I shop at victoria secret because it is designed for women like me. There are plenty of lingerie stores that are made solely for plus size women. I wouldnt enter that store and complain about them having no small sizes. A lot of these comments are snobby women expressing anger and it really shows.

  10. Victoria Secret thrived off that 00s image of perfection and exclusivity.
    From price and size. In the last few years were pushing more for represention, diversity and inclusion. Victoria Secret is still in the past. Also I would never just buy a plain day to day bra there, it’s too pricy, it’s the place you go to buy something for a special occasion.

  11. Stop putting nasty unrealistic women as your face of the brand. Oh and take that kardashian the hell out and it might make it

  12. It’s all about Savage Fenty sorry…

  13. As far as the clothing goes: people are done with being walking billboards. Do away with the obnoxious PINK label.

  14. VS make the most uncomfortable bras. They’re not made for humans. They’re just something to look pretty on the store shelf.

  15. Difficult to listen to this music and the voice at the same time.

  16. I’ve never bought from Victoria secret too expensive I enter the shop and walk straight out and who wants to buy from perfect models.

  17. I always found it odd that VS worked to turn on men by focusing on what men wanted when their customers are women. Some of the images are cringy like from a brothel.
    I still like the brand but as many said quite pricy and not that good quality.

  18. I heard that Victoria secret decline to use trans and fat women as the models.

  19. The abortive sweater notablely hook because distribution intrestingly tick a a sleepy dimple. accidental, addicted feet

  20. Sabina Hribar Ternar January 9, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Sooo… VS started going down when Gisele quit, along with other actual SUPERmodels.

  21. I hate VS lingerie line. They bras are overpriced and not supportive

  22. Mubashir Marzook January 9, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    Bye angels!!!!

  23. I have had the VS body type all my life but this brand has never appealed to me. Even with this body type they have the uncanny knack of making you feel inadequate. The entire concept is about elitism and exclusion. To me it has always seemed trashy and overpriced – from displays to items to the VS catwalk show to shop interiors & branding to advertising. Maybe its easier to sell this concept in the usa where its easier to sell bubblegum weirdness and hierarchy.

  24. CongressIs StarvingAmericans January 9, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: Vaccines = Biological Weapon Against Humanity! Billionaires invest in Pharma heavily to make billions off the suffrage and DNA 🧬 altering weakened immune system of human beings ( The Plantation )! Do NOT take vaccines! This reality is a spiritual war ( Good vs. Evil )! Billionaires / Millionaires = Parasitic Pure Evil Demons walking The Fallen Earth


  26. Yup! I think their largest size is L what’s like us 8 ! Women are a bit curvy nowadays 😜

  27. Well i think VS, is really made for women with a perfect Body like the VS Models, if you are not that than it feels wired and mostly of people are not that confident when it comes to body shape , so of course they shoppe somewhere more normal that fits ✅✅

  28. Tackiest lingerie I’ve ever seen

  29. yujibell draws stuff January 9, 2021 @ 11:26 pm

    Ngl I feel super judged whenever I walk into a VS.. The salespeople are rarely friendly and would always brush me off quickly 🤷‍♀️
    In terms of service, Aerie is better and in terms of quality/comfort, Uniqlo bras are where it’s at

  30. The fact that they put shiny rinstones on a bra strap and they start falling off a month later

  31. I work at Victoria secret and tons of women can’t find their size because our sizes are so limited. And I’m not even talking about women who are unusually large or busty. Fairly normal women can’t find their sizes here.

  32. I approve this message

  33. why is a brand for woman made by man, i dont get it??

  34. Wexner being involved with Jeffrey Epstein would have had a lot to do with the demise of the brand.

  35. …because she did not like to wear a corset

  36. Not every store is for every person. Don’t hate Vic just because you don’t have the ideal body type. My girl isn’t a big girl or weird shape. Victoria’s line up fits my woman perfectly.

  37. I remember saving to buy a really expensive bra back in high school when I got my first job, and I was so excited to get my bra size only for the employee to tell me you won’t find anything here that size. Maybe online who knows, I was only two inches wider then the size they had but even if I was ten inches wider or more they should never make you feel less than because your not what they consider a normal size. Ugh just ugh.

  38. Why would you give a man a woman’s job to model bras? Aren’t we trying to be independent, away from men, even if they’re dressed as women? Asking for a friend

  39. Instagram and TikTok happened.

  40. They went downhill when they used men as victoria models

  41. The backlash over Wexner’s long friendship with Mr Epstein has added pressure on the billionaire, whose leadership was already under scrutiny due to falling sales at Victoria’s Secret.
    But of course, it didn’t mention here…

  42. I only go in there for their perfumed lol

  43. Because no one in the new generation wants wires, discomfort, unnecessary padding, ridiculous prices for fast fashion quality, overt sexiness, and unattainable standards. It’s boring.

  44. We want classic beautiful and comfortable- bye lace and under wire!

  45. Mamaof3 Homeschooler January 9, 2021 @ 11:42 pm

    I stopped fitting Victoria Secret bras in middle school. Worked there during around 2010 and laughed when co-workers attempted to "measure me." We were never trained to know how to deal with anyone over a D cup. The company needs to acknowledge that the average cup size of most regular women is between the cup size H to K.

  46. even when i was a size small their bras didnt fit me becuase i was a 32 d. which they dont make. they tried to sell me a 34 c but it didnt fit correctly.

  47. They used to have the best lotion anywhere now it feels like you’re rubbing plastic on your body it’s so thin and cheap the stores used to be so packed full, lotion just sits there that’s what happens when you go cheap but charge more… put the lanolin back in the lotion!

  48. Horny Step Mom - Videos January 9, 2021 @ 11:44 pm

    Am I the only stupid one who thought that an actual woman named Victoria is the one who made it?

  49. And sometimes ACTUAL yoga classes 😂😂

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