The Top 10 Hottest E MTBs For 2020 | The Latest Electric Mountain Bikes

The Top 10 Hottest E MTBs For 2020 | The Latest Electric Mountain Bikes

This year has been an amazing year for E-Bikes! Steve runs through the bikes that really stood out to him in 2019.

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Readers Comments (46)

  1. Chris Rouleau Ascension Velo March 29, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    This video brought to you by Specialized?

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts on halfords ebikes there new one with the shimano steps motor and love the show

  3. Good vídeo!
    Ebike Jotagas

  4. I full agree when you rank the decathlon emtb as a very good one ( ratio quality price)… Time now to find low price emtb !!!

  5. Lol next time can you maybe include the prices for each bike somewhere in the photo or voice over

  6. Why do these bikes not have a mud guard? The dirt gets on the clothing way too easily without it.

  7. Brighty McBrightface March 29, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    definitely agree with "bonkers" = Haibike
    for me, Spec Levo is the best of ’18, ’19 and looks like ’20 … if you can afford it …

  8. Bobo MasterRace March 29, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    For long range look a the new scott e ride with 2 battery. 1125 wh !

  9. Globetrotter 4FR March 29, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    No one has tested more emtbs than me. The best pick for 2020 is the bulls evo rush am 1 with the new sachs rs motor.

  10. Just bought Decathlon EST900. Couldn’t find anything else that came near it for the price.

  11. Any reason why you dont mention Commencal? They are my favourites!!

  12. Id like it if they would interview a person that was overweight, or is overweight like around 300 pounds and is working thier way down using an Ebike. They hang out with super fit people, or are pretty fit themselves, so riding around on an Ebike for them is cool, and they talk about weight, but they arent fat. I am, im 330 pounds and loved riding, but due to a number of factors stopped. I have a ghost kato fs3 and enjoyed riding it but am so out of shape that even riding up a roads hill kills me. They keep saying how great these are for getting people out, id like to hear it from the people.

  13. Douglas Propper II March 29, 2021 @ 11:03 pm

    Anyone can do a little research to find good xc ebikes for 3.5k. it’s a hobby, not everyone is gonna like ebikes enough to pay that, but a lot of people do

  14. What you guys think about the 2020 rocky altitude powerplay with the 672wh battery?

  15. 👎 featured chinese products 👎

  16. OK So, you fail to review the LUNA X-1. AGAIN! And just because, I bought one. What is it you have against Bafang motors?

  17. 👎 poor on information content 👎

  18. Michael Pallini March 29, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    I ordered the M1 R Pedelec Sporttechnik coming in a week or so. 40 MPH + and it looks like a normal bike.

  19. Hi Steve, I do enjoy your videos but I’m in Australia and most brands you talk about are not here. Yes, we do have Specialized but we mainly have Norco, Giant, Merida and Trek. Shame you can’t review the awesome Norco Range VLT C1. Would like to see more on trips with long travel bikes and effects on battery range. Oh, we don’t ride in rain or mud here. Today is 44 degrees C or 111 F. So too hot for a ride after 8.00am so we leave at 5.30am. Cheers all.

  20. I’m excited about every e-Bike, EMTB or otherwise. The tech is now awesome across the board. And personally I’m excited to replace my car with an e-Bike this year.

  21. Put together in a bit of a rush? Im not feel’n the love of e-MtnBikes and their outdoor possibilities here. I like this channel. Maybe consider bringing in neutral subscriber show guests who have ridden 6 months + and have OWNER OPERATOR OPINIONS to share and agree or disagree with hosts. A constructive debate is interesting , thats why.

  22. Dessie Macdowell March 29, 2021 @ 11:19 pm

    "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best electric bike ** hope it helps you out too!"

  23. Is there any reasons why I’ve never encountered anything about the Cube Stereo range of EMTB on your channel?

  24. New York Vagrant March 29, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Wow. It’s another crappy/biased review of e-MTB rigs.
    Haibike? Really? That Flyon motor, eats up battery power. I can get twice the distance on a Kellys Tygon. And save a whopping amount, Laddy. Why not review the e-MTBs, that remain unknown, but produce awesome quality machinery? Cube, Haro, Raymon, Kellys, Conway, Marin, Stevens.
    Why should I pay a absurd amount (4000 U.S.$) is A-Lot for a bicycle. So is a $Grand. The bikes you review either come with crappy specs and insane prices, or have awesome components and are astronomical in price ($11,000 for a Trek e-bike? Pathetic). Yet, Cube, Kellys, Radon, & Raymon, offer excellent components on worthy frames with reliable engines and battery power. And at much more down-to-Earth conservative prices.

  25. How come no one has done a review on the giant trance X E ?

  26. 2020 on my Spectral ON 🤘✌️

  27. Haibikes are awfull, no mention of the very reasonably priced and top specced Commencal Meta Power SX

  28. What about the Reise Muller SuperDelight

  29. This is so byased towards Canyon and Specialized that it’s ridiculous… Cube is going to kick some asses this year with its Hybrid carbon models at around 4000€ and Scott Strike Eride about the same. Canyon does not have an integrated battery, it’s a good bike but it’s looks are lagging behind the new models and Specialized prices are more on the 6000€ range, not competitive. Not to mention the Haybike model shown at 9000€!!! Are you serious? I accept some degree of "politeness" towards sponsors that make your channel possible, but not so much that you stop being trusted by your followers. Big thumbs down on this video 👎

  30. I purchased mid december 2019 the Decathlon Rockrider E900 Emtb – Already used it for more than 350 km on different terrain ( dry – very muddy – sand and clay soil) this is a fantastic hardtail emtb- with high end components ( Brose engine- Shimano Deore – Rockshox Judy fork-Tektro,hydraulic disc brakes etc) great behaviour on the flat terrain of FlandersFields. It is a great bike and very affordable. ( approx 2000 €) I am very happy with this Rockrider .

  31. Thats kinda sucks when 70% of the reviewed ebike brands on this video are the sponsors of the channel🤔

    So many good and decent brands and ebikes with great a price tags, geometry and reliability that would never get honest a review 😏

  32. What will we get from EMBN in the next year you ask Steve? Lots of Specialized and Haibike adverts I reckon, mixed in with some veganism is my best guess.

  33. Husquarna bicycle is a German brand. Developed in Germany

  34. where is embn’s christmas party? gmbn has theirs already

  35. I’m only familiar with the Trek Rail 9.x. The Bosch Cx motor and Kiox computer seems to be a decent combination with this EMTB. It’s a bit pricey but there are different levels to choose from. The lowest battery level I’ve reached is 40% remaining, and that’s after a 4 hour ride. I can’t kill it. I use Strava, Trailforks and iPhone’s health fit in combination with the iwatch. There is a short segment on strava that i have challenged (2:52) and i hope that compares me to other emtb riders. Besides my wife, EMTB is my main mode of transportation. The looks I get when I peddle past others is funny but at 59 yrs I’m sure that the exercise is similar, but i can get more runs in. There are only a few different EMTB in my area but i think 2020 will bring more and a variety of manufacturers.

  36. TRAUTY_WARRIORS March 29, 2021 @ 11:35 pm

    Nice Video!

  37. Λαμπρος Ταμβακης March 29, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    Is it possible ta make an ebike go faster than 25 km/h???

  38. mark weatherall March 29, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    I’m looking into getting 1 for casual peddling assist incline trails (nothing to hardcore) any recommendations please? Thank you.

  39. Just checked (US), can’t seem to find the Levo S-Works frame only. Shucks!
    I’ll keep checking.

  40. You are so annoying…. please leave the show

  41. Wish to have it, love it, but..E MTB bike weight 22-28kg, thers a wee battery, and yet, they fulling people worldwide to spent 3000-10.000 £ for it. It’s insane.

  42. Lithium Bicycles March 29, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    Here in Southern California I get to ride 365 days a year. LithiumBicycles .com approved. Thanks for the fun content.

  43. 1:49 700wh motor, hmmm thats something new

  44. I hoped you’d mention the prices…. You did on the first one and then just stopped

  45. Been looking to upgrade to a full sus for ages to ride local bike park, decided to go emtb so I have more energy to enjoy the downhills. Don’t ride every week so wanted to get max value for money at the so called budget end, I went for 2020 Vitus esommet, was £2700 on sale. Still getting use to it, but so far I’m super happy, seems to be good quality.and great fun to ride. Wondering why you didn’t include Vitus in the video , do you not rate it?

  46. Suprised that the new orbea wild fs did not make your list?

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