The ULTIMATE urban electric bike!!! Gocycle GS Review, Ride

The ULTIMATE urban electric bike!!! Gocycle GS Review, Ride

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Swag cycle pro gives you at least 12 miles and only cost less than $500 And it does not have pedal assist. GoCycle Too much money for too little Benefit, thanks for your review šŸ™‚

  2. Looks nice, I like the wheel tech.

  3. The new GX seems to address 2 of the biggest issues with the GS. Firstly you can really fold the frame. Secondly, the battery is removable so you can charge it easily or even rotate batteries if needed. This bike is incredibly expensive but the quality is outstanding and the foldability means you can stash it under your desk at work or at home. It’s perfect for my 4-mile London commute. I can travel in my work clothes, no need for a shower on the other side. It quickly folds and lives in the corner of the office while the battery charges.

  4. Can you fold it without removing the tires?

  5. Well mine arrived yesterday and I’ve been out on it for the first time today.

    Absolutely blown away by the experience. The low centre of gravity, small wheels, fat tyres and upright seating position make it the perfect urban bike, ideal for filtering through traffic and making a speedy getaway at lights and junctions.

    It is apparent how much thought has gone into the design of this thing, and the quality just shines through. It’s pricey but worth every penny. This isn’t a conventional bike with a battery shoehorned on; it’s like they started with a blank piece of paper and completely rethought the bike.

    Only one issue – I could do with a longer top gear. Electric bikes are limited to 15.5mph in the EU, and over that speed I’m spinning just bit too fast. But this is a minor issue, and a consequence of regulations not the Gocycle’s capabilities.

    The lights are good quality, integrate into the frame well and I’d say are essential – if only because they are powered by the bike’s battery so will never die on you. I haven’t used the front pannier yet, just fiddled round with it. It’s very quick and easy to mount and remove with some very handy external pockets. However I don’t really mind a backpack, and the pannier is a little pricey – even with the current 10% discount. Mudguards haven’t arrived yet – they must have had a run on them… šŸ˜€

    The way this thing looks and rides at a price that is premium but not outrageous makes me think it could kick start interest in ebikes, particularly from people like me who had never previously considered one (have been very happy with my CX which I intend to keep). Ebikes have the potential to transform transport in cities – I understand this clearly now having ridden one – and this product could be an important milestone on that journey.

    Thanks again for the review which encouraged me to make a leap of faith and buy a pricey bike without seeing it. It was absolutely the right decision

  6. This guy reminds me of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy creator).

  7. Stop lying for $2500 it’s not everything you need. For $2500 give me 30mph and 80mile range. They want your hard earned money. That sake of money for a electric bike that will struggle to pull your weight around for a few hours in a day. Not ideal for me. If I have to charge this bike over night more then 8 hours. I wanna go fast and last at least 15hours of riding in a day. That’s my $2500 working for me.

  8. As James May would say: the gocycle

  9. Iā€™ve been following GoCycle for a while. Is the G3 worth the extra cost? What are you losing with the GS? It looks like used G3 are similar in cost to new GS. Which would be better?Another thing holding me back is the non-removable battery. We would be taking the bike on road trips and I would want to keep it in the car but take the battery up to the hotel to recharge.

  10. QiCycle by Xiaomi with 250 W of battery can go for 45 mile, why this GoCycle with 500 W only reach 40 mile ?

  11. Does no fenders means no riding in the rain? I would pay the price it costs and even more if they bicycles to ā€œcommuteā€ that can actually be ride in the rain. I am sorry if I am being a bit unrealistic, but commuting also means bad weather. I wouldnā€™t say I would ride it in the snow but at least in a cloudy day with a bit of rain would be something that someone like me would not mind to do as a commuter.

  12. What a piece of garbage bike. Way to expensive

  13. Buy a paratrooper add:
    Honda 50cc rear friction drive.
    Rohloff Speed 500-14
    Aotema 1500 watt front motor.
    Be an eROCKIT wannabe.

  14. Its too expensive

  15. Fergus Cahillane November 25, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    If you are only adding 4 miles by peddling you aren’t peddling very hard šŸ˜…

    Hope the back rack option is available in Europe

  16. Also bike comes apart in too many pieces, but love how the tires pop off and single sided swing arm and single sided fork.

  17. Anyway to unlock the speed limit?

  18. You’ve talked so much and you repeated some information multiple times, but somehow you "forgot" to mention that the battery is not removable, can only be charged in the bicycle and needs to be replaced in an authorized dealership, because it’s proprietary. This makes your video more an advertisement than a review.

  19. Lithium ion and magnesium together? And I’m supposed to put this on my Wooden Boat LOL? Anyone remember the Allied bombing of Dresden?

  20. Great review of the Gocycle GS. I am the lucky one of owning one. I am glad to hear that range is around 17 miles. I am getting an average of 15 miles (6 to 22 miles) with max electric use. More details of the trips available at
    Another thing to improve is the battery accuracy, when the battery reaches 10%, the motor won’t function. Then, the battery may jump up to 20% and the motor will suddenly kick-in for a few seconds until the battery goes back to 10%. This will repeat several times.
    2 weeks in, I am really happy!

  21. Without battery is good for sports?

  22. How much is cost?
    Where can i buy it?

  23. Range is just too small, and not being able to release the battery is an issue

  24. Did not show how to fold the bike up. Other than that a very good review. Bike is super clean and will probably start the trend of future bike to be the same.

  25. Although single fork bikes are theoretically sound, they are not aesthetically pleasing, nor as history has proven not pleasing to buy.

  26. You forgot to mention the anti theft mode, ejector seat reacts when the bike detects a different backside to the owners.

  27. If it’s any good , it won’t be legal in the UK

  28. Is cost 4000 pound

  29. I was very disappointed with this video because
    you did not show how to fold the bike and remove the tires
    to make it compact, which is one of it’s main advantage.

  30. 36 pounds is not light. 26 pounds would be light. There are competitive ebikes out there now that are in the 24 to 26 pound range with a lot of these features, except suspension. Is suspension worth 10 pounds? Maybe, maybe not.

  31. Can you put a shorter seat band handle bars on it?

  32. For the price of Gocycle bikes, I think they should come with their own LCD displays and not have to rely on your mobile using their app

  33. The World is Your Lobster November 25, 2020 @ 8:09 pm

    Trouble is there’s so many to select from..

  34. Can you please review MI Qicycle EF1 ?please

  35. What about Batterie that is not removeable & I am not sure if it is possible to get a BMS or Li-Ion error fixed. Especialy lazy older people who might forget to charge it at least every 6 months, will Kill the Batt.

  36. ARandomPersonOnTheInternet * November 25, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

    Its like the Rols Royce of the Folding bicycle… But it doesnt have fenders

  37. Brent McCluskey ā€” Electrified Reviews November 25, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

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  38. Keyboard Warrior November 25, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    20mph, 24v system, 300wh, non-removable battery, price, ALL SUX.
    i built for less: 50mph, 80v system, 1200wh removable battery, dual suspension,

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  40. Alexander Hamilton November 25, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    He didn’t show how to break it down. Horrible. The most fascinating bike in the history of bikes, primarily because of how the wheels come out and how it breaks down, a true marvel of engineering, and this guy prefers to show himself than the bike. I guess he didn’t wanna get his hands dirty, or show his incompetence.

  41. also the most expensive

  42. Watching this cost me two grand – just ordered one!

  43. A really good review would be to take on some hills. One user indicated this bike can easily handle a 10% grade, I’d like to see that. Being from San Francisco, this bike does not have the best battery size to give the +30 mile range i now have with my $1600 e-bike.
    I need ergo handlebars, these are scooter bars and a user mentioned the steering is smooth, especially on most non-perfect roads. This wheel, handlebars, overall size primarily were chosen for the folding feature and not for the best riding performance.
    The bike is off my list.

  44. We are clearly heading toward the right direction.
    Still too expensive, I gonna wait 2-3years so production cost can decreases

  45. Francis Mulleady November 25, 2020 @ 8:16 pm

    Good review. One design con is the overbearing and large Gocycle logo. Why should I pay thousands of $ to advertise their product?

  46. Replacement battery retails for $900 and gocycle will not sell you internal repair parts!

  47. Quick question, haven’t looked around yet – is it compatible with a Bike Trailer? I have the Burley D’Lite .

  48. This looks like a peice of shit for the price of a used car lmaoo

  49. Impossible to park

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