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  1. Stealth could of made that bike a lot lighter but in doing so it would of just lost a lot of luxuries such as battery supply, internal gear box,,forks… i guess if it was made in聽Aluminium it would be prone to fractures with wear and tear…. cant win 馃檨

    cool bike though for road use

  2. have you ever tried the solid tubes? i absolutely never want to have to go through that!

  3. i’ve popped the back tube . Put all my weight on the front and throttled it all the way home .

  4. Restraining Dylan May 26, 2021 @ 1:33 am

    is the fighter still a good bike like speed and what not .any cons to the bike .

  5. That must have been fun, been there done that. How far did you have to walk.

  6. andy gilchrist May 26, 2021 @ 1:36 am

    No, the worst thing about electric bikes is the price. I’m not paying more than 拢1000 to have a electric bike. Might aswell have a motorbike

  7. 袗屑锌械褉胁械谢 袝袣袘 May 26, 2021 @ 1:43 am

    the wheel can’t be removed? separately from the bicycle to change the camera?

  8. Keep a small pocket knife. 聽My pocket knives have a blade less than 2 inches (50mm) and that’s all I need. 聽Would cut your cable ties. 聽With the right blade it’s a lever. 聽I would never be without one even at home.

  9. you back tire was under inflated why reason hit a bump and dinged the rime cutting the tube if checked your air befor headed out you avoided this mess but for the cost of one of these bike you be better off just getting a off road motorcycle it just better built and easier get parts for it and last much longer and have a better resale value

  10. Ouch. No tyre levers. No tube. No pump. Nothing to cut the cable ties with. Hot Australian day. Gotta feel for you Hyena, but good job with the vlog to talk folks through the flat fixing experience. Nice bit of work.

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