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  1. Nice bike man. I just bought a Nishiki Pueblo from dicks. I’m also on a tight budget. With the kind of riding I plan on doing it will work great. They were running 40% off all Nishiki bikes when I bought mine. $300 bike for $180, can’t beat it. I’ll just be riding road/light trails. So it will work great. I just love leisure riding around my city, nothing crazy. It’s fun! Good for health and therapeutic haha!

    How has the bike held up so far?


    Im from Australia. Yea I reckon get a co2. For emergencies is the go I reckon. Maybe alot a pressure gauge too, to know the pressure…

  3. Cool bro I liked your review ✌

  4. Great review! I just bought a Nishiki Maricopa today at Dick’s ( I hope this bike serves me well. safe riding!

  5. Hector englenton January 25, 2021 @ 8:06 pm

    Just got mine!!! Nice video

  6. patty lane-hogan January 25, 2021 @ 8:08 pm

    Great info on kickstand, pump, and co2 tank. A mirror I think would be a good addition to your video.

  7. the bike industry is full of liars, they just want your money

  8. With Coronavirus and everyone making a mad dash for bikes, prices for bikes seem to have gotten up, if you can find one that is 😂

  9. Great video review with different types of informative parts. Well done!

  10. I bought a magnetic kickstand from rockbros. I got it the alloy and couldn’t be happier. I remove it and stack it on one bottle case and if i want to do some racing i just put in on my jersey pocket and ready to go. Everyone else with the same. it’ll add more weight to the bike blah, blah. About 60grams on my jersey pocket and always have a kickstand now.

  11. Bike-only shops need to sell expensive bikes with big margin to stay in business. That’s why you usually find less expensive (but very functional) bikes at sporting goods stores like dick’s and REI that have lots of other products to sell.

    That said, the bike industry is structured around a high gross-margin per bike, even for $500 bikes! This is because there are so many companies taking a bite (shimano, bike brand, china manufacturing, retailer). For your bike I estimate — raw frame cost $50, raw cost on Shimano Claris set is probably $100, another $50 for budget rims and tires and the gross margin of that bike is 60% ! A $3000 bike has about the same 60% gross margin, so it’s not really any worse, just more expensive parts going into the same formula. Only when you get above $5k does the gross margin get insane.

  12. we almost have the same bike looks and set ups

  13. What is the name is this kickstand? I plan to purchase it for my Nishiki as well. Thanks!

  14. For a bike that you use everyday day a kick stand is great. I used to think they were a bit sad to have, but when I went on a cycle tour around Sicily I borrowed a friends bike with pannier bags and a kick stand, and having a kick stand made life so much easier. I am now going to purchase one for my commuter bike. You don’t realise how great pannier bags and a kick stand are until you use them.

  15. whats that thing underneath your seat called?

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