Top 10 Bike Accessories You must Have

Top 10 Bike Accessories You must Have

Top 10 Best cycling Gadget that you must have to make you everyday bike ride full of comfort.

Best Cycling Gadgets List: (Affiliate Link)
1. Skydio 2 Drone 10:31
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

2. See Sense AIR 09:28
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

3. Swytch 08:29
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

4. Bisecu Smart Bike Lock 07:18
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

5. 52 SPEAKER 06:10
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

6. Absolute Cycling One 05:00
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

7. Kupper Mounts Bike Rack System 04:00
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

8. iQsquare Cycling Power Meter 02:57
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

9. Hornit CLUG 02:06
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

10. ZiiLock 00:48
Amazon US:
Amazon International:
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Readers Comments (37)

  1. Cbonesteak Sauce January 25, 2021 @ 7:49 pm

    Don’t go to the links in the description. It’s not actually stores. It’s just crowd funding.

  2. So many of these items are crowdfunded items on this "Must Have" list have either failed to reach their goal or have horrible ratings in Amazon.

  3. Royaltok gadgets January 25, 2021 @ 7:52 pm

    Nice gadgets collection bro carry on

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  5. A GPS tracker would have to be *hidden in the bike* not just attached to the bike.

  6. It’s 2021 now this video is dated.

  7. E bike lol. E bike won’t improve your cardio while the whole point of a bike is that . Soon they will tell people ride your bike from home! free bike simulator!

  8. Sorry to piggy back but do not buy anything from BikeDescent. They sell crap which is overpriced and are impossible to contact. The BikeDescent website is basically a device to rip us off.

  9. A lot of this sounded like a commercial. Too much crowdfunding and false language. “As crime and theft are on the rise” ?!

  10. Narrator: …this lock (Ziilock) is unbreakable…

    LockPickingLawyer: This is the lock picking lawyer. I’m going to get the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made.

  11. NL

  12. We the people !!!!! January 25, 2021 @ 8:08 pm

    Yummy looking thighs 10:14

  13. Unable to remove current advertisment

  14. Problem with most gps tracking device on bikes is that smart theives will locate it and dump it

  15. Amazing video. this video show all gadget are best

  16. I absolutely don’t need a bike computer, life is already complicated enough and making it worse won’t make it better. On the other hand, the minimalist bike wall mount would actually be useful.

  17. crap

  18. arnav aarav craft ideas January 25, 2021 @ 8:16 pm

    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

  19. Nice Ad you made, but I need useful information :/

  20. Bloodoot

  21. arnav aarav craft ideas January 25, 2021 @ 8:20 pm


  22. Super Luigi Odyssey January 25, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    9:08 I guess can get a Nintendo switch for my bike lol

  23. ❗ WATCH OUT ❗Too many scams on Indiegogo. I got scammed in 2014. Look at Ziilock it’s been close to a year since this video and their lock hasn’t been release. The pay Youtubers to make videos about them and the top payers make it to number one.

  24. The IQ2 power meter changed its design to standard power pedals almost 2 years ago.

  25. Imagine eating shit on your bike and that computer thing gets destroyed.This is why I hate attaching any screens to my bike.

  26. Filip Gottschall January 25, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    Mavic is better dron

  27. Volo Bike Products Limited January 25, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    *Official website for buying bicycle accessories* :

  28. How about two hidden needles in the seat that inject a deadly toxin if the wrong or no combination is entered into the keypad? Or what about hidden spring loaded razor blades in the grips? I’m looking for an anti-theft device that will fuck somebody up if not outright kill the piece of shit that tries to steal my bike.

  29. I can’t see why anyone would wish to buy a locking system that DEPENDS on an App to lock and unlock the bike. I have seen Apps spontaneously disappear from the store and my phone as companies remove them or go into bankruptcy. This happened to me with a device that lasted about 1 year in the real-world market. The device became non-functional because the App was removed and no longer available. Neither the company nor anyone else that I contacted could provide a copy of the App (like in an .apk file) that could be used since it was no longer officially available.
    Similarly for Apps that REQUIRE joining some sort of group or affiliation that could be dissolved at any time by third parties totally out of the control of the customer.

  30. Some critical notes. Maybe warranted, maybe not.

    10 (Ziilock):
    In similar designs the pivots turn out to be the weak point.
    I don’t know about, therefore can’t judge, the reliability of the electronics used.

    9 (Hornit CLUG):
    Nice … as long as your bicycle does not have serious fenders.
    It also looks fragile for side impacts (e.g. walking by or when you park a second bicycle besides it).
    It may, or may not, have a stability and durability problem. And how about different tyre sizes?

    8 ( iQsquare Cycling Power Meter):
    I don’t know. I have no experience with such a gadget.

    7 (Kupper Mounts Bike Rack System):
    Has potential. But I am not sure if it is legal in any other country than the USA.
    And – as the case for most innovative products – consistency and durability are unknowns.

    6 (Absolute Cycling One):
    I don’t know. I can’t compare. I have no experience with such a gadget.

    5. (52 SPEAKER):
    Use headphones anyway. Just don’t use a ghettoblaster volume setting.
    But don’t use this device. Because I do not want to "enjoy" your(!) music.
    Or … enjoy the outside for what it is, the outside. Listen to your music at the convenience of your home (and the like).

    4. (Bisecu Smart Bike Lock):
    I have serious doubts it will work well on the Dutch market.
    Looks very easy to kill the battery and electronics in seconds with a cordles angle grinder.
    As such an overpriced and overly complex gadget.
    Bike thefts in The Netherlands: About 700,000 per year.
    Alternative: VanMoof bicycles have a build in anti theft and tracking protection.
    But that is, of course, brand specific. This device is not.
    So, this gadget might work for a niece market.

    3 (Swytch):
    Seems useful but only for city usage due to its limited range (35 to 50 km).
    For most bicycles the Bafang midmotor is a cheap and (more) practical alternative with more power and longer range.

    2. (See Sense AIR):
    Looks like an (too) easily removable tracking device.

    1. (Skydio 2 Drone):
    Okay. But it has nothing to do with an actual bicycle.

  31. Hornit Clug did not fit my tires. They are 20 x 4

  32. Great visual at about 08.05 where the bike owner runs out the door pointing his cellphone like it’s a weapon at the bike thief. That’ll save your bike in New York or LA…and Seattle and Portland these days. (note also the shape of his hand as it holds the phone. Was that in the script?)

  33. Arthur Gumbochuma January 25, 2021 @ 8:41 pm

    Pretty cool stuuf

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  35. Super Luxury Lifestyle January 25, 2021 @ 8:43 pm

    Great and Thank you So Much and We get in to 5G internet now So we need videos in Real Best Full 4K 240fps Resolution quality and also The Sound system in Real Best Stereo Full HD Resolution quality clarity 3D surround , soon please .

  36. Can carry a weight load of 400 lbs…. Shows 45 lbs instead…..

  37. 06:10 is best

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