Top 9 Electric Cruiser Bicycles Bringing Style and Comfort to Your Commutes

Top 9 Electric Cruiser Bicycles Bringing Style and Comfort to Your Commutes

Year after year companies that are working in the field of design and manufactures of transportation vehicles are striving to produce models that would not only be newer than the predecessors but also be cheaper, better and more advanced; providing high tech features and innovative engineering approaches.

This mindset applies not only to carmakers but also to producers of vehicles that ride on two wheels: motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. Since there is room for improvement with any new product, even such ingenious inventions as bicycles are constantly upgraded and developed. For example, one of the most recent innovations that concerned this class of vehicles is electrification and introduction of pedal assist technology. Today, electric bicycles, that are sometimes referred to as ebikes, come in different shapes and sizes and if you are a fan of a particular style, you won’t have any issue finding the ride of your dreams (even if you are an avid fan of cruiser bikes). 

Beach cruiser bicycles have been around since the 1930s, when casual riders and vacationers created a demand for stable and easy to ride two-wheelers with great durability. Today, the wide implementation of electric motors has ignited the interest towards this class of bikes once again, because a growing number of people want to ride with style and not worry about excessive pedaling in the meantime.

Here we show the best cruiser e bikes currently present on the market, with pricing, detailed overview of major features and some consumer advice. Don’t forget to see out previous videos that covered latest ebike news:

And learn more about all bicycle models that were displayed in this presentation:

– Pedego Interceptor Platinum Edition;
– Tower Beach Bum;
– Blix Sol;
– Civilized Cycles;- Rayvolt Cruzer;
– Electra Townie Go! 7D;
– Ariel Rider C-Class and M-Class;
– Michael Blast Vacay;
– Model C-R by Electric Bike Company.

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    Latest news about electric scooters, motorcycles and bikes:

  2. I purchased the rayvolt cruzer and had to return it after a month of usage. It has way too many flaws and it can’t even get wet not to mention that the app does not work it always crashes

  3. 4900 for the so called affordable Sol is insane

  4. did you just say 50mph? with a 500w motor? thats not possible LOL

  5. You sound more confident on this video…

  6. I like these bikes but if I’m completely honest…they’re a bit ugly.

  7. Too expensive

  8. Funny how all of the people riding these bikes are fit enough to not need an E bike. So much for riding and getting excercise.

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