Top Tern HSD E-bike Accessories

Top Tern HSD E-bike Accessories

Are you looking at accessories for your new Tern HSD electric bike? This video is for you (and Kendra!)

A few key Tern HSD Accessories mentioned:

Upgrading Ebike Pedals:
Suspension Seatposts:

Hot Take Coffee Cup Holder
Cache Box:
Hauler Rack:
Cargo Hold 37 Bags:

Kryptonite 1275 Lock:
Pinhead Locks for Tern Bikes:

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Any suggestions for transporting a golf carry bag. At the moment I wear a double strap carry bag on my shoulders but pretty sure it isn’t the safest way.

  2. great info!

  3. I recently bought an HSD and this video is great! I spent hours on the Tern website researching accessories and it’s one of the main reasons I got the bike. They are so thoughtful! I bought the 37 panniers–love them! just the right size for my household grocery shopping, the joy bar and sidekick seat for me to ride on the back–much more affordable than buying 2 ebikes for my spouse & I, and security accessories like a seat post chain and a front wheel hex lock. So far so good! Looking forward to your next HSD videos.

  4. Delta Cycle Airzound Very Loud Bike Horn Air Hooter -goofy name for a rechargable air horn. It’s extremely loud for those drivers on their phone or otherwise not noticing you. I have one on all my bikes

  5. Looking forward to your next one on combining kids and bags, because there seem to be plenty of trade offs. Especially with an eye toward what to do if your bike lives outdoors.

  6. I sent you an inquiry on your web site, but to follow up on future accessorizing of the HSD, options for folks whose families are dog(s), not kids would be an interest video!

  7. Favourite accessory for our HSD is the Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus 30 litre pannier pair, with QL2.1 hooks that fit the rack, perfectly. Agree on the Hauler rack being the “Goldilocks” right-size for daily use. We use the larger Transporteur rack for grocery runs that require an insulated box to be carried.

  8. Lisa Chandrasuwan January 4, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    Is there a double kickstand available for HSD P9?

  9. Steve Cheseborough January 4, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    How about carrying one or two guitars, along with a small amp, mic stands etc, to a gig? Could I haul that without a trailer?

  10. I’m considering an HSD and would like to know about potential tire upgrades so there is more traction for gravel paths.

  11. I got an HSD last week and couldn’t be any happier. However, theTern collapsible panniers are bit too big for me, could you recommend any smaller panniers such as Ortliebs? Would they fit on oversized rack tubing on HSD?

  12. Your videos are incredibly helpful! Thanks so much for making them!
    I’d love to hear more about the metal zip ties for bag security. My HSD should arrive in a couple of weeks with the cargo hold 37 panniers & I want to make sure security is tight!

  13. you talk far to much. concise is better

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