Trek Allant+ 7 Review – $3.6k

Trek Allant+ 7 Review – $3.6k The Trek Allant+ 7 is a great all-around electric bike that’s capable on city streets and light trail, it replaces the Trek Dual Sport+ from earlier years. Proven Bosch Peformance Line CX motor with shift detection. The high-step frame has mounts for adding a second battery pack (Bosch Range Boost) to double capacity, but the step-thru does not. Durable and quiet plastic fenders, sleek and sturdy Racktime rear rack, bright integrated lights with side windows to maximize visual footprint, reflective tires and high-contrast paint accents keep you seen. Excellent weight distribution, clean integrated battery pack with Trek RIB casing for easy handling (because it has a built-in handle). Powerful smooth 180mm hydraulic disc brakes. Highly adjustable coil spring suspension fork with lockout, preload, and rebound. The bike only comes in one color, but each frame type has three sizes for optimal fit. Trek has a vast network of dealers and is recognized as one of the “big three” ebike manufacturers. The Bosch Purion display is a bit limited but leaves plenty of room for Trek Blendr stem mounted accessories. Bosch CX motor is powerful, but louder than some competing products. EBR collected a service fee to make this review possible #Sponsored. This is not an endorsement, we strive to be objective.

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  1. Seriously dude. If you use the term trade-off one more time, I think I’m going to puke!

  2. I don’t Get it. Why spend money on a waste of time.

  3. So any comment on how long one can expect an EBike to last at 2,000 miles a year? I understand a lot of variables involved, I just don’t want to lay out $5k and be broke in year with big bills. in 5 years – okay.

  4. Thank you for the very thorough review.

  5. Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot December 2, 2020 @ 7:39 pm

    I have this bike and I agree 100% with the hard to read gear window. But I adore my bike!

  6. The lectric xp is the last e bike under 1000 bucks you reviewed, are the cheap ones not worth your time?

  7. Is this an upright comfort config?

  8. Thanks for the excellent and informative video. I am considering purchasing a new pedelec and your video provided some very useful information. My current bike has a rear hub motor which is totally silent and it seems like the motor on this Trek model is very noisy. Does it sound that noisy when you are riding it?

  9. Active line+625Wh could make this a decent touring bike. But once again, a 500Wh battery… with subpar components. Better to get a CX+625Wh since you´re getting basically the same range, but with much better components. Adapting it for touring is pretty easy.
    Like Giant, they should be ashamed to keep releasing 500Wh batteries with 2020 models. Other manufacturers have had 700Wh batteries since 2018!

  10. For that price and its features,I am really underwhelmed.

  11. Is the suspension decent? Could I go off a curb and be fine?

  12. Hey Court, how come you never reviewed Allant+ 8s?

  13. Jim Barr Official December 2, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    Nice bike, but not upright enough for me. Center drive ebikes are much more pricey than real-wheel drive, but I’m also told that anything below 2K is garbage (this is from bike mechanics).

  14. I want to thank you for the thorough review on this bike

  15. Great review. Thanks

  16. satya kommareddy December 2, 2020 @ 7:52 pm

    Thanks for the review. What’s the difference between this and powerfly4. which one do you recommend.

  17. Another great review!

  18. Great review. I’ve ordered a Verve+2. Thanks

  19. It is amazing for me that people will pay so much for an average bike with average components.

  20. Thanks again, Court. Because of you, I purchased an ebike Liv a few years ago. I am hooked. Great cardio still. Now looking at Trek. This would be a great place to share with us another Let’s Ride video. I watch those on my spin bike when I can’t get outside. 🌟

  21. can i get the speed in Canada?

  22. Vitamin C Cycling December 2, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    Awfully picky on this weren’t you? Maybe I am too, as always did appreciate your insight.

  23. Looks very similar to Specialized Turbo Vado, with a Bosch motor instead of a Brose motor.

  24. What’s the maximum slope grade this will be comfortable on? I live in a town with some 30 degree slopes. I am looking for a ebike which makes it slopes bikable up

  25. Why would one buy this when Monday Motorbikes and Super 73 Lithium Cycles exist?

  26. Very cool, does the whine ever become annoying to you? It seems super load in the videos

  27. you should try to cut these videos a little shorter… check out your Analytics and see how many people bail out on your videos

  28. Amazing Court.
    Trek is a big name. Them getting into eBikes will help in the revolution.
    Can you also add the weight numbers in KG or grams whenever u say pounds!
    Also can you confirm if this has a Torque based PAS or a Cadence PAS?
    Will help your international viewers.
    Awesome job. Keep it up.

  29. A very excellent review. I already own a trek electric, but does not have a front fork suspension like this one. I am considering this one, because I believe this would be better on my shoulders.

  30. Is there any way to porotect the battery contacts on the bike? Say outdoor parking and rainy days when you take the battery in to work to charge? I am nervous leaving a lithium battery in a parking lot that is over 100F+ in the summer.

  31. I’m not too sure about the gear shift sensing of the Bosch. I have two e-bikes, one with a Bosch CX with supposed shift sensing and one with the Yamaha PWSE and I can’t tell any difference in shifting gears between the two motors.

  32. Excellent review, it was a big help. Can you share the the helmet model you are using? Thanks

  33. Trek is the best! I currently have a DualSport 2 and am looking to buy an electric bike in leiu of my car; thanks for the thorough info on this Allant model😊🚴‍♀️!

  34. You know, I stopped watching video reviews a couple years ago because I had issues with being paid by the manufacturer to review products, especially when the owner of the company was there for the entirety of the review and criticisms were muted or sugar-coated, however this was a terrific, top notch review, very thorough. Probably one of the best bike review videos I have seen here.

  35. The best reviewer I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for explaining everything that I need to know before buying.

  36. Can’t believe it’s so hard to find good ebike reviews. Thanks.
    YouTube sucks.

  37. Thanks for all the reviews. I watched so many and because of you I bought this bike. ( 7S Stagger and I am a woman). I love it. Can you tell me the name of the pannier you talked about in this review.

  38. Ive had my Allant +7 since this spring(2020) absolutely love this bike. I had a heart attack a few years ago, so my doctor suggested i get an ebike for exercise. I go out everyday on my bike , i put about 40-50 kilometres each day on it. I find i can easily ride about 25 kilometres an hour with ease. The bike will do about 85-90 kilometres each trip before it needs a recharge and it takes about 4 1/2 hours to totally recharge.
    The bike is not that heavy compared to other bikes on the market 47 lbs. i find for extra exercise i shut off the motor during the ride and just pedal like a regular bike.when i tired i put it in sport mode and basically pretend to pedal and it zooms along just fine. Best thing i ever purchased for my heart health and loads of fun.
    I can now keep up with my 25 year old son on his Giant Roam ,road bike with ease, haven’t been able to do that for years.

  39. Great review as always, thank you so much. I was looking for a Verve 3+ 2020 review but enjoyed learning all about the Allant+ 7. Do you plan to review the Verve 3+ this year? Is the Allant+ 7 somewhat similar?

  40. December 2, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    Trek Range Boost battery option at 3:43
    Battery discussion at 13:04, Removal at 14:53
    Display and control systems at 18:24
    Ride test begins at 20:56, Closeups at 23:22

  41. Hope you do a review for the Domane +LT road ebike with the Fazua motor! I recently bought the Alliant 8+ and its one of the best bikes I’ve ever had.

  42. I bought a lapierre overvolt shaper in 2015 for £1500.00, I’ve replaced a rear mech a chain and a pair of tires, it rides faultlessly “always has”
    30 miles a day for five years.

  43. This Trek Allant+7 E-bike was broken down & detailed very well! You hit all of the most crucial/technical (selling) points that aren’t shown in detail throughout alot of other channels including Trek themselves! Please keep up the good work & if possible can you review the Trek Domane E-bike as I’m using the Allant review as a slight basis off possibly buying that 1!

  44. Did you say 280 mm rotors?

  45. Unbelievably noisy motor. My Specialized Brose motor is way quieter.

  46. 3500.00, u could buy a new Honda pcx that gets 109 miles per gallon and goes up to 65 mph.

  47. I have the one of the higher spec Allants from 2019, and I love it. But it hasn’t been without it’s problems, namely the computer mount snapped within a week, then the rear hub crapped out after 400 miles which resulted in a few trips back and forth to the retailer, after some confusion that the motor might have been the cause of bizarre grinding noises, also the brake pistons seized up after 3 months of riding. Any way, those problems got worked out in the end but frustrating that I had to worry about it all, given the premium you pay for a Trek.

    I can relate to the observation about the battery mechanism being irritating, removing it at a bike stand where I leave it locked for the day, I wish it was simpler with the battery ejecting from the same side as the lock mechanism, but it’s a minor niggle and the carbon frame and higher spec drive train on my 9.9 model is a joy to ride, no doubt the 7 is sufficient for those who don’t want to stretch to premium components, I know I would be happy with this spec if I had to buy again. The only thing that concerns me about the bike is that the rack, mudguard and headset systems are propriety and I worry about how easy it will be to source parts in the future as the bike ages. On the plus side, Trek do a lifetime frame warranty, so presumably any serious frame issues will be honored, but ‘consumables’ could still be problematic.

  48. Really nice bike. Tires choices in this size seems limited though, unless I’m missing something.

  49. I’m looking for an electric bike for my wife. Do you know if the battery in the Allant is interchangeable with the battery in my Dual Sport +.

  50. Excellent review with a lot of detail.

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