Trek CrossRip+ Video Review – $4.5k Electric Road Bike, 28 MPH, Gravel Grinder, Touring Platform

Trek CrossRip+ Video Review – $4.5k Electric Road Bike, 28 MPH, Gravel Grinder, Touring Platform The Trek CrossRip+ is a lightweight, high speed, electric road bike with sturdy 12 mm thru-axle on the front wheel, Carbon fiber fork, and Alpha 200 Gold alloy frame to dampen vibration. Capable and comfortable on hard packed trails as a gravel grinder, sturdy Aluminum fenders and custom rear rack increase utility and the rack has nubs to retain panniers. Excellent safety features including reflective logos and accents on the frame, reflective tires, and integrated lights with a headlight that can be set to blink, low solid, or bright solid. Bosch Purion display panel is compact but the buttons aren’t as easy to click, menu options are limited, the Micro-USB port cannot be used for charging, and it’s not removable, the bike comes in five frame sizes but is priced higher. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. The REP is a ‘ball of fire.’

  2. Nice bike ! But Trek ( and also Cannondale en Specialized) are overpriced in Europe compared to the European brands ( Cube, Bulls and Canyon).

  3. you should buy me one

  4. Interesting bike but not too keen on the rear rack as it doesn’t look as though a standard rack bag…Topeak…Could be mounted on it.

  5. Jonathan Oakley Wells December 24, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    Great to see TREK leading the "CHARGE" with a wide range of Electric Bikes – CrossRip line without electric is a solid line of gravel bikes – this is a really nice addition to the CrossRip line.

  6. Is this discontinued? Can’t find it on the website.. Unless it’s US only

  7. 9:10 is funny when he goes to look at his watch… thinking get on with it! then remembers he aint wearing 1

  8. Trek makes a great product in general and that looks like a very nice ebike, but $4k+ worth of nice? No. There’s way too many great choices in ebikes at lower cost to even consider that bike in my view. For $4 there’s some amazing choices out there that make that Trek look like a bad choice all around, and one is clearly paying a premium for the Trek name there. Pass.

  9. Nice! It reminds me of my bike, a 29er that i converted to electric with a 50 mile kit and 250
    w front hub. The motor noise is similar. Mine tops out supposedly around 21 to 23mph. I don’t have a speedometer, but police radar signs verify this. The rim that the hub motor came with was rather cheap, but the rest is good (I have never fully run down the battery, as pedaling is part of what I like to do on a bike). There is only an on/off throttle. That is good. I am sure the Trek is better on hills as the torque of the 250W is not so good with a large 700c wheel. I would like to see more emphasis on light weight, smaller wheels (20inch), something one could throw into a car,, something less than 30 pounds. The hub motor on a small wheel would have more torque. This one I like, but the price is a bit steep. To me folding is optional if the weight is significantly lower without. It would depend on that kind of car or if one lived in a city.

  10. The balance issue is more important with the rider on board. What good is a 50/50 weight balance with no rider? Get on the bike in riding position with the wheels on different scales and see what the balance is like.

  11. Great Review ! thanks.
    The Trek CrossRip + is perfect for my needs.
    (I wish Surly or Salsa would offer the Bosch or Shimano drive on a LHT or Fargo)

  12. How much did you say. There was a earlier video when trek first introduced this bike and she said the price is 3799 only offered here in the big USA. Great bike

  13. I’ve been riding a trek 7700+ for two years. There have been no problems and the battery still works great.

  14. buddy is too serious

  15. My dream

  16. I get you know most details But please let the experts talk. No use having an interview if not.

  17. they need to stick a motor on the 920


  19. Too bad both bikes are ugly as hell…..

  20. Didn’t know Napoleon Dynamite had a brother who is ‘Regional Manager’ of Trek bikes – Gosh!!

  21. Nice bike. Expensive. I Ike my Trek XM 700+.

    The guy is a stick in the mud. Luckily my Trek folks are more lively.

  22. OMG!!!! This bike is stylish,lightwheight,high speed,with carbon fiber fork and intergrated lights!!!! love this bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. How does this one compare to the Giant Road E+? I’m looking for an e-bike that most simulates the road bike feeling.

  24. class act but as usual way to expensive for my pocket mores the pity.

  25. If you are riding in the city, this bike is awesome🚲>ㅎ110 The Battery kicks in right away when you start to pedal or you can use the throttle. Top speed was around 18 mph while pedaling with battery activated. The bike will help you up small hills with minimal effort. Down hill you don’t need the battery, but don’t burn out your brakes. The bike is a little bumpy with no suspension to absorb the shocks of bumps in the road. The bike wasn’t too bad to assembly but can see why a technician is handy to help. They battery is strong and lasts for about 15 miles. A cool option would be if while manually pedaling the battery was charging too. The seat and handle bars are too close together for tall people. Overall, this is a fun bike.

  26. gr8 post fanks v moooooch

  27. Like those built in lights with output control.

  28. Maragoudakis Panagiotis December 24, 2020 @ 10:21 pm

    Love this. Can’t wait for the new Orbea Gain. Should be the most affordable road ebike.

  29. how does it pedal with out power ? is it geared high enough when i pedal no power ? like i dot have to pedal 20 times to go 5 feet . lol. i want to pedal it .

  30. Great review, this one is on my short list. Thanks for posting.

  31. Hey Electric Bike Review or anyone else. Does anyone know any affordable bikes that go up to 28mph+ with around 50+ range per charge? Im looking for one that’s good as both a mountain bike and just a commuter. Also one with a throttle. Does anyone know or can point me in a good direction?

  32. Too bad there are no state or federal subsidies for electric bikes, because you can get a moto instead for that amount of money,

  33. The weight without fenders and rack would be impressive.

  34. You talk too much, let the other guy do some talking as well you rodent..

  35. Non-removable display means I can’t replace with a Bosch model that has maps and GPS?
    Is there space for Garmin gps navigation device?
    Can I buy a 230 volt charger and charge the ebike in Europe, Germany, Finland?
    European regulations require a mirror.
    The blinking taillight is illegal in some countries for a good reason. It should NOT blink.
    Is there space for winter tires with studs and maximum air pressure?

  36. How much? Buy a moped.

  37. I’m looking to buy this one or the Giant. This one’s battery has either 50-70 more watts but the Giant has more Newtons of torque. My longest ride will be 30 miles and Id love a 20mph average for the trip. Which feature is most helpful to me? Thank you.

  38. Richard Fernandez December 24, 2020 @ 10:35 pm

    Your scaring Chris.

  39. Average Joe Hobbies December 24, 2020 @ 10:36 pm

    Great review as always ! Trek rep looks like he’s happy to be there?!

  40. what is the difference between the crossrip bikes and the specialized cyclocross sports bikes which I ride?.  I suppose they are the same really just brand differences. I know nothing about ebikes and im very happy with my old specialized cyclocross pedal, but having had a heart attack  and a coma, my touring around the world has taken a back seat hence the need to get an electric bike just to get over the heavy hills, because now im pulling a doggy hut trailer to pull my doggie friend about. Im planning a trip this time to spain from the UK then catch the ferry back with my rig. I would very much like to just put a battery and motor on my old cyclocross bike, but i’m not too sure of those Bafang fun 8 gadgets? so looking at this fully integrated centralized balanced Trek/Bosch motor model?. It seems pricey to land one of these in the UK . Because the frame is designed/integrated around the Bosch motor I probably have no choice and will have to fork out for a whole new bike which means I have now 4 bikes and storage space is running out. if their was a way to fit/connect or disconnect this new Bosch motor and battery system quickly to your ordinary pedal bike it would make things so much easier and cheaper than buy a whole new extra bike. Also, how do you ride slowly, I suppose it has to be on eco setting especially if a dog is running with you and u have to ride slowly as dogs don’t like riding in their trailers unless they’re tired and ready for a nap. would an ebike cope with pulling a doggie trailer and limiting speeds?. Im only looking at ebikes for getting over the hills because of a heart condition. a big problem in UK is some of the country roads like in Devon are 600 years old and have no pavements so pulling a heavy rig with a dozen cars and busses behind you patience may run out and they my give you the finger ha ha!. But Im not clued up enough on ebikes and a bit weary?any advice guys? thanks great video thankyou and the Trek cr9ossrip is a stunner

  41. I dont understand why the brake handles are so out of reach.

  42. Nice toy for rich people.

  43. Where can I buy one in France ???

  44. How long until these motorized bikes kill little kids and adults on bike paths. Should be for street use only

  45. I’ve commuted 200+ miles with my Crossrip+ I have a love/hate relationship with the bike.

    I hate the single paddle Sram shift lever. I came from 2 paddle Shimano shift levers on my road bike (with separate up/down shift paddles), I keep missing downshifts because of the single paddle. Pressing lightly up shifts and you have push past that point to get a downshift. Sometimes I get the downshift and then it promptly up shifts again as I release the lever. Fucking hate it but I am living with it. Maybe there is a fault in the shift lever mechanism.

    They have center lock hubs for the brakes but installed 6 hole converters for the rotors. My front rotor wasn’t properly torqued and came loose on my first commute and chattered severely. Note that the hub converter makes it really hard to properly torque the rotor. The alignment pins protrude to far and interfere with the lock ring socket causing the socket to slip off easily. Proper rotors from the factory wouldn’t have this problem. Note: I believe the chattering damaged the front rotor and I am replacing the front/rear with the proper center lock rotors.

    My Bosch battery doesn’t latch properly. What seems like a firm latch/click actually isn’t and the battery has to be slammed into the mount to fully latch. Imagine my surprise when the battery fell off the bike as I was crossing a busy bridge. Make sure you test the battery to be sure it is fully latched/locked every time.

    The rack is excellent. My Ortlieb bags fit perfect. I can carry clothes and food without fear of losing anything.

    Range is pretty good. I commute 27 miles one way with varying terrain. I have about 40% battery remaining after averaging 20 m/hr. I do have to charge up for the ride home. I could go slower and save battery but this bike makes you want to pick up the pace.

    The bike is very stable with a load and easy to steer. I can lean into corners and it tracks well at 30+ mph. Bike is predictable over bumpy/irregular surfaces.

    This is a great commuter bike. I wouldn’t be able to commute without it. I hope I can get the small things worked out to reduce my ride irritation (don’t ride mad).

  46. I knew before you even said it you were hyped to get on that thing. Non stop boy oh boy this is nice! That’s a bike you’d appreciate a fun workout. Sleek is it’s name I was feeling it and not bad for a nonsuspension hybrid.

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