Trek E-Caliber

Trek E-Caliber

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Ever wonder what’s just over the next ridge?

The all-new E-Caliber’s is Trek’s lightest full suspension electric bike ever. It’s got an appetite for distance, a love of XC Speed, and the right amount of suspension and power to turn up your endurance on epic singletrack sessions.

If you’ve ever gazed into the great beyond and wished you had the juice to go farther, this is your dream electric mountain bike.

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  1. another awesome bike from Trek

  2. Trek Marlin 8! Where is the info?

  3. 하늘다람쥨 April 17, 2021 @ 11:50 pm

    가지고 싶다

  4. Being able to remove the battery and still ride it is a very enticing feature.

  5. Sounds insane. Pls do the same with fuel ex

  6. How noisy is the engine?

  7. I really hate it when companies mention biking and working out in the same sentence. I always told myself the moment I start looking at biking as a work out, I no longer want to do it. It’s always been about fun and adventure for me. Regardless of what kind of bike I may be riding.

  8. That’s what I mean when I say trek is the best

  9. can i this video my channel upload?
    im korean & working Trek shop

  10. What location was this?

  11. in the 9.8 trim, there’s a $4100 CDN premium over the non-e version (ie super caliber), w an additional 14.4lb .. youre better off w the normal version and putting in some extra training miles.. or get the 9.9 and increase the weight gap even more and get better components

  12. Wow!! It’s actually much much more than wow!!! ♥♥

  13. Avid MTB here. For that price, I’d throw my legs over a dirt bike and enjoy that instead.

  14. Price: 999299292828$
    I’m trying to convey dad to buy me a marlin 4 that costs 500$ and your telling me to buy a bike that costs a car?!

  15. Looks sick💯.

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