Trek Electric Bike on a Budget | Voilamart 1000W DIY e-Bike Kit Review

Trek Electric Bike on a Budget | Voilamart 1000W DIY e-Bike Kit Review

After installing the Voilimart 1000W Rear Wheel DIY e-bike Kit from eBay on my old trek mountain bike, i review the overall kit and the process of installing all of the components. I also show the performance of the kit, with overall uphill speed exceeding expectations and top speed hitting almost 35 mph.

Voilimart Kit:


Crank Puller:



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  1. oh darn, I don’t think I’ll be able to do this as I don’t have an engineering background. Can you help me @TechRoundUp?

  2. been wanting to do this for a long long time, but dont have the money.

  3. The instructions that come with this kit are bloody awful. I bought a front wheel drive to go on my home built trike. It was a real experience to build character. I am a retired engineer mechanic, and this was a challenge because I did not expect the torque produced. The instructions do not tell you how to mount the special washers, and I had the wheel tear out of the fork twice, tearing up the cables before I figured it out. I then changed to a heavy duty fork and ground the fork to fit the axel and washers, then I made a retaining torque arm to prevent the motor from going a different direction than the rest of the bike. You have to be careful. It produces a lot of power, but is kind of poopy on steep hills. Still and all, this is a great thing to try, and cheaper than a new electric, although you can now buy a new electric bike for USD1750.

  4. НиколайКа Йе December 13, 2020 @ 9:23 pm

    What is the width of tire it comes with (e.g. 26×1.75, 26×2, etc.) ?

  5. Are you able to remove the battery to charge?

  6. I owned the 500 and now the 1000 Violamart front wheel. I found I could reach around 30+ on the 500 and 35+ on the 1000 but the main difference was in the torque, the 1000 was better on the road for pulling away and hilly sections, it was also quieter.

    The only other tips I could add, is use a decent tyre on the wheel, its not a bad tyre in the box, ride wise, but its very soft and doesn’t last very long so you will be renewing the tyre very quickly, I find a decent tyre will last at least three times longer.. its not a job you want to be doing on an electric wheel especially if you have torque arms fitted. For the same reason. buy tyres that are puncture resistant and use slime in the tubes, and keep your tyres at the recommended PSI, less rolling resistance.

    If your looking for a doner bike, try to get one with twist gears, it makes a cleaner and easier fit for the extra equipment. If you cant find a way of fitting the battery use a triangular frame bag found on ebay, for me 45cm was the best size and I fit the battery (same as the OP) and controller in the bag (35cm can be used but its a tight fit). Buy a bike lamp off ebay and wire it in while you are installing the throttle wires and it will all fit in the cord tidy you get with the kit. Use torque arms.

  7. My Battery for this Set is a Hail Long 48 Volt – 720 Wh for 291 Euro from Poland.

  8. I’m waiting for my kit to arrive. In the meantime can I download the instruction manual from the net?

  9. Nice video. I’m considering the front version instead of the rear. Any comments on why I shouldn’t would be appreciated. Rick

  10. Just bought a 1000w rear wheel voilamart that came with bullet battery connector, what type of battery connector did you use on that battery? thanks.

  11. What is the maximum speed per hour? and how many km of autonomy using only electricity, without pedaling?

  12. How do you know if the battery and controller will be compatible?

  13. Can Anyone help me get the cheapest battery and tyre??

  14. Torque arms are often overlooked, I installed one on my bike even though it is a steel frame and not aluminium.

  15. Will it work good with a 58v or is that to much in volt?

  16. Just go my kit installed and does about 30miles

  17. Do you get different power assist level as mine only one full power

  18. Different solution to installing the cut off brakes with the kit. I ended up making the brake sensors for hydraulic brakes to solve the problem and keep the original integrated brake levers. Good job though, love my Voilamart

  19. Is this a 135mm rear dropout bike frame? All fits good?

  20. Just ordered mine it looks simple enough to do. I’ve have watched a couple of videos it looks doable. Thanks for the extra info 👍

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