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  1. You persuaded me to go electric and I bought a powerfly 5 . Best thing I have done in years. I now have fallen back in love with mountain biking. Thanks for your review of your bike.

  2. DORA ANGÉLICA GUEVARA TRELLES February 23, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    Cameron! Se ve buenasa!!!🤜🤛

  3. I have this bike but in second color , black matt/blue . It works perfectly and i love it so much ! I can go everywhere , even snow isnt a problem.

  4. Just caught this Cameron good on YOU hope you are keeping well after your recent scare 🙏

  5. Excellent, how easily can you lift it over a style? I’ve not been out in the Highlands for a while but I seem to remember there are rather a lot of deer-fences around

  6. One white bearded 70 years old man, doing this, you are an awesome man. Keep up the good work. I’m trying to buy this bike on black Friday.

  7. Well I’m in my Mid 40’s and have the 2020 Powerfly 5 and love it, lots of people still look down on E-bikes, generally these people have never ridden one or more likely not regular riders of any bike, they just want to put the boot in on anyone and anything, I can tell you these bikes are great fun and for me bring back my love for bike riding, oh and I’ve lost nearly 2 stone in weight since I got the bike in late Jan this year. Cheers Cameron.

  8. The best way to shut up e bike haters is to give them a spin on your e bike….when they dont want to give it back and are grinning ear to ear with e-smile
    Narrow minded peaple are in all walks of life so screw them…
    The rarest type of peaple are those who accept, adapt and just get on with it without ‘hateing’ something that’s just a bit different than what they want to do! Do you hear me mountain bike snobs!
    Looks like you got some nice rides in your location…
    Stay charged!

  9. Well done young Cameron. I am only 77 years young , and have 2 E Mountain bikes , one for touring , a hard tail, and one for real mountain biking , dual suspension, as well as 3 or 4 other bikes . I’m training for my old age . Keep it up mate !

  10. Nice video, thanks. 🙂

  11. I’ve got the exact same bike even the same colour, I got it in 2018, I didn’t think I was really for a E bike but boy was I wrong, I love it I can go anywhere now and not run out Steam 😰,as I’m 70 next year I now realise it’s the best think ever, having seen the colour of your bike helmet how it matches the bike, I will have to get one, cheers for the video 👍🇬🇧

  12. Walk With Wallace 👣 February 23, 2021 @ 9:52 pm

    Cracking bike Cameron, looks the biz. I like how the battery slots into the frame and the range would get me to work and back (15 miles).
    However I’m not quite ready for ebike, but would never rule one out. Cannae wack a bike n’ hike in the Highlands.
    PS. Looking forward to your gig in Musselburgh 👍🏼.

  13. Good for you Cameron. Looks great. Regards Barrie

  14. You’ll get up the cairn o mount a lot easier now Cameron! 👍

  15. so you say an eMTB is like viagra?

  16. They should have an ebike pass for people over a certain age or with a handicap on trails that allow regular bikes but not ebikes.

  17. Hello – I am looking to buy the same model second hand. Looking for advice as I know that the new 2020 CX motor is out and it states it removes the drag seen on the older CX motors. Is the drag a bad experience when you go over the 25KMH speed limit or is it still a good feeling to ride? This is my only concern in buying the bike as i will use it to commute on some nice roads where i will be able to get upto 30mph? Thanks

  18. Oh gosh! This looks like soo much fun!! Like you, l’m not 39 anymore😉 and due to ‘life happening’,😊l’m just starting adventuring. Doing my darndest to get fit, so when the opportunity comes, and it will, l can do reasonably well. But Ebikes, looks kinda like a mountain Harley! 😁 👏🏼get into the hills, a’charaid!

  19. You may recall we had a brief e-mail conversation earlier this year when I recommended an e-bike for those of us getting on….well from one white bearded, 70 year old IndyScot to another, "I’m pleased you’ve joined the club !" Keep up the good work, here and on Twitter.

  20. I would love one of these for the forestry and dam roads where I live. Unfortunately they are just too expensive for me at the moment.

  21. I just bought this same bike 3 weeks ago. Love it. I still ride my roadie, but this is fun to get up some gnarly hills in our area. washing and cleaning an e-bike still is a concern. if you have suggestions for washing or vids I can watch, I’d appreciate it. BTW, I’m 71 and love cycling.

  22. I’ve been doing a lot of research as I really fancy a ebike for mainly trails , And I’ve also decided the trek firefly hard tail is the one for me ,

  23. I’m 54 and I don’t give a monkeys a$$ about what anyone says I have a ton of fun on my emtb. I ride with all ages and fitness levels and enjoy them all and I have great fun. I have a beautiful Niner rip 9 rdo 5 star sram x01 build and it gets ridden once every few months. The emtb goes out weekly so my next mb will be an emtb for sure! Keep on having fun and if they don’t like it let them eat cake!👍

  24. Too young to be old February 23, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

    I think at almost £3500 I will give it a miss, although I would really like one/two. I would require two, one for me and one for my wife. We were going to hang them off the back of our camper but the cost is just prohibitive.

  25. Thank you
    you certainly live in a lovely area,of which the Ebike is a fabulous tool to get you about
    Don’t give a monkeys
    Well said.
    From Staffordshire

  26. Good on year mate, enjoy it.

  27. Nobody wants to buy these over priced bikes. Stick with Giant ebikes

  28. If it’s keeping you active and fit and getting you out to remote places then it can only be good.
    I’m just a bit younger at 57 and beginning to notice a little hip pain. An Ebike maybe on the cards for me one day too..!

  29. There is still a lot of assuming and presuming by some individuals, let them get on with there bad mindedness 👍

  30. If it gets you out doing what you like then gawn yer sel son. 👍

  31. Great information Cameron. Thanks for taking the time and for anyone “looking down on bikes or e-bikes”. Just remember that you too could develop a foot, knee or back issue at any time and you also will be forced to use a bike to gain access to your favourite places. What a godsend these things are for people who struggle with infirmity or health issues.

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