Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review – $6k Full Suspension SUV Ebike

Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review – $6k Full Suspension SUV Ebike The Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped is a premium “do anything” full suspension electric bike that’s equipped to handle pavement, trails, light mountain terrain, rain, shine, day, or night conditions. Available in five frame sizes for optimal fit, the XS and S come with 27.5″ wheels and the M, L, and XL come with 29″ wheels. Sold through one of North America’s largest network of dealers. Trek and Bosch provide excellent support and warranty. Custom made extra-wide plastic fenders are durable and quiet, very capable in off-road conditions. A sleek and sturdy rear rack provides 25kg (55lbs) of cargo capacity with pannier hangers on both sides and a removable top platform for trunk bags. Puncture resistant tires also feature unique black reflective stripes that combine safety with aesthetics. Downtube-integrated battery pack and mid-drive motor keep weight low and center. Trek designed a “RIB” battery casing includes a handle for safe removal and transport. The battery doesn’t rattle, and it can be charged on or off the bike with the fast 4 amp charger. Peformance Line CX motor is the most powerful from Bosch, but lightweight with a magnesium casing. Highly adjustable air suspension front and rear with 120mm and 100mm travel respectively. Boost hub spacing and thru-axles increase wheel strength. Extra large 203mm hydraulic disc brakes with heat sinks and alloy cores deliver incredible stopping power. The biggest trade-offs here include the high price, smartphone display (that some may not like), louder motor operation, and increased weight (due to the high capacity battery and accessories).

0:00 Introduction
1:41 Motor (Bosch Performance Line CX)
3:53 Drivetrain (chainring, cassette, shifters)
5:31 Suspension overview and comparison
8:14 Battery (Bosch PowerTube 625)
9:54 Weight details (bike and battery)
11:50 Battery charger and charging port
13:06 Shifters and brake levers
14:13 Brake calipers and rotors
14:55 Tire details
16:18 Suspension deep dive
20:01 Display panel operation (Bosch SmartphoneHub)
23:59 Walk mode demo
24:34 Smartphone app demo
29:12 Lights demo
30:43 Ride test begins
33:13 Third person ride shots
33:56 Frame mounted drivetrain shots

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  1. I don’t get it is this guy canadian or American

  2. No doubt…This thing is a beauty…….but $6000.00 is just too much of an extravagance for one e-bike…. quality build and parts, excellent engineering but no real value… IMO, if you can afford to drop the cash for this bike, the less you probably "need" one……the more I dig into e-bikes, see reviews, videos and marketing/sales info, the happier I get with my current Brand and Model

  3. Don Scott Macdonald December 17, 2020 @ 9:28 pm

    Nice looking but TREK missed the mark on this one. Whiirrrr. Who rides a bike to have it be noisy? I’d look at Aventon, Juiced, Surface, M2S, and other powerful &quiet brands.

  4. I considered getting the powerfly but ended up getting the Verve+2 instead. Minor regrets.

  5. You have to be kidding me, Trek must really think their customers are stupid! Only somebody that knows absolutely nothing about mountain bikes would spend $6,000 on a bike that comes with a Suntour Fork. Suntour Forks are fantastic when they come on bikes from Walmart. Thie bike is complete garbage for the price.

  6. 31:31 Man that thing really starts to screech and howl at speed. At least no one will have to ask if it’s an electric bike or not. Nice looking frame though.

  7. OMG! that motor noise! i dont want to hear that when im forking out 6grand! im sorry. i so want to see you review some type of Ultra powered full suspension bike just to see how it stacks up to the pricey Euro imports,i know you have had guest review these Highpowered bikes in the past and i understand why but its just not the same lol, im hoping you might consider reviewing one of the New Sonders Ultra series, Sonders use a different controller that limits the motor to a legal 750watt output!

  8. Very noisy bike…

  9. Lets be honest, for 5999$ this bike absolutely sucks. For that cash I do not expect anythning less than Shimano XTR or Sram X0, brakes, shifters, front and rare drive, remote dropper seat, Manitou/Fox front suspension, what they put SR Suntour, is that a joke? SR SUNTOUR, for 6K$, really, hey trek folks, ease up on those mushrooms they are messing with your brains…

  10. Hi Court.. I have never ridden a TREK ebike.. they look nice.. Give me a call.. bHr

  11. That bike sounds like crap !

  12. When will you review the Ride1up Core 5?


  14. "Grayscale lcd", that has to be a joke, please someone tell me that thats a joke, or its an error on the website and this bike actually costs 1999$ .

  15. Can you river cross this things?if yes How deep

  16. Great detailed review.

  17. In terms of aftermarket Chargers you mentioned the Stromer does not provide the compact charger for North America and also hear you mention Europe has a 50% faster charger. I wonder if there are aftermarket Chargers? 6 amps is still extremely low wattage. You don’t need to have more than a hundred fifteen volt to provide several times as much wattage. So it’s confusing why both of the reviews I’ve watched today feature reduced choice in North America.

    I think some of the car chargers we’re going to have a killer feature when they offer a bike Jack. Usually DC car chargers are expensive but the car part does not have to be DC to offer DC bike battery charging. I assume that some car maker has already provided a DC charging port for a Pro branded bicycle like Jeep is doing? The Jeep pickup has 120 volt female end extension cord by the gate in the bed. That’s easy but what’s needed is a high-speed universal cable for charging the major ebike batteries don’t you agree Court?

  18. For $6K it should have M99 Supernova headlight and 5 LED tail/brake light. Is it even a brake light? Not a fan of the unsprung rear rack either. Should also be class 3 pedalec. Very attractive bike though.

  19. THEWATCHERISLOOKING December 17, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

    What happens to the bike when the battery dies?

  20. "(bicycle motor roars)" 🤣🤣🤣

  21. I you kidding or what. The power fly I could fun faster. Why on earth do they make bikes like this and the price. If there are people who read this if you like electric bikes buy a kit. There cheaper you can something more power and put it on your bike and you’re clever you can sort of desine your bike to make it bought from a dealer. I will add it there are some nice bikes out there at a cost. I know every one isn’t the same as me. Everyone to there own taste. These companies that make bike should get back to the computers and desine a good bike at reasonable price. Every time I see this guy I yet haven’t seen him on a fast bike

  22. I don’t get why it’s $6000. I think you’re paying for the Trek name. I would never spend that much for this bike. OMG! It’s sounds so whiny! Ugh!

  23. It’s interesting that Trek chose a smartphone display for a full suspension mountain bike. I would have preferred the Purion for off road use especially since there would be a chance of your phone being ejected from the mount with hard riding. Quite a noisy bike. Thank you again for a thorough review.

  24. So after Trek racing team dropped Simmons from team for supporting POTUS in a harmless twitter response, why would any American spend a nickel on Trek product? I’ve been Trek rider for decades and I know I won’t.

  25. Price and noise is a deal breaker . LUNA makes these for less than half the price. So it seems your paying for the Brand name. We do complain about price because value matter’s.

  26. My BAFANG BBS is ‘ dead ‘ Silent ws this Garbage BOSCH !
    yeah , Chinese is best at moment !
    . . > . .

  27. Trek just kicked one of their team members off of the team for simply posting support for President Trump. Trek can go to hell I will never purchase anything Trek related.

  28. Gary Fujioka Sr. December 17, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Great review! That app is suh-weet.

  29. Christopher Moltisanti December 17, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    Wow a lot of Vancouver videos, do you live here now?

  30. nice…Robocop sounds…i still believe the future belongs to wheel hub motors: less power losses, less chain & sprockets damage, less noise, want more torque make it dual drive. That back rack is awfully anchored on the fender :))) that huge cap over the battery could remain on the bike, not glued on the battery so that when you take the battery to charge in your office the bike remains open cage and all :)))

  31. should you pre-slime your tires on an ebike?

  32. Thank you

  33. Christopher Wain December 17, 2020 @ 9:56 pm

    Great review.really highlights every nuance of the bike you don’t get this detail any were else. Trek should make this bike one thing or another commuter or mtb can’t be both. Noise on motor not good.

  34. Very nice, Court! I’m using as a commuter but prefer Full suspension. I would cover up the garish TREK lettering on the downtube. Suntour? Aw, no FOX? I wish Bosch would go to belt drive which seems to quiet down the whine…Thanks for pointing out the folly of the phone. I would drop mine taking it on or off. I really hate having to use a phone to ride an ebike! I’d def waiti for NYON – can’tbelieve they are finally bringing it to the US – thought NYON was Haibike related more so than Bosch…

  35. Thankfully there are some really nice e-bikes for less than half the price of this Trek.

  36. Well done. A nice alternative to R&M. Thanks for all you do, from central 🇨🇦.

  37. The substance of a good review/evaluation is honesty. Call the Pros and Cons no matter where the chips fall and you do that… keep it real (Thumbs Up) . Good call on the charger door take note Trek. For some reason Trek has gone with the bland and drab paint scheme across their whole line. I witnessed a young guy test riding two bikes. He couldn’t make up his mind (both similar group sets). Basically which color scheme do you like…..

  38. I wouldn’t buy that bike. It’s too slow for me.

  39. For that price I rather get an Onyx or other ebikes and still have over thousands left over

  40. Great thorough review!

  41. Great review you should also review those joulvert ebikes, that playa desert 48v 750w ebike from them is awesome i reach a top speed of 35mph

  42. I hate that noise . Giant bike is so much quiet with the Yamaha motor.

  43. If the motor ever catches fire,…..just THROW WATER ON IT…..No dont,. Magnesium is crazy flammable with water when on fire.

  44. Very noisy bike and I think it is too heavy so its not for Mee.

  45. As someone that puts a lot of miles on a bike (including thousands of miles on R+M e-bikes), it is so nice to see Trek is taking a page from R+M’s playbook, and not trying to make their bikes super light. My experience is the light weight approach is not so great an idea for an e-bike, especially one that gets ridden. It is a pain to have parts fail, and e-bikes put more stress on a bike’s components – due mostly because they are heavier and get ridden more.

  46. So with this design you have to pedal when you engage the motor?

  47. Hmmm, I tested a Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Allroad. I got very interested in this kind of bike. Also the Focus Thron. What is really surprising is the price difference. The Trek is 6000$ and the Cube is 3600€ in Europe. The only difference I see are the brakes.

    I think, I wouldn’t be ok with a SR Suntour on a 6000$ bike. Also the battery cover isn’t well thought. It’s one peace with the battery, so I HAVE to buy a second battery from Trek. You can’t just rent a second battery or something, because then the frame is open. A separated cover would’ve been way better.

  48. Trek is over priced over valued!

  49. Court, in your opinion, are fat ebikes still holding their own or losing momentum in the industry?

  50. I would like to see a review of the new VanMoof S3

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