Trek Powerfly Speed Unlocker Chip Install

Trek Powerfly Speed Unlocker Chip Install

Learn how to install the Eplus Speed Unlocker Chip In A Bosch Motor

[IMPORTANT] Watch this video [ ] to see how the chip defeats current anti tuning measures, Important for you to know once your bike is chipped.
-Bosch Standard Chip Activation/Programming [ ]
-Bosch Advanced Chip App Install/Bluetooth Connect/Tuning Process
[ ]

-Instruction Manual Available Here :

-Order Your Chip Today :

0:00 Intro
0:17 Tools Needed
0:34 Access motor plugs
2:57 Install the chip
4:49 Testing the chip
5:30 Heat shrinking & Assembling the bike
11:53 How to activate the chip with Mobile app

Readers Comments (15)

  1. Hey mate, great chip. However seriously overpriced at $450Aud for what it is. 馃槚
    Relocating the Speedo magnet and pickup is a great cheat to get around the speed limiter. Yes speedo is then inaccurate but who doesn鈥檛 have a phone or watch that can indicate speed these days..

  2. Easily the best video I’ve seen on this topic … I installed the Speedbox 3.0 late last year and, while successful, I did struggle … wish this was avail back then

  3. where can I buy this chip? and is it the same for US spec bikes?

  4. How do you use with kiox display no walk button thanks

  5. what tier engine is this?

  6. Hello, are you interested in co op video ? Thanks a lot

  7. Where the link to purchase ive been on the site u cant even buy it on there very misleading video

  8. ha! My man! Thnx!

  9. Happy Days Together December 29, 2020 @ 10:27 pm

    Hi man. Thanks in advance! Now, what the difference between the standard and advanced?

  10. Thanks guys do you do international shipping

  11. this does give me an idea though… not replacing the chip.. but you could splice those wires to wire in say a usb charge port or something so you can charge your phone from the bike battery aswell

  12. Can u send link for me to purchase one please

  13. so then tell me how much more speed/perfermance do you get out of this?

  14. The best part is its so easy to install … Take out 50 screws, oh and dont forget to heat shrink the connectors… Seriously why doesnt some get a software update to remove the restrictiin same as the use it to increase the torque in the gen 3 motors. Doing this is just plain stupid, it voids warranty and requires experience to do properly. Noticed the guy cuts out the heat shrink part. Wonder why?!? Now anybody who doesnt know how to heat shrink has to find another video and buy another tool as im sure you cant heat shrink with a bic lighter…

  15. Happy Days Together December 29, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    And. Is it work for trek rail 9.8 cx 4 generation 2021 model? Do you believe ?

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